Compose Top Quality Songs in Quick Time with Drum Loops by thelooploft


									           Compose Top Quality Songs in Quick Time with Drum Loops

Drum loops play help in composing high quality songs in a very little time. When created
and composed by professional drummers, these offer exceptional sound, beats, and
serves as an unbeatable source for entertainment. Many a times, passionate music
composers find it difficult to find them in the market. In order to ensure their
convenience, a large number of online music stores offer them at the most astonishing
rates in the industry. Every drum loop comes with over hundreds of free MIDI
files collection supporting almost all popular formats in the industry, such as:
     WAV, AIFF & REX2
     Ableton Live Packs
     Reason ReFills
     Multitrack Drums
     MIDI Drums
     Complete Takes

Drum loops help the composers to create and form any fresh and new MIDI drum beats.
These are basically simple repeating rhythms or beats, which are provided in loop form.
These help composers to improve the same musical beats by adding or editing new
form of music in them. The MIDI files are recorded in MIDI instruments, which are
connected with MIDI-enabled input device and a sound generator, which is attached to
the synthesizer. It completely depends on the composers as to how they would edit the
MIDI files i.e. through the computer or directly on the synthesizer. The introduction
of MIDI files has led to the composition of new and fresh music, and provides the
guarantee that the drum beats or drum loops will altogether deliver a different theme
and temperament.

Today, many online musical stores offer highly advanced and creative drum loops and
drum beats at affordable rates, allowing composers to create new and fresh music,
without straining their pocket. These are attracting millions of composers from all over
the world, and are also useful for rock performers and song writers, as these support
almost all file formats and also help in easy communication and synchronization by the

Founded by drummer/producer/loop guru, Ryan Gruss, the Loop Loft is a boutique
sample shop that records the best musicians on the planet, in order to create the
highest quality drum loops, Refills, Ableton Live Packs & Multitrack Sessions available
anywhere. The company does not use samplers or program beats, it just records the
best musicians in the world, with an aim to provide loops that feel and sound human.
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