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history of the silver jewelery


									History and caring of sterling Silver Jewelry

New trend of sterling silver jewelry are introducing in the fashion industry according to the
culture, traditions and needs of the people. Silver jewelry were used by people since ancient
times but now it becomes famous all around the world due to its distinct, delicate and
traditional designs. In the past jewelry trends few important jewelry trends are such as
Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro and Fifties.

The many people do not have the sound knowledge about how they take care of sterling silver
jewelry so that this jewelry is useful and remain new for long time. When you bought the new
silver stylish ring, delicate silver bracelets, adorable silver necklace with embedded diamonds
and pendant it was beautiful and shiny but after some time due to not proper care these silver
products become dull and rough.

 Silver products turn into black in the humidity or in the polluted environment. Because the
sterling will be tarnish rapidly as the humidity in the climate is increasing. By rubbing the soft
cotton cloth on the sterling tarnish silver products will be polished. Sunshine cloth is a chemical
treated cloth also using for polishing the dull and black sterling silver products. The easy and
faster way to polish the sterling products is named as sterling silver dips. You need to take extra
care here because many dips remove the colors from different crystals and gemstones using in
the silver jewelry. When you are using silver dip for polishing the silver products dip quickly the
silver product in and out and not put it for the long time in the dip. If you leave the silver
product for long time in the silver dip and when you will dry the product white color spots are
appear on different places which are not removable from these products.

The easy and simplest way is to polish the silver jewelry with the help of cotton cloth. When
you will buy the silver jewelry make sure this jewelry is made up of pure silver and having no
impurities of other metals in them. See the silver product carefully so that there is no visible
blemishing upon it. When you are buying the silver chains make sure that the links of the chain
do not bend.

Always buy the silver jewelry that has the mark of 925 or SS upon it. The mark 925 means that
this silver jewelry is 92.5 percent pure. If the silver products are having less percentage of silver
in them then they become dull and turn black after few days. If these products are having more
than 92.5% silver in them then they become softer and we could not wear them. So buy the
silver jewelry with the great care and make sure this is pure.
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