Android Guide to Making a Google Account

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					Creating a Google Account is one of the basic tasks required to set-up
you're android phone. This account allows you to access the Android
Market and download apps, it also allows you to use the inbuilt Google
apps on your phone, like Google Maps. A Google account also backs up your
contacts and other data, so that if you lose your phone, you can download
all of you're data on to another one.

Setting up this account is really easy, just follow these simple steps!

1. You can set up a Google account in several different ways: when
prompted the first time you turn on you're handset, by opening the Gmail
app, and by opening android market. You will be presented with this
screen. Just click 'Create'.

2. On the second screen enter you're first and second name into the
appropriate boxes, then enter a username into the box with next to it. Your username should be something you will
remember and it will also be the start of your email address. For example
if you choose peter23, your email address would be Peter23 @ When you are done click next at the bottom of the screen.

3. On this page you need to enter a password for your Google Account, it
should be at least 8 characters in length and contain one number. Type
your chosen password again in the second box t0 confirm it. Then click
the next button at the bottom to continue.

4. On this page you are required to choose a secret question and answer
that can be used to verify your identity in the case that you forget your
Google account details. Choose a question from the list, and then write
your answer in the custom box. You can optionally add a secondary email
which will also help to recover a lost account - this can be any email
address. When done, click the next button.

5. Google will ask that you accept their terms and conditions, to do so
simply use the accept button (it may be necessary to scroll to the bottom
of the terms). You will then be asked to verify your humanity by entering
a code into a text box.

6. If all is well you will see this screen and your account will be
successfully created. Bear in mind that you will need an active internet
connection. You can now access Gmail and the android market, have fun!

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