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The Vegas Connection


									                    The Vegas Connection
It is a classic human nature to be attracted by a good bargain. This behaviour holds
true across nations and cultures and is rather simple to understand even. It can be
safely said that no one in the right sense of mind will pay a higher cost for
comparable goods and services, if they can get it for cheaper. The same principle
holds true for tourists the world over. In-fact, a vacation plan only gets underway
when the search for cheap hotels and flight bookings begins with true intent.

Fun is a key ingredient in any vacation. In-fact, there must hardly be a person who
goes on vacation with a serious disposition. For if they were, it wouldn’t really be a
vacation then, would it? There are plenty of vacation spots around the world that
make it to the Fun Places in the World list. But there’s only one contender that has
made the top spot, well and truly its own – Vegas. That’s right; Las Vegas is truly the
only place on Earth where fun never sleeps. While there are no cheap hotels in
Vegas (monetary speaking that is) this list below is proof that there is still many a
bargain to be had if one is willing to be patient when shopping for online hotel

The Wynn Las Vegas made its debut on the Las Vegas Boulevard back in 2005.
Since then, it has been holding its own as a luxury destination worth its chips, even
when faced with the onslaught from newer, fresher competition. Going out of the way
to attract the attention of the tourists, it persuades them to walk in through its doors
on the might of its signature restaurants and its exclusive nightclub called Tryst.
Besides      private   lagoons     and
waterfalls, the Wynn Las Vegas
pushes the envelope with exclusive
shopping promenades, designer 18-
hole golf course and dealerships
that display the latest creations from
the home of the legendary Prancing
Horse in their midst. But the star
attraction at the Wynn Las Vegas is
still its renowned water show Le
Reve -The Dream, that’s been
pushing the envelope since it first

If one were to follow the Fashion
Show Drive in Vegas, right till the
point of intersection with the Strip,
they’d be in the vicinity of the iconic
Trump International Hotel Las
Vegas. A few hops away from the
Fashion Show Mall, when one is at
the Trump, they’re never too far
away from shopping, dining and
casino opportunities; in-fact, all one needs is a short taxi ride and they’d be wherever
they wish to be. Fitted out with appointments and furnishings from some of the most
renowned names in the world, the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas delivers an
experience that is expected from it on every count. From signature sleeping solutions
to extensive services for both, the business as well as the leisure traveller, the
Trump has it in itself to dazzle them all.

Towering above the Vegas’ Skyline is the 1000+ feet high Stratosphere Tower –
Casino & Resort. Now this one is well and truly astonishing. Revolving restaurants,
observation decks to take in the skyline, Chapel in the Clouds and many, many more
– the Stratosphere offers them all. It even offers a pool dip that’s up there in the air.

The best part about Vegas is that these three, discussed above are merely the tip of
a tantalizing iceberg. A quick search for guaranteed low online hotel deals in
Vegas is sure to throw up a lot many options. If all this sounds unbelievable to you,
then that’s Vegas for you!

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