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Coby Kyros 7-inch Android 2.3 4gb Tablet Mid7012-4g


The android tablet market is growing at a fast pace and that is why a large number of manufacturers have come forward with their tablets on android OS. On the market today, the Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 had brilliant shine on its steady, now the latest Android 2.3 OS Tablet pc has come out with more advanced technology. Here let us have a comparison for these three generation android tablets.

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									The Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 2.3 Internet Tablet has been designed from
the start to be a highly affordable tablet without all of the bells and
whistles offered by the higher-priced competition. Indeed, if one is
looking at this as an alternative to the Apple iPad or even the Kindle
Fire then one will have to adjust expectations to the features of the

 It is an affordable Internet tablet that offers WiFi connectivity as it
recognizes 802.11 b/g, two of the most available WiFi modes. Indeed, if
you would like to interface this tablet with your home wireless router,
one won't have a hard time since most routers support either 802.11 b or
g. And, if one plans to travel and use this device in wireless hotspots,
the Coby Kyros should be able to identify public hotspots so that one can
keep up with email and other information such as Facebook posts or
YouTube videos.

 Indeed, one of the features that Coby pushes is its interconnectivity
with social networks and one will not be disappointed because as a device
that uses the Android operating system v 2.3, one should have access to
nearly 200,000 available apps that one can install that will allow access
to social networking sites, including Google's Circle+, as well as Google
Mail (Gmail) and Google Talk (Gtalk). One can also install a Facebook app
and have access to Facebook or Twitter postings, as well.

 The display on the Coby is limited to 800 by 400 which means that one
might find a bit of fuzziness in some displays that require higher
resolution, however, for most LCD uses, this resolution is more than
adequate. This is also a more limited unit than one expects as its
maximum memory can be expanded to 4 GB with a microSD card, in addition
to the built-in 256 MB of DDR SDRAM, which enables the basic operating
system. If one is using the Aldiko eReader and an Amazon app, one should
be able to store more than enough reading material to remain quite happy.

 However, using the Getjar store and Jar built-in apps, one should be
able to find either a good email app to use or one can find a good
email/texting app from among the many available for Android devices.
Interestingly, this is one of the first tablets that makes use of a
lithiu-polymer battery. This increases the power density-to-weight ratio
significantly and means that one can run this device for quite some time
before it needs a recharge. In fact, if one looks at the automotive
world, one will see that lithium-polymer storage is being explored and
used more and more by the world's automaker as they move away from the
limits of Nickel-Metal-Hydride and Lithium-ion. Lithium-polymer is an
area whose surface has barely been scratched.

 In a way, that makes the Coby an advanced device, even though its
resistive touchscreen sometimes does need a stylus to access. However,
for most applications, one can use a single finger to access an
application. At 7.7 by 4.7 by 0.6 inches and 1.6 pounds the Coby is not
as light as other tablets on the market and, while it does offer a
standard USB 2.0 connection and 1GHz processor speed, it is still not
made to be an expensive device. It is made to be an affordable
tablet/eReader, something in which it succeeds admirably.
 If one, as noted, is looking for an Apple iPad, then a visit to the
Apple store is in order, but remember, one is locking oneself into the
proprietary world of Apple for more money and with fewer apps available.
Yes, the iPad has more memory and is lighter and larger, but, as noted,
the Coby never pretends to be anything other than it is, a good, basic
tablet for one who does not need all of the bells and whistles of the
more expensive brands.

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