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 Mobile phones have now become an indispensable part of our life. Whether
a person is the CEO of a company or has retired, he needs a cell phone to
stay in touch with others. With time, several changes have been made to
mobile phones and now, they support much more than just voice
communication. Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones have now become
popular among many who want their mobile phones to work just like a mini
computer with route maps, weather alerts and many more such features.
Both Smartphones have some unique features to crate a niche for itself.

 Apple iPhone: An Overview

 Apple iPhone has received immense worldwide popularity among Smartphone
users. Though the first generation iPhone has received some criticism
related to its manufacturing, iPhone models released later dealt with all
such issues. Apple iPhone 4 with smart look and multiple features gives
its competitors a run for their money. Google Android phones deserve a
special mention in this regard. Apple iPhone 4 provides huge data storage
space. It works on 1GHz processor and offers more speed compared to other
Smartphone models. Though the screen is small, the Retina Display
technology offers a great display- something many of you would fall in
love with.

 Android Smartphone: An Overview

 Android Smartphone, which operates on Android OS, has gotten the
attention of users for its groundbreaking features. Fourth Generation
Android Smartphone works in an open source operating system that allows
users to develop their own applications. Therefore, one can develop
multiple applications for his work as well as entertainment. The
compatibility of the Android OS with multiple devices has helped this
Smartphone stay a leap ahead of others. Maps, email services and full
fledged web browsing facility offered in this phone also make it a smart

 Apple iPhone and Android Smartphone: Price Comparison

 Both Apple iPhone and Android Smartphone has a decent market base of
their own. With increasing sale, the price of Android Smartphone has gone
down significantly in several stores near you. That is the reason why
many often consider it to be the ultimate option when they are looking
for a Smartphone. Price of Google Android phones is generally based on
the Smartphone models and mobile phone carriers.
 Though the Android phones have received immense popularity for its cheap
price, Apple iPhone is not lagging behind in this regard. Apple iphone
price has also been pushed down to retain its popularity in the market.
The base model of Apple iphone 4 is as low as $199, and that too with a
storage space of 16 GB.

 The Bottom Line

 Both Apple iPhone and Android Smartphone offers a wide range of
features. Each of them offers some unique features, and thus you can
easily pick up the one that matches with your preference and requirement.
Yet, before making the purchase, it will be ideal for you to gather up
complete information on the phone: there are many such review sites on
the internet today.

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