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Lime Grove Café Menu by leader6


									COLD DRINKS
                            Lime Grove Café Menu
                                                                Moroccan Lamb                                        $12.50
Fresh Lime Juice Cordial                    - /glass $2.00        tender lamb baked with   Lime Grove Sun
Fresh Lime Juice Cordial                    - /bottle $4.00       Dired Limes  , roasted pine nuts, sultanas &
Limeade                                     - /glass $3.00        ripe tomatoes, with couscous and salad &
                                                                  Lime Grove Dressing
BREAKFAST (9.30 am – 12 noon)                                   Char Grilled Tasmanian Salmon                        $14.00
Raisin Toast                                            $3.50                Lime Grove Asian Lime Marinade
                                                                  marinated in
                                                                  & with tasty sauce, fresh garden salad,
Scones with jam & cream                                 $4.50
                                                                  Lime Grove Dressing    & rice, potato mash or couscous
Croissant grilled with ham & cheese                     $6.50
Thai Brekkie Rice, chicken & Lime Juice soup,                   Chicken Pancetta                                     $14.00
   chopped eggs, with hot rice buns               $8.50           chicken fillet stuffed with zingy lime mustard,
                                                                  garden spinach rolled in pancetta and lightly seared,
Poached Eggs with leg ham & toast                $10.00           with tasty sauce & potato mash, couscous,
Eggs Benedict with leg ham or smoked salmon,                      or rice & garden salad with  Lime Grove Dressing
   spinach & hollandaise sauce on toasted muffin $12.50
Grilled Organic Sausages
                                                                NEW LIME GROVE THAI MENU
   char-grilled locally grown beef/lamb sausages,bacon,
   eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms & toast      $14.00        Thai Omelette                                        $11.00
                                                                   eggs, chicken, fresh coriander, lime juice & finely
                                                                   chopped shallots rolled, sprinkled with cheese,
SOUPS                                                              with garden salad &  Lime Grove Dressing
Thai Noodle                                 - small     $6.00
                                                                Pad Thai                                             $10.00
   with rice cakes                          - large     $8.00
                                                                   chicken, lime juice, coconut cream & shallots
Soup of the Day                             - small     $6.00   Thai Green Chicken Curry                             $12.00
    with crusty rolls                       - large     $8.00      medium – with rice, garden salad &
                                                                   Lime Grove Dressing
MAINS                                                           Thai Musaman Chicken Curry                           $12.00
Marinated Chicken                                       $8.50      mild – with rice, garden salad &
   diced chicken breast marinated in  Lime Grove                   Lime Grove Dressing
   Asian Lime Marinade   , with fresh garden
                                                                Thai Meat Balls                                      $12.50
   salad,Lime Grove Dressing  , rice, potato mash or               finely minced beef rolled in lime juice & fresh coriander,
   couscous                                                        with potato mash or rice, fresh garden salad &
Grilled Open Sandwich                                   $8.50
                                                                   Lime Grove Dressing
   char grilled beef &  Lime Grove Lime & Chilli                Thai Chicken Satay                                   $12.50
   Seeded Mustard    or Asian Lime Marinated chicken,              with rice & garden salad
   fresh herbs & topped with tasty cheese

Home-made Beef Pie                                      $8.50   DESSERTS
   flavoured with sun dried limes with gravy, potato            Delicious Lime Tart with cream                           $4.50
   mash & garden salad &    Lime Grove Dressing                    with cream & ice-cream                                $6.00
Pasta & Tasmanian Salmon                               $11.00   Lime Cup Cake                                            $3.50
   fresh Tasmanian salmon char-grilled in  Lime
   Grove Marinade sauce on penne pasta with fresh               Crepe with Lime Syrup with cream                         $5.00
   garden salad &Lime Grove Dressing                               with ice-cream                                        $6.50
                                                                Ice Cream with Lime Syrup                                $4.00

OPEN 9.30AM TO 4.00PM DAILY                                                                                 GST Inclusive

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