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					              The Sims 2 & Expansion Packs for PC
                Video Recording Hints, Tips and other Tidbits:


•   VideoCapture.ini file
        o Located in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config\VideoCapture.ini
        o Change the Large setting to 800x600
        o Change the Global Settings FPS to 30
•   Movies are located in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Movies\
•   Turn off Picture-In-Picture and Special Event Cameras
•   (CTRL-SHIFT-C): brings up the cheat window for the commands below

Cameras/Filming Cheats
• Press TAB in any mode to set the camera to CameraMan mode which plants the camera in
   one spot on the lot. While in CameraMan mode, you can:
       o Use the Mouse to rotate around.
       o Q and E: move the camera up and down.
       o W and S: move the camera forwards and backwards.
       o A and D: strafe the camera left and right.
       o Z and X: zoom the camera in and out.
       o V: Start/Stop video capture.
       o C: Take in-game screenshot.
       o PAGE-UP and PAGE DOWN: switch floors
       o HOME and END: walls down/cutaway/up/roof.
• <>: Rotate around a center point (right click on an object or Sim), not avail in cameraman
• Set camera placement
       o To set a semi-permanent camera, use CTRL 4 through CTRL 9. It will set the
          camera where you place it (recall the camera placement by pressing the number of
          the camera you want). There are separate cameras for regular versus CameraMan
• slowMotion 0-8
       o Use this to slow down the movement of your Sims in realtime if necessary. 0
          designates no slow motion and 8 is the slowest level of movement.
• boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false
       o Must be true for all filmic cheats to function
        o   Bloom (r g b x)       Creates a filmic look in which everything's so bright it blurs
            together "r", "g," and "b" are color values (0-255) and "x" is the amount of blooming
            from 0 to 255
        o   vignette (centerx centery X) Creates a filmic look in which a focal point is clear but
            everything around it is blurry
        o   filmgrain (0-1)       Creates a film graininess
        o   letterbox (0.0-0.4) Creates a letterbox view of size specified

Movie Camera Angle Settings:

    •   The footage is captured by a stationary in-game camera.
            o The camera orientation is controlled by LiveCamera.txt (My Documents\EA
                Games\The Sims 2\Cameras)
            o A special version of this file is used that prohibits the movement of the camera.
                Any positional changes of the camera between the panels will ruin the effect. In-
                game camera bookmarks should be used to save camera orientation/positions.
                These are saved with the lots. CTRL 4-9 are the bookmarks. Note: all saves to
                this file are reflected immediately in-game.
            o From the file: “orientation 0 (90 130 170 210 250 290 330 370 410”
    •   The numbers within the parenthesis are orientations of the camera (in degrees).
            o The number outside the parenthesis refers to an orientation (ie. 0 = 90, and 4 =
                210, etc.).
    •   The game must be set up to output the video correctly
            o Settings in VideoCapture.ini (My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Config)
                determine the output resolution and frames per second of the footage.
    •   “LargeSettings = size: 1120x768”
            o “HighQualitySettings = fps: 60”
            o Adjust in-game options:
    •   Options > Camera Options:
            o Video Capture size = Large
            o Video Capture Quality = High, uncompressed
            o Video Sound Capture = Disabled
            o The Shortcut used to run the game must be appended with the following: -

- Game cannot output AVI files greater than 2GB. CTRL-SHIFT should be pressed and held
during capture, before the 2GB limit has been reached. This will split off a new AVI file, but the
game capture is uninterrupted.

Gameplay Cheats

•   moveObjects on/off
        o Allows alternative object placement
•   motherlode
        o Adds simoleans to family funds
•   Neighborhood level cheat: FamilyFunds “last name” “amount of simoleans”
        o Adds simoleans to family funds
•   showheadlines on/off
        o Adds or removes headline effects above Sims’ heads (except the plumbob)
•   boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false
        o Allows objects to be placed off of the gridlines
•   boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true/false
        o Allows objects to be placed at 45 angles
•   setHighestAllowedLevel level#
        o Allows for building to specified number of floors
•   roofslopeangle [15-75]
        o Changes the slope of the roof
•   setLotLightingFile [filename]/clear
        o Original file can be found in EA Games/The Sims 2 Nightlife/TSData/Res/Lights
•   boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
        o SHIFT-CLICK cheats on mailbox
                     Make All Happy
                     Make All Motives Static
                     Trigger Birthday...
                     Make NPC… (such as the burglar, mailman, etc)
                     Set Pregnancy Relations With...
                     Make Me Know Everyone
                     Make Friends For Me
        o SHIFT-CLICK on objects to change various states, such as:
            dirty/clean/broken/fixed/restocked, etc.,.
        o SHIFT-CLICK on the newspaper to change your Sims careers, set their career level,
            and open up career reward objects in the catalog.
        o SHIFT-CLICK on a Sim to:
                     make them Selectable/Unselectable
                     make them Thin/Fat
                     make them change into or add new clothing
                     give/remove a cellphone/mp3 player
                     add them to the Secret Society
                     make them a Vampire
                     to Spawn:
                           • Tombstone of Life and Death: assorted goodies
                           • Rodney's Death Creator: creates all kinds of great deaths
                           • Sim Modder: chamges motives/personality/skills/etc.
                           • Paul's Reaction Tester: makes sims perform certain animations
                           • NPC/Townie Maker: makes NPCs and Townies
        o CTRL-CLICK on Wants and Fears to satisfy them and gain Influence points, open
            Aspiration Reward Objects and gain some extra interactions and animations
        o In Create-a-Sim use SHIFT-N and SHIFT-M to toggle Debugging Mode. This will
            allow you to select NPC and specialty clothing types.

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