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									Interview with Scott Thompson

You’re listening to Tech Nation. I’m Moira Gunn and my guest today is Scott
Thompson, the President of PayPal since 2008. His previous position at PayPal was
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, where he oversaw information
technology, product development and architecture. In his current position, he has the
overall responsibility for growing the company.

Scott, thank you for joining me.

My guest today is Scott Thompson, the President of PayPal.

>>> I’m Moira Gunn. You’re listening to Tech Nation
>>> For Tech Nation … I’m Moira Gunn.
Interview Topics

 When you run into someone who hasn’t joined this millennium yet – how do you
   describe PayPal?
      o Now to set the landscape, PayPal is a part of eBay …
             You guys were dating for a long time …
             And it’s a natural fit … but you’re more than eBay – what percentage of
               your revenue is not-eBay?
 What’s the latest and greatest from PayPal? What have you done for us lately?
      o The last say year …
 Your previous job at PayPal included CTO, and in an earlier point in your career,
   you were CIO of Barclays Global Investors. What’s the difference in your mind
   between a CIO and a CTO?
      o You are one of us – your degree is in Accounting and Computer Science –
         that was good idea!
             I bring this up, because when it comes to thinking up new products and
               services – anybody can do that … but actually building it and getting to
               run? That’s a hard trick!
                    PayPal is out in front - I don’t expect it to be off-the-shelf
                      software - Does PayPal do its own technology development?
 Last Fall, EBay acquired BillMeLater to merge with you guys at PayPal – what’s
   BillMeLater and how’s that workin’ out?
 You know, everything’s going on the iPhone, and cell phones, and Blackberries –
   are you in the mobile space?
      o What else do you have coming down the pike in the next year or so?
 Last question – when eBay bought BillMeLater for $820 million in cash and
   approximately $125 million in outstanding options – did it pay with PayPal?

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