Muang Thai by leader6


									         Lunch Muang Thai
                                                 Starter & Mains for                            7.95
                     Starters                             17.      Nammanhoi V                   5.50
1.      Spring Rolls V                  3.49              Stir –fried dish cooked with mixed vegetables and
Thai-styles spring rolls filled with seasoned chicken     garlic in oyster sauce.
and vegetables, served with Sweet chilli dip              Chicken, Beef or Vegetable.
Chicken or Vegetable. V                                   18.      Chilli and Basil              5.50
2.      Tom Yum Soup                    3.49              Stir-fried dish with Thai basil and fresh chilli and
Spicy soup flavoured with lemongrass, galangal,           garnished with a fried egg.
Lime leave and fresh coriander.                           Chicken, Pork, Beef or Prawn.
Chicken or Mushroom V                                     19. Kao Pad Nam Prig Pow               5.50 New
3.      Tom Kah Soup                    3.49              Stir-fried rice dish with Chicken vegetables and chilli
Thai Spicy coconut milk soup flavoured with lemon-        oil
grass, galangal, lime leave and fresh coriander.                           Noodle dishes
Chicken or Vegetable                                      20.      Pad Thai noodles V              5.50
4.      Tom Jud Soup                    3.49              A popular noodle dish of flat rice noodles with eggs
Clear tomato and onion soup with chicken.                 and Pad Thai sauce
5.      Chicken Toast                   3.49              Chicken, Prawn or Vegetarian.
Spiced Minced chicken on bread covered with sesame        21.      Kaw Teow Tom Yum                5.50 New
seeds, then deep-fried and served with Sweet chilli dip   Spicy Thai tom yum chicken soup with flat rice
6.      Fish Cakes                      3.95              noodles vegetables and ground peanuts
Thai-style fish cakes made with fresh cod, served         22.      Terriyaki Chicken               5.50 New
with sweet-chilli peanut dip.                             Thai style teriyaki sauce stir fried with yellow egg
7.      Prawn Tempura                   4.49              noodles, chicken and mixed vegetables.
King prawn in breadcrumb tempura and quick fried          23.      Pad Kee Mow V                   5.50
then served with sweet chilli dip                         Stir-fried yellow egg noodle dish with Thai basil and
8.      Vegetable Tempura V             3.49              fresh chilli
Mixed crispy vegetables dipped in batter and deep         Chicken or Vegetables
fried.                                                    24.      Sukiyake Noodles SPICY! 5.50
9.      Dumplings                       3.49              Vermicelli noodles stir- fried in red beancurd, corian-
Thai Dumplings filled with spiced minced pork             der and chilli sauce with vegetables with Chicken.
served with Muang Thai Sweet dip.                         25. Green curry noodles                  5.50 New
10.      Pork Ribs                      3.49              Traditional hot Thai Chicken Green curry with
Pork ribs marinated in honey and Thai spices              aubergines, cooked with Thai sweet basil leaves served
11.      Chicken Wings                  3.49              with White noodles (Kanom Jeen).
Marinated chicken wings in a light crispy batter,
with Thai chilli dip.                                               Lunch-time Specials
                                                          Chicken Fillet with French Fries New
              Main Course
12.     Green Curry V     5.50                            Whole Chicken Fillet in Thai marinade served with
Traditional hot Thai Green curry with auber-              french fries.
gines, cooked with Thai sweet basil leaves.               Prawns in Chilli Oil
Chicken, Pork, Beef, Prawn or Vegetables                  Prawns stir-fried in Chilli oil with garlic and fresh
13.     Red Curry V                  5.50                 chilli
Traditional hot Thai red curry with red chilli            Steamed Seabass Fillet New
paste and bamboo strips.                                  Seabass fillet steamed and served ginger and
Chicken, Pork, Beef, Prawn or Vegetables                  spring onion sauce with rice.
14.     Pineapple curry V            5.50
A medium hot traditional Thai curry cooked with           Each dish is 8.50 and is not included
pineapple,                                                as part of the 2Course Lunch
Chicken, Pork, Beef, Prawn or Vegetables
              Stir Fried Dishes
15.     Sweet and Sour V             5.50               Starter & Main for               7.95
Stir-fried Thai styles sweet and sour dish.             Prawn Dishes are more expensive, Please add £1
Chicken, Pork, Prawn or Vegetables                      for each starter with Prawns and £2 for every main
16.     Garlic And Black pepper 5.50
Stir-fried dish with garlic and fresh ground            dish with Prawns. Thank you.
black pepper,
Chicken, Pork, Beef         Tea or coffee is available after your lunch for a special lunchtime price of £1
 V - Denotes Vegetarian dish or vegetarian option is available

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