; Best aspects of getting the Android tablets
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Best aspects of getting the Android tablets


There are many people around the world, who are immune to Apple iPhone fever and are quite happy with their Android phones. With time, more and more developers are coming up with interesting applications for Google's Android operating system. If you too are an Android fan and are looking to spice up your device with some of the best Android games, then you are on the right page. We shall see some of the top Android games that a gamer should install on his/her Android phone.

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									iPad has always remain a dream for the middle class people. They have to
save lots of money for availing the Apples tablet. But the good news for
those desirable people is that, android has introduced there tablets that
are available in almost half price. They have given a very tough price
war and open a new segment of competition.

 For some people price means quality. But it is not really the case with
Android tablets. Here are some features of the Android tablets that will
help the customers in comparing the android based brands with Apple

 1.Size and display: The display of the Iconia Tab, Galaxy Tab and
Ideapad tablet is 7 inches with 1024 by 600 pixels resolution. The
Viewpad tablets resolution is bit lower; it is about 800 by 480 pixels.
The Viewpad is also thinner and weigh only 13 ounces.

 2.Operating system: The operating system in Android tablets varies. The
Iconia Tab has honeycomb 3.2, the Viewpad has android 2.2 and Ideapad A1
has Android 2.3 operating systems. The Android based operating systems
allow downloading almost every type of the applications.

 3.Storage capacity: The Storage capacity also varies in each Android
tablet. Ideapad allows storing the data up till 16GB on the board memory.
The Viewpad is offering about 512MB. The Iconia is allowing storing 8GB
of the data over the board. In all the Android tablets the data storage
can be extended till 32GB via MicroSd card slots. So, space is not really
a big issue with the tablets.

 4.Performance: The Tab and Ideapad both run over the 1GHz processor with
1GB RAM. The Viewpad is bit slower and run over the 600MHz processor
having RAM of 512MB. The Iconia Tab is better in all the Android tablets,
as it runs over the dual core processor with 1GB processing speed and 1GB
of RAM.

 5.Connectivity: On all the Android tablets; WiFi, USB ports, GPS and
Bluetooth is available. It allows the users to connect easily with other
devices and internet. Additionally, Viewpad has 3G connectivity and
Iconia Tab has built-in HDMI out.

 6. Camera: The Iconia has 5MP of camera at the backside that is the
highest in all the Android tablets. The 2MP calling camera is also
present in the tablet. The Galaxy Tab is having the 1.3MP camera. While,
Ideapad and Viewpad have 3MP camera and 0.3MP video calling camera.

 7.Battery: The battery life of the Iconia Tab is 4.5 hours, Viewpad has
6 hours, Ideapad has 7 hours and Galaxy Tab has 8 hours. Display and
brightness of the speed alters the battery timings.

 In the nutshell, Android tablets have given a tough time to the iPads
and have shaken the market of tablets. Customers now have option to buy
the tablets at most cheapest prices. They do not need to wait and collect
money for buying their own personal tablet. Thanks to the Android
tablets, everyone can facilitate with the modern technology.

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