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   Peggy whitson


Astronaut since:1996

Spacetime:two six-month tours on the international space station;in
2002 and 2007-2008.

Imagine being in a confined space for six months with no easy means of
escape and only a cosmonaut or two to keep you company.peggy
whitson did it-twicw;the second time as the first woman
commander.the former lowa farm girl racked up 377 days in space on
her two mission;more than any other u.s astronaut.her space walks
toateled nearly 40 hours; more than any other woman astronaut.ahe is
now a walking laboratory for the long-term effects of zero graivity(zero-
g) on the human body.

Getting used to –g:fitness is a lot more important than strength.so is
your ability to think in 3-D and intuit how to move objects in a way than
on earth .second time I went to the station :it felt like coming home .i
adapted and got comfortable much quicker

The best zero-g side effect :it is a nice plus that with out the effects of
gravity; every thing is lifted while you are up there ;so you look younger
very fast

Staying in shape:with no gravity for resistance ;muscle and bones
deteriorate quickly up there ;so every day when do an hour of cardio on
especially designed cycle on tread mill and an hour of resistance
training.you need strength for space walks ;as every motion work
against the pressure of the space suits we wear;and its very
fatiguing.exercising always made me feel more positive and up beat
after word too.

Poetic moment:as we orbited every 90 mins ;the view of the
earthcurvature was increadible .you could see the layer of the
atmosphere extend beyond the surface to meet with blackness of space
beyond.it seemed impossiblythin;yet it carried all the shades of
blue:closest to the planet a glowing blue;like sunlight water over white
sand;extending to the deepest blue-purple mixuture that holds the
blackness at bay.

Returning to gravity:at first;being back on earth is not pleasant.my
agility and quick motions;lie playing basket ball and the timing to
dribble and do a layup;were severely hindered.but I had my physicial
fitness assessments about a month after my return;and iam back to
preflight norm;which iam really happy about every thing in life.

Inspiration:exploration is a very important part of who we re ;and if we
want to literally expad our horizons; we have to keep doing
it.construction of the international space station shows we can expand
those horizons culturally as well.


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