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									Dallas Chiropractor, Dr. J. Glenn Smith, Helps Locals Get Relief From
Tension Headaches

Dallas, TX, 09-MAY-2012 - The Cold Laser Center and Dr. J. Glenn Smith,
DC, Dallas cold laser chiropractor, are pleased to announce natural
relief techniques to alleviate the pain of tension headaches. This type
of head pain is one of several specific types of headache that has been
identified. The pain varies from mild to severe.

A tension headache is the most common type. It accounts for approximately
nine out of every ten headaches. It is experienced on both sides of the
head. It has been described as feeling as if a tight band of pressure is
squeezing the head. The pressure is constant and may be focused behind
the eyes, from the neck or from other parts of the body.

Tension headaches can be triggered by any of several factors. These could
include stress, sleep deprivation, poor posture or eyestrain. Because of
the variable nature of the causes, a therapy program will be customized
for the individual who is experiencing the symptoms of headache pain. Dr.
Smith works with each patient to determine which therapy or group of
therapies will be most beneficial for the patient.

Some of the more common therapies include massage, heat and cold
application, postural training and exercise. The cold laser equipment
provides a feeling of warmth at the cellular level. This improves
circulation, helping the body to heal itself. Often, simple lifestyle
changes will help to reduce the number and frequency of the headaches.

Learn more about tension headaches and the ways in which chiropractic
care can provide relief by visiting the website at
http://www.coldlaser.com today. Members of the press and others who have
additional questions about the information contained in this press
release are encouraged to contact Dr. Smith at the location provided

Contact Person Name: J. Glenn Smith, D. C.

Company Name: Cold Laser Center

Address: Suite 260, 9850 Central Expressway North, Dallas, TX 75231

Contact Telephone Number: (214)956-0999

Email: info@coldlaser.com

Website: http://www.coldlaser.com

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