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yet generate some income


yet generate some income

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									We deliver complete corporate solutions in computing. Best quality, time bound and
cost effectiveness are what we redefine. Having experience and expertise in handling
high volume data entry applications such as publication, Database and Mailing list
compilation, Surveys, pools, Questionnaire and other customized platforms, we are
comfortable with any type of formats in data conversions viz. text word, tabulated,
images, videos pdf to html & vice versa.

Infrastructure We are located in Delhi and avail the services globally with our members
mostly from the country of origin. Our staff and members are trained enough to handle all
types of data conversion jobs.

Quality is our prime goal we do not compromise under any circumstances when the
quality is issue. We guarantee 99.99% accuracy. Our staff is well trained for quality
check with the use of high tech softwares.

Technology is what make us successful in our mission. We have expertise to develop
customized softwares according to the assignments.

Client Support We keep all the options of communication open as per client
requirements viz. online support, telephone, email.

Time Bound We understand the value of time and our aim is to keep our clients praise
for us by delivering the services within stipulated time frame as per the agreements.

Pricing We leave our competitors far behind for being the most affordable and cost
effective service providers. The reason, we pass on 100% of the profits to our experts,
staff and members who in return put their maximum possible efforts to deliver the best
results. our sponsors are strong enough to give all of us a win win situation. The pricing
chart is mailed as per the description of the assignment.

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