Canapes 2008 with description by leader6


									                Tosolinis ‘Food to go’ Canapés
                                  We recommend 4 to 8 serves per person.
                                          Minimum 20 of each
                                         Not suitable for lunches
       $1.60 per serve

     Mushroom palmiers
     Puff pastry with a mushroom chive filling

     Pesto Pinwheels
     Oven baked discs puff pastry swirled with homemade pesto

     Petite corn and herb muffins
     With herb and garlic butter

     Garlic-chilli green mixed olives
     Served in a bowl, marinated in garlic, chilli and olive oil

     Arancini balls
     Mini rice balls, crumbed and fried, stuffed with herbs and cheese served with dipping garlic aioli

     Mini pizza swirls
     Filled with tomato, capsicum, onion, fresh herbs and mozzarella

     Oven roasted baby potatoes
     Topped with cream fraiche and caviar

     Sundried tomato filled pastry cups
     Made with ricotta and parmesan, fresh herb and sun-dried tomatoes

     Caprese Skewerette
     Cherry tomato, bocconcini and basil skewers

     Herbed egg tartlet
     A pastry cup filled with herbed scrambled egg, topped with caviar

     $2.30 per serve

     Ham rarebit toasts with dill pickle
     Toasted baguette discs buttered with grain mustard, topped with shaved smoked ham,
     Provolone cheese baked and finished with a baby dill pickle

     Smoked chicken quiche
     With smoked chicken, asparagus and basil

     Grilled chorizo on toasted crostini
     With kalamata olive tapenade

     L’Agnello Sol Pallo
     Marinated lamb sticks with herb yoghurt dip

    Smoked salmon tartlets
    With sour cream and chives

    Onion and chervil scones
    Topped with cream fraiche and smoked Tasmanian salmon

Beef en Croute with glazed onion
Rare roast beef atop garlic crostini topped with honey glazed onion

Chicken Yakitori
Skewers of chicken breast in a light ginger and sherry marinade grilled with scallions
Pan-fried tiger prawns with tail on
Sauteeded with tails on in garlic, chilli and olive oil

Snowy River smoked trout on pumpernickel
with avocado and lemon cream and dill.

$3.30 per serve

Roast duck crostini
Bite size discs of garlic toasted baguette buttered with burnt fig jam ,topped with pan-fried
duck breast and rocket

Fresh margarita oyster shots
South coast rock oyster served in half shell topped with either margarita or bloody mary mix

Oysters served Natural
With lemon and lime wedges

Queensland Scallops grilled in half shell
With garlic butter

Lamb cutlet char grilled
Marinated in garlic and rosemary, served with a homemade tomato jam

Baby bowls of pea risotto
Made with parmesan, fresh peas and wild basil

Duck and ginger tartlets
Savoury pastry case filled with shredded Bbq duck, shallots, ginger and hoi sin

Pumpkin ravioli in little bowls
Tossed in burnt butter, sage and parmegiano

Ocean Trout bites
Fresh ocean trout skewers rubbed with seeded mustard,
dill and lemon juice

Chilli chicken puffs
Choux pastry puffs filled with sweet chilli, coriander, cucumber and chicken breast

T o solinis
Staf f

We offer the services of our excellent chefs and waiting staff for all your function requirements.
Our waiters will set up, serve food and beverages, pack down and clean up afterwards. Depending on the menu
chosen, our waiters may be able to look after the service of food, however for more complex functions chef service
may be required.
There is a minimum booking time of 3 hours required for staff.

For cocktail functions we suggest 1 waiter/20 guests for food and beverage service
For buffet functions – 1 waiter/15 guests
For seated formal dinners – 1 waiter/12 guests

Waiter service - $30/hr
Chef service - $42/hr

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