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					                           How to use Facebook for Promotion
It is a fact that in last few years millions of people have joined face book and it has become one of the largest
points used for social interaction. Once it used to be a site used by students only that also for fun, but with its
increasing popularity and acceptance it has become everyone’s favorite including students, business owners,
professional etc.

In today’s business environment if you want to use social media for promotion of your products your first
choice will be face book. It is a good platform to build your strong presence for the promotional activities. It
will not only give you an opportunity to connect with existing customers but also help you drive new
customers. Now the big question, how can you promote your business on face book?

If you use some tips, you can notice the changes in your business in some time only. These tips will help you
reach more audience and increase your fan following.

Most important thing you need to do before starting anything is to decide the objectives and goals of doing
face book promotion. Once you know the objective you should work upon different strategies you can use to
achieve your goals. This activity will save your time and energy, because once you know about your
objective your efforts will be directed towards achievement of that only.

First requirement to start promoting your business on face book is to have an account. Here we need to
know the difference between personal and business account. For the promotion of business one needs
business account, because personal account is used for personal interaction and connectivity. So if you want
to promote your business create a different business account. One benefit of this is that people can see your
page even if they are not logged in on their face book account. This is possible because of the content
crawabilty feature of Google.

After creating you business page you need to design that. It should be designed keeping the target audience
into consideration. Most important thing while designing a page is to have attractive wall, because this is first
a visitor sees when he lands. You can include pictures explaining your business, your products etc. you can
also add videos, because these thing are more attractive than a complete story written about your work.

You can also create a fan page. On this page you should keep on updating the content to keep your page
fresh. If people like your content they will definitely become regular visitors and may become your customers
soon. Always try to invest some time to have a conversation with your fans. You can do this by giving replies
of their comments. If people become your fan they will share it with their friends also and will help you
increase your fan following.

You can also post questions on your page to know about the opinion of people about your product or
services. For example; you are a Web Designing Firm, you can ask, are websites really helpful in increasing
business. On the bases of answers you can add some links of the articles on same topic to help people know
more about the same.

If there is something new in your company or you have some news, you should update it on face book. You
can also upload some pictures of your employees, your products or your company. It will give them a feeling
as if it is related to them and they will comment on it.

Always keep your page updated. Otherwise it will become first and last visit of visitor. Always try to add
content which has some matter which can result into some interaction.
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