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									      Mark your calendars!                                            The Vision requires
Vacation Bible School is scheduled                                   that Accident
                                                          Change Is No we be a church
   for July 21 to July 25, 2008                          Start including TKCC in your
                                                                     that displays:
The Christian Education Ministry has moved the
  date for this year’s VBS from this week and         Radical Hospitality
                                                             I will worship without
           postponed it to July 21-25.                  Passionate Worship
                                                           Intentional Faith Development
 VBS leaders Deaconess Ilene Copeland and                            I will pray without
                                                               Risk-taking Mission & Service
Deacon Stephen Redd are actively seeking those                     Extravagant Generosity
   whom God is calling to be VBS teachers,                  I will study without
       VBS assistants and VBS cooks.                   doubting!
  On Friday, July 25, the last day of our VBS,                          will tithe without
                                                                      I WELCOME
        we will have a church fish fry!                     worrying!
                                                          Whether you are joining us for the first time
                                                            I will serve we consider your presence
                                                       or making return visit,without judging!
  The 5th annual Community-wide VBS sponsored                      I will loveblessing.
                                                                      to be our without
 by the Daytona Beach Black Clergy Alliance will be
     held the following week, July 28 to August 1.      We pray that the Lord will cover you with grace
                                                          and that you will return again and again!
      We’re making our
    Church GREAT in 2008!
                                                         The Psalms
                                                             Bible study
            “Get into the Word of God                      every Tuesday
                     so that the                              6 to 7 PM
          Word of God can get into you!”                in the small chapel
           You need to be in Bible Study
               and Sunday School!                        “Experience the insights in the WORD!”
             Special Prayers List
Sis. Rose Askew*                   Bro. Joe James*                                Only Pray and Just Believe!
Bro. Edwin Butler*                 Bro. Eric Lewis*
Sis. Eloise Chester*               Bro. Harold Lewis
Sis. Bernice Considine*            Deaconess Sylvia Phelps**                    Deaconess Frances Adams      Sis. Katina Mallory
Sis. Pat Daise*                    Sis. Tandra Rayner**                         Bro. Baron (Bud) Asher       Sis. Rosa Lee McDonald
Sis. Corrine Flemming*             Sis, Sandra Burney Smalls**                  Sis. Violet Barrs            Sis. Joanne McWaid
Sis. Mary Fulton**                 Bro. Ezra Smith***                           Bro. Aubrey Batts            Sis. Windy Metcalf
Deaconess Mattie Hawkins*          Sis. Jeanette Scott*                         Sis. Juanita Brown           Ss. Rolene Miles
                                                                                Sis. Rhonda Campbell         Sis. Rose Mitchell
             The Jones Family during their time of grief
                                                                                Deacon Wesley Clark          Deaconess Jeanette Moore
        The employees of the Volusia County School System
                                                                                Sis. Marie Coles             Sis. Vivian Moore
                * Indicates recently or currently hospitalized                  Bro. Marty Considine         Rev. John O’Neal
** Indicates Pending Surgery                       *** Indicates Hospice Care   Bro. Flozell Cooper          Deaconess Sylvia Phelps
                                                                                Sis. Ida Copeland            Sis. Eleanor Pitts
                                                                                Sis. Marcie Cornwell         Bro. Edward Potter
                                                                                Sis. Cynthia Dash            Sis. Lela Potter
        Please remember in prayer those who serve                               Deaconess Lyndia Dickens     Sis. Lynn Richardson
                                                                                Bro. George Dixon            Sis. Virginia Richardson
                in the United States Military
                                                                                Deacon Lionel Earl           Sis. Lisa Scott
       Sis. Alysia Reed (Georgia)                                               Deacon Rowland Fulton        Bro. Mikel Sharper*
       Bro. Jermain Thompson (To Hawaii, then Iraq in October)                  Sis. Shantel Gradler         Bro. Freddie Shells
       Bro. Malcolm Thompson (Bahrain)                                          Bro. Clarence Greenidge      Bro. Roland Simmons
                                                                                Sis. Shirley Harrell         Sis. Sabrina Smith
                  Bro. Joshua Brown* (Fulmore Family)                           Sis. Lucile Hicks*           Sis. Lennette Stewart
               Bro. Keith Burnett* (Tony Thompson family)                       Bro. Jimmy Huger             Bro. James Sykes
           Bro. Ryan Chatman* (son of Long family friend)
                                                                                Sis. Joan Ingram             Sis. Juanita Sykes
   Sis. Deborah Childs* (sister of Sis. Bertie Brown’s daughter-in-law)
              Bro. David Cornwell* (Elaine Jones family)
                                                                                Sis. Gussye Jackson          Sis. Ebony Thomas
         Bro. Robert Dout* (son of Sis. Gale Dowdell’s coworker)                Sis. Annie Johnson           Sis. Julia Wade
             Bro. Earl Johnson, Jr.* (Earl Johnson family)                      Sis. Elaine Jones            Rev. Henry Walker
            Sis. Michaelya Johnson (Michael Johnson family)                     Sis. Pat Jones               Sis. Ceola Webb
                  Bro. Zachary McGee (Long family)                              Sis. Mary Joseph             Sis. Cassandra Wiley
                    Sis Keisha Sharper (Sharper family)                         Sis. Genevieve Lacarra       Bro. Brandon Williams
                 Bro. Kevin Sharper* (Sharper family)                           Sis. Norma Lewis             Bro. Broderick Williams
               Bro. Michael Smith (Copeland/Gray family)                        Sis. Crystal Love            Sis. Barbara Zeigler
               Bro. Ralph Walton (Norma Lewis family)                                                        Bro. Hermon Zeigler
                                                                                Deacon William Manson
                    Bro. Alvin Williams* (Elam family)
              Bro. Christian Whitfield* (Whitfield family)
                                                                                       TKCC Members’ names are bolded.
                    * Deployed in the theater of battle
                                                                                      * Indicates a newly added to this list
              Order of Worship                                 Schedule for the Week
   Brother James Edwards, Worship Leader                                Monday, June 30
                                                               Praise Diamonds on summer break
           Praise and Worship                                 Adult Praise Dancer Rehearsal at 6 PM
              Opening Prayer*                                            Tuesday, July 1
                  Deacon Wesley Clark                        Study of the Book of the Psalms at 6 PM
            Scripture Reading*                                Deacons Monthly Meeting at 7:30 PM
                Brother Hermon Zeigler                                  Wednesday, July 2
                     Occasion                                Youth Bible Study/Choir on summer break
                Brother Ronald Jackson                           Pastor’s Bible Study at 6:30 PM
      Welcome of Worshippers                                            Thursday, July 3
                Deacon Rowland Fulton
                                                                 AIM and JAM on summer break
          Tithes and Offerings                               No Adult Praise Dancer Rehearsal today
    Brother Earl Johnson and Brother Don Gooding
    Altar Prayer and Memorial*                                          Independence Day
                                                                      Church Office Closed
    Proclamation of the Word*                                   Enjoy time with family and friends
                  Deacon Grady Ladler
                                                                         Saturday, July 5
Presentations and Acknowledgments                            Pastor Long on national broadcast at 8 PM
  Brother Howard Brown and Brother Ronald Jackson
  Benediction and Sending Forth                                            July 6, 2008
                       Pastor Long                           Personal Prayer and Consecration at 9 AM
                                                              School for Christian Living at 9:30 AM
                                                                     Worship Celebration and
   * Indicates when unnecessary walking should be avoided.         Holy Communion at 11 AM

                                                                     Join the Music Ministry in
                                                                       Cocoa this afternoon.
                                                           - In Memoriam -
                                                          Reverend G. Wesley Raney
          It’s In the remind everyone
     The Trustees want toWorks!                             Reverend Amos Barrs
        Plans bring your tithes for a new
to continue toare well underwayand give your
                                                             Deacon George Tye
          during Men’s Bible Study season.
offerings weeklythe summer vacation is
        scheduled to begin in July. Quiet                    Brother Roy Goring
           Strength by Tony Dungy is
      During the summer, some of the church               Brother Marvin Johnson
expenses increase.the selection the FPL bill
                     For example,                          Brother Shadrick Keyes
         as Deacons seek your suggested
doublesThewe operate the A/C more and                      Brother Edward Liddell
                     leave town,
longer. Before you day/times. be sure to leave
your tithes and offerings.
                                                          Brother Sylvester Payton
       Remember men: As you grow in the                 Brother Henry Roland Raiford
      Word you will be equipped to assume
    We need every member to take                           Brother William Rance
         your rightful role in your family,                Brother Ennis Sanders
          membership seriously.
                    community                             Brother James Shropshire
           and in the Kingdom of God.                       Brother Walter Tiller
                                                 “May the souls of the faithful departed rest-in-peace and
Write a “THANK YOU NOTE”                            God’s perpetual light shine upon them. Amen.”
to the Lord using a card on
the table in Sanctuary foyer.
are available also.                                  Congratulations to our Pastor
      If you are thankful…TELL IT!                  Pastor Long was honored last week by
                                                      B-CU President Trudie Kibbe Reed
                                                       with a framed certificate for his
   True Discipleship Requires Work!                 “Outstanding Community Involvement
    Select a Bible Study to Attend                         and Civic Engagement”
    Make Sunday School a Priority                         as a charter member of the
     “No PaiN, all GaiN!”                        Mary McLeod Bethune Community Roundtable
Sis. Rose
Sis. Violet      GET READY         !                Tubman-King Community Church
Barrs       Join the Sounds of Faith this                  Statement of Doctrines
George afternoon as they minister at the                   “WHAT WE BELIEVE”
Dixon* St. Paul Baptist Church, Cocoa                              (Statement 3 of 8)
             Rev. Oliver Wells, Pastor
                                                      We believe that the Holy Spirit is our
                                                 Comforter during the physical absence of Jesus.
Sis. We are making our annual visit to the
                                                 He is the third person of the Godhead and
             Victory Church, Orlando             remains active in the world calling the lost to

Sis. Faye         on July 13, 2008               faith and is imparted to the believer at the
             Rev. Leonard Holt, Pastor           moment of faith.        He is our constant
Bro.                                             companion, counselor, inspiration and teacher.
Liddell                                                   John 14:15-20, 16:7-11, Romans 8:26-27
 Glor  Community Vacation Bible School
Sis. Windy                                       NOTE: All eight are available in the rear of the Sanctuary.
                               August 1
     y! (TKCCJuly 28 thrufor the teen’s class)
Sis.          is the host site
Michelle                                                                                   
                                                        Faith comes by
             Please complete a member                     hearing and
           information card located in the
                    rear of the sanctuary.
                                                        hearing by the
                                                         word of god!
                                                 NATIONAL TV APPEARANCE
               Having accurate info
                                                 Pastor will deliver
      makes it easier to keep everyone
                                                 the invocation at
     updated on the happenings within
                                                 the Coke Zero 400
     the Tubman-King Church Family.
                                                 on July 5th at 8 PM

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