Natural Face Care Products: Is Keratin Good For Healthy Skin?

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					            Natural Face Care Products: Is Keratin Good For Healthy Skin?

 Keratin is a protein that naturally occurs in the skin, hair and nails. Healthy epidermis depends
heavily on keratin levels in the body. As we grow older the production of this vital protein begins to
slow down much to the chagrin of those who desire to maintain youthful looks. In the end,
elasticity of the skin is compromised which leads to chapping, flaking and an expedited aging
process if were not devoted to a daily face care regime.

However, our efforts are not in vain if we choose the best facial care products that boost the
presence of keratin in skin cells. Sufficient levels of this nourishing compound enhance epidermal
resilience and beauty.

How does keratin function for healthy skin?

The uppermost epidermis is comprised of old keratin layers. New growth forges to the surface as
we remove that degraded top epidermal tissue, thus the importance of proper regular exfoliation.
It naturally protects skin cells by providing a waterproof barrier against the elements. Supreme
elastin function is effectively restored when this protein is bolstered with frequent topical

Where can I find quality keratin products?

The most reliable way to find high quality keratin based skincare is to consult with your select
aesthetician from the top spas in NYC. These professionals can offer advice on the best skin care
products that use only high end minimally processed keratin for optimal age-reversing results.

As you read the labels of many products that boast keratin as a key ingredient, youll discover
many substandard frauds. Truly high quality keratin comes directly from sheeps woolwith no
overheating or acidic additives. Youll want the skilled assistance of experts that are regularly
performing spa treatments with natural face care products.

The products to avoid
Hydrolysed keratin should be avoided at all cost because it is over-processed and does more
harm than good. Be sure to scan your skin care product labels carefully for functional keratin
content that is reliably derived from sheeps wool. Organic is always best when it comes to
sourcing the most effective face care that stimulates the production of this vital protein.

If we are truly dedicated in our quest for ageless radiance, we have at our fingertips some of the
finest natural ingredients that boost skins healthy function for a beautiful complexion that looks
effortless. Keratin is a crucial part of that journey.

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