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									Google is making changes to the Android Market that affects users and
developers. Many of these changes are a very welcome modification. Some,
however, arent so very desirable. According to an article by Ed Burnette,
ZDNet, the changes were to take place in mid-December. The Android Market
sent out an email December 11th to give developers a heads up.

 Big Changes in the Android Marketplace

 What exactly are these changes and how will they affect us? According to
Burnette, the changes include:

 * Reducing the purchase refund window to 15 minutes (!). Previously,
users had 24-48 hours to try an application and get a refund if they
didnt like it. Some developers worried that a long refund period could
lead to abuses, but users were limited to one refund per applicationso
whats the big deal?
 * Users will be able to filter applications by content rating.
Developers must set a content rating for their apps: Mature, Teen, Pre-
Teen, or All. Applications or games without a rating will be treated as
 * The details page for every app will show a 180120 Promotional Graphic
at the top, provided by the developer in the Developer Console.
 * Developers can also specify more than 2 screenshots, in several
different sizes (currently 320480, 480800, or 480854). Presumably the
number of sizes will expand as different resolutions become more common.
 * Market will support filtering based on screen sizes and densities, as
well as on GL texture compression formats. Filtering is based on and
elements in an apps manifest, instead of console settings.
 * The Market is getting new dynamic categories that will be based on an
apps manifest. If your app includes wallpapers or widgets, Market will
automatically add them to the new categories.
 * The maximum size for application packages is increasing from 25MB to

 Rating Apps for content is a big deal. The apps are rated as Mature,
Teen, Pre-Teen, or All. This is a very welcome change for the consumers.
From the responses to Burnettes article, it is easy to see that content
rating is an important issue for many users. The purchase refund time is
another issue that readers wrote about. Most think that 15 minutes is too
short a time to try out an app to see if it is what you were looking for.
My suggestion is that the users do a bit more research on the app by
going to the apps website for the info. Still, it would be nicer to have
at least an hour to decide. We dont live in an ideal world, but a
compromise would be nice.

 Do these changes in the Android Market affect you? How do you feel about
them? Are you a developer and does that affect you differently? Are you
pleased with the changes? In this day and age of Smartphone app markets,
both the consumer and the developers should get a vote. Inquiring minds
want to know.

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