Setting Up Residual Income Streams On The Internet

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					May 9th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: joinmikedavis

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                                                                     Residual Income Makes A Giant
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                                                                     If you were to examine any super affiliate’s selling model
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                                                                     you would find out the only time they are going to offer a
  features and hide this message.                                    product that pays only once for the initial sale, is when they can
                                                                     leverage that sale into making extra cash. Plenty will provide
                                                                     a free report or special bonus if you are going to buy this
Setting Up Residual Income                                           product thru their affiliate link, where the leverage comes in is
Streams On The Internet                                              when they collect your opt in information from their landing-
                                                                     page. What they are giving you for free concerned you giving
By admin on May 9th, 2012
                                                                     something away for free too! A targeted opt in list is often
                                                                     worth up to five dollars per name every month to its owner. It is
                                                                     reasonably possible there will be a later upsell offered via an e-
                                                                     mail that gives them the chance to earn one more commission.
                                                                     Super Affiliates will probably focus on promoting products
                                                                     that can appear to only pay an one-time commission, but
                                                                     in truth turn out to pay a big amount in monthly residual
                                                                     income. What you can learn from this exercise is if an affiliate
                                                                     marketing product does have a continuing chance to earn
Looking for a way to create any number of residual income            additional income, you must go for it. Makes perfect sense…
streams to ease the monetary strains in your life, or even to        right? It’s the biggest difference between a grand 59% ROI or
become even rich in the process?                                     a far less galvanizing 19%.

Let’s start by taking a fast affiliate marketing test (no you’re
not back in school…stop sweating).
                                                                     Multiple Residual Income Streams
See how you score.
                                                                     is the Key to Wealth
Here are two real world affiliate marketing success techniques.
Which do you think is more profit-making in the long run?
In the 1st example it takes 100 clicks to make a sale. Every         The longest river in the world is the Nile. The only way you can
sale pays $100 in commissions. The refund rate is a low five         appreciate the dimensions of the Nile is by seeing it from outer
percent. At $.80 per click, what’s going to be the return on your    space. It is grand….truly jaw dropping. What you do not see
primary $100 investment?                                             when you look down from your rocket is that the Nile is what it
                                                                     is because it’s fed by thousands of tiny tributaries. Thousands
O.K, in the first example it would cost $80 to make one sale.        of them. This massive Stream only exists due to all of the tiny
So you would make $20 minus the 5% refund rate which                 tributaries and streams that run into it.
would put you with an ROI of $19. That is not such a terrible
investment.                                                          Look at your affiliate marketing efforts in the same way, by
                                                                     making multiple streams of income , you are making a river
Now, in the 2nd example you get the same result for the sale —       of wealth. You must start by promoting numerous different
$80, but your net profit is far more inspiring because of that       products that have got the advantage of creating recurring
four months worth of residual income. You’d still get the $19        streams of income. Stick to those and nothing else.
ROI on your 1st $100 investment, but here you make that extra
$40 or a booming 59% investment return.                              By grasping that many tiny streams of income can build to
                                                                     form a river of wealth you must take your affiliate marketing
                                                                     efforts to a higher level. Begin by promoting products that pay
Which makes more sense…19% ROI or 59% ROI (I know I                  residual monthly income on top of a preliminary commission.
don’t have to answer this)?                                          Don’t feel tempted by other products, these are the ones that
                                                                     may create wealth in the long run. After just a few months
This my friend is the power of residual income streams on the        you’ll see these little streams of income turn into a major flood
internet!                                                            of income. The great thing about residual monthly income is
                                                                     that you never start a month with nothing in the bank. Imagine

Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                                1
May 9th, 2012                                                                                             Published by: joinmikedavis

You are never truly beginning over or starting from scratch (or
worse yet in the red) and hoping beyond hope that you sell
something this month.

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Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                            2

Description: See how to set up residual income streams on the internet...let one action pay you over and over again