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									Android Honeycomb is the current Google Android OS. It is designed only
for tablets and is therefore optimized with even more features and
benefits than you would normally find on a regular smartphone running on
Froyo or Gingerbread.

The Honeycomb has received a dramatic improvement compared to Gingerbread
in several aspects. One of the most obvious examples is enhanced
applications in Honeycomb. Many of the native apps on Android have been
completely rethought and enhanced, such as the email, browser, android
market, Google Talk, and YouTube.

Email. The email apps (both Gmail and everything else) use a two-pane
system. So it makes perusing your inbox and various folders much easier.
Moreover these apps use a new API open to all devs called "fragments"
which allow for sliding panes. This means the left pane starts out
listing all available folders for that email account, but when you choose
something from the panel on the right side, that then slides over to the
left and replaces the folder list. Consequently on the right side, now I
can see the entire email thread or full chat that I requested pull up,
and I can see the whole conversation.

Browser. The biggest enhancement is tabbed browsing. You don't need to
press a menu button within the browser to see all of the open windows.
They're just presented like the Chrome browser on your computer, with the
Action Bar showing off multiple tabs that you can switch to rather

Android Market. "My apps" section shows a listing of all apps you've
downloaded, updated and/or installed. You can dictate whether the apps
will have updates automatically installed, and you can open each
individual app directly from this section. This listing of My Apps also
notices if any updates are available, keeps me apprised of
download/install progress, and is easy to scroll through.

Google Talk. The integration of native video chat and Google Talk app
makes it more convenient and accessible for anyone to use it. Even if you
have a tablet and your business partner doesn't, just have them sign on
to Google Talk on their computer and you're all set for a good video

YouTube. The YouTube app was built with Renderscript, and it's easy to
tell because of the extra 3D renderings done up here. The app is set up
like a grid with several rows and columns, but when you scroll left or
right this grid curves with the scrolling, acting as if it's on a

With its enhanced applications, Honeycomb has been the biggest leap
Android has taken in its growth and development ever since the OS came
out. It has made Android much smarter in the process. As a result,
Honeycomb will make Android tablets much more competitive with the iPad
than existing Android devices running earlier versions of the Android

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