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                                             Etz Chaim Roots
                                                  May 2008   Nissan—Iyar 5768       Volume 2, Issue 9

                                              Congregation Etz Chaim Monroe Township Jewish Center

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3 Schedule of Services
4 President’s Message/Shabbaton
5 Life Cycle Events
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                                                   COMING ATTRACTIONS
      Shabbaton                                      B’nei Mitzvah
   Celebrate Israel’s                                Andrew Greenspan           Board of Trustees
     60th Year of                                         May 10                 Ballot Preview
                                                       Joshua Mason
    Independence                                          May 17
                                                         Adult Class
                May 24                                    May 31
                                                        Mazel Tov
             See page 4                                See page 5                 See page 13
2, ISSUE 9              May 2008           ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                   PAGE 2

              FROM THE RABBI…                      connected not only in terms of calendar, but
              This period bridging Pesach and      thematically, as well. In fact, the Talmud
              Shavuot is known as the Sefira or    refers to Shavuot as Atzeret or the Completion
              Counting period. Sometimes it is     of Pesach. The Revelation is actually part of
 called the period of the Counting of the Omer     the process of redemption, reflecting the
 after the omer (a dry measure akin to a           fourth of the four promises G-d makes to the
 bushel) of barley our ancestors brought to the    Jewish people in Exodus, chapter six, “I will
 Temple in Jerusalem during this span in           take you to Me, to be My people and I shall be
 ancient days. Today, even though the Temple       a G-d to you” (verse 7).
 no longer stands the Torah still bids us to
 count the days and the weeks. And so each         How does G-d take us to be His people? By
 night we say a blessing and count, “This is       bringing us to Sinai and giving us Torah;
 day one.” The next night, "This is two days.”     blessing us with a spiritual reason to be, and
 The following evening, “three days.” You get      establishing us as a “kingdom of priests.” By
 the idea; all the way through, “This is forty     giving us Torah G-d provides us the wisdom to
 nine days, which makes seven weeks.” Of           not only count each day, but to make every
 course, the question remains: why?                day count.

 One answer is lexiconal. That is, Shavuot         So, as we count each day during this Sefira
 remains the only festival for which the Torah     period, let us understand that every day
 fails to provide an exact date. Rather,           represents another step on the road from
 Scripture indicates that we should count the      slavery to Sinai. Let us come to know that
 days beginning with the day following the         each twenty-four hour period of the Sefira
 “Sabbath” of Pesach (Leviticus 23:15). The        constitutes another step on the journey from
 rabbis interpret the “Sabbath” of Pesach          the narrowness of Egypt (Mitzraim in Hebrew,
 figuratively to indicate the first day of Yom     literally, the “narrow straits”) in our own lives
 Tov. In doing so, they set the date for           to the wide spaces of freedom’s fulfillment;
 Shavuot, the anniversary of the revelation on     the leading of a committed Jewish life!
 Sinai, as the sixth of Sivan.                     Chag sameach!

 Therefore,   Shavuot   and   Pesach    remain                                 - Rabbi Levy

                                        Lunch With the Rabbi:  
                                           Stuff Happens! 

                                       The Second Wednesday  
                                            of each month, 
                                        Bring Your Lunch and 
                                   Come discuss the issues of the day. 
                                          12:00 PM– May 14 
2, ISSUE 9                    May 2008           ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                PAGE 3

                                 Schedule of Services – ‫תפילה‬      ‫לוח זמני‬
DATE                   TIME                      SERVICE                      BOARD MEMBER
Friday, May 2        6:30 PM      Kabbalat Shabbat Service                    Hazel Cunninghis
                                  Torah Study/Shabbat Worship – grade 3
Saturday, May 3      9:30 AM                                                     Harriet Katz
                                  leads/Tot Shabbat
                                  Kabbalat New Member Shabbat Service/
Friday, May 9        6:30 PM                                                   Sam Rabinowitz
                                  Jewish Mavens’ Family Dinner
                                  Torah Study/Shabbat Worship/Bar Mitzvah
Saturday, May 10 9:30 AM                                                       Randi Fishman
                                  of Andrew Greenspan
Friday, May 16       6:30 PM      Kabbalat Shabbat Service                    Stephanie Belzer
                                  Torah Study/Shabbat Worship/Bar Mitzvah
Saturday, May 17 9:30 AM                                                       Marilyn Saiewitz
                                  of Joshua Mason
Friday, May 23       6:30 PM      Kabbalat Shabbat Service                      Ilyse Schnaper
                                  Torah Study/Shabbat Worship/Kahal
Saturday, May 24 9:30 AM                                                      Amy P. Appleman
                                  Katan/Salute to Israel Shabbaton
Friday, May 30       6:30 PM      Kabbalat Shabbat Service                       Ann Erlich
                                  Torah Study/Shabbat Worship/Adult Class-
Saturday, May 31 9:30 AM                                                       Jerry Yochelson
                                  B’nei Mitzvah

              Kahal Katan
         (Junior Congregation)

         May 24th and June 21st                                          Tot Shabbat
                   11:00AM                                            Saturday, May 3rd
          This service, facilitated by the
       students, includes lots of discussion                               11:30AM
                    and melody

                                                                    Join this special service
                                                                     for young children and
                                                                         their parents.
2, ISSUE 9                  May 2008             ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                  PAGE 4

 President’s Message
         When someone asks me why I joined Etz        in programs. For beautifying our Temple and
Chaim MTJC, I laugh to myself and think, join, I      keeping an eye on things and making sure broken
not only joined a Temple but found good friends,      items get fixed and worn out items replaced. So, as
support when I need it and a place to learn and       you stare at our beautiful stained glass windows,
grow. No, we are not a perfect congregation but we    let your feelings go, and think about the rich
are a warm caring and open congregation. We           history of our wonderful congregation. Think of
have different opinions and ideas but like our        the many times we reinvented ourselves as time
stained glass windows all those different colors      required and what it will take to make sure the
(ideas) come together and make a beautiful and        future of congregation Etz Chaim is secure.
complete work of art. Each piece of glass is so               So as the weather gets warmer and the
different and yet acts as one.                        days get longer think about what you can do to
         The windows remind me of how different       secure the future of Etz Chaim Monroe Township
we all are but how we all work together to a          Jewish Center. Join in, take advantage of your
common cause, preserving our love of Judaism. It      membership, come to a board meeting with ideas
amazes me how many of our congregants put the         you’d like to see implemented.
needs of the Temple above their own. Many people              As my term as President winds down I
come to our Temple and all they see is that nice      know I will not be a stranger and I will continue
little temple. When you get involved behind the       to support Etz Chaim MTJC with time and money
scenes you see the Marilyn Hammer(s) who create       when needed. I thank you all for giving me this
our beautiful stained glass windows, the Alan         opportunity of a life time.
Friedrich(s) and Len Marcu(s) who spend all day               I hope to see you all on May 9th at our Vice
building the frame and hanging the windows. The       President , Randi Fishman’s new and innovative
Jodi Grant(s) who made sure we ordered a new          idea for a Shabbat Dinner—“A Jewish Mavens’
memory board as our others filled up and made         Meal”
sure the electrician came so that the board was               From my family to yours, come join us and
hung.                                                 don’t be a stranger.
         Every month I’ve been able to thank
various congregants for running and participating            Stephanie Belzer

                              Congregation Etz Chaim MTJC Presents
Shabbaton—Celebrating Israel’s 60th Year of Independence

                                         Saturday, May 24, 2008
                                            Begins at 9:30AM
                         Congregation Etz Chaim Monroe Township Jewish Center
                             11 Cornell Avenue
     Music, Food, Lectures and more...
2, Issue 9                   May 2008                                 ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                                      PAGE 5

                                                        Life-Cycle Events
                   We Remember Our Loved Ones                                                        GET WELL TO: 
                                                                                                     Bernard  Belzer,  Hy  Chassman,  Claire  & 
Monroe Schussel               Father of Jodie Cohen                              May 1               Norm  Davis,    Irving  Grant,  Howard  Katz, 
Aaron Basen                   Father of Lois Hayon                               May 5               Rabbi  Leon  Klenicki,  Stuart  Lind,  Frank 
Leopold Isaac                 Father of Arthur Isaac                             May 5               Malchman,  ,  Bea  &  Joe  Pardo,  Stuart 
Herman Finkle                 Father‐in‐law of Eileen Finkle                     May 6               Pearl,  Margarita  Pont,  David  Steuerman 
Alfred Altmark                Father of Dorothy Nevid                            May 7               & Brad Wander. 
Celia Scheff                  Mother of Fred Scheff                              May 7 
Marvin Dietch                 Husband of Frieda Dietch                           May 8 
George Ivers                  Husband of Iris Ivers                              May 8                CONDOLENCES TO: 
David A. Cohen                Brother of Nancy Sablosky                          May 8                Stan  Perlman  on  the  loss  of  his    
Alfred Grab                   Father of Gert Weinberger                          May 8                father, Abraham. 
Deborah Levy                  Mother of Rabbi Levy                               May 10                
Harry Bialow                  Father of Arthur Bialow                            May 10               May  his  memory  be  for  a  blessing, 
Esther Chassman               Wife of Hy Chassman                                May 10               and  may  he  be  comforted  by  his 
Lewis Peck                    Father of Jim Peck                                 May 10 
                                                                                                      friends and family. 
Joseph Silverman              Father of Rick Silverman                           May 10 
Sima Rosenfield               Grandmother of Sandy Bluestein                     May 13
Dora Davis                    Mother of Norman Davis                             May 13 
Sam Persikoff                 Father of Harriet Zivin                            May 13                   Attention Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Alice Brooks                  Mother of Lauren Kilman                            May 14                           Families!
Lawrence Leibowitz            Father of Mike Leibowitz                           May 16 
Julius Kaplan                 Father of Jack Kaplan                              May 17               If you would like a picture and
Seymour Walvick               Father of Allan Walvick                            May 17               biography of your child to appear in
Steve Cutter                  Brother of Beverly Perlzweig                       May 18               Etz Chaim Roots during the month
Samuel Cohen                  Father of Nancy Sablosky                           May 18               of his/her celebration, you MUST
Morris Schwartzberg           Father of Eileen Finkle                            May 18               send the information in by the 10th
Karl Tucker                   Father of Dr. Ives Tucker                          May 18               of the month preceding the B’nai
Lawrence Becker               Husband of Cindy Becker                            May 20               Mitzvah. Please send bio as an MS
Sylvia Perlman                Grandmother of Stan Perlman                        May 20               Word file and picture as a jpeg.
Jack Silverston               Father of Sandy Richek                             May 22               E-mail the information to:
Blanch Bialow                 Mother of Arthur Bialow                            May 23                   EtzChaimRoots@yahoo.com
Jean Kaplan                   Mother of Howard Kolpan                            May 25 
Ruth Krieger                  Mother of Milly Estrin                             May 26 
Sidney Schwartzberg           Brother of Eileen Finkle                           May 28 
Bess Schwartzberg             Mother of Eileen Finkle                            May 29 
                                                                                                                 We Celebrate: 
Mildred Weissman              Grandmother of Lisa Mason                          May 31                         The B’nei Mitzvah 
                                Congregation Invited!                                                         Andrew Greenspan 
Please join us as we celebrate Joshua Mason becoming a Bar Mitzvah on           Saturday, May 10 
Saturday, May 17th.  So that we order enough food , please  RSVP  to  the        Joshua Mason 
office  by  Monday,  May  12th  at  732‐251‐1119  or  to:                                   
                                                                                Saturday, May 17 
Now,  a  bit  about  Joshua.    Joshua  occupies  his  time  by  playing  piano,  playing     
                                                                                                             Adult Mitzvah Class 
baseball, reading, computer and X‐box games and studying.  He can regularly be                                  Saturday, May 31 
found  on  the  Principal’s  List  in  school.  He  also  enjoys  billiards,  badminton,  and            (All Services begin with Torah 
Frisbee  and  is  always  looking  for  someone  to  join  him  in  these  sports.    He  is  a          Study at 9:30AM, followed by     
loving brother to Emily and Howard and a good friend to many.  Josh’s immediate                               Worship at 10:30AM) 
goal is to help get the band that he is part of with his friends, off the ground and 
practicing! He has been writing a song for the band as well.  For his Bar Mitzvah                                          
project,  Josh  is  running  a  Food  Drive  for  Jewish  Family  &  Vocational  Service                            Mazel Tov! 
throughout the month of May (see page 7). 
               We hope you will join us on his special day, May 17th.  
2, ISSUE 9                      May 2008                   ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                               PAGE 6

                         Life Cycle Continued                                                   Correction
              DONATIONS TO SYNAGOGUE FUNDS                                         In last month’s Roots we were
We  thank  the  following  supporters  of  Congregation  Etz  Chaim                remiss in not thanking MEREDITH
Monroe  Township Jewish Center for their generous contributions:                   TENNENBAUM for her efforts in
GENERAL FUND                                                                       making our recent Purim Carnival
In Memory of:   Esther, my  wife, Richard, my son                                  as great as it was. Thank you,
                      Rebecca & Benjamin, my parents 
From:                Hy Chassman 
In Memory of:   Helen, my wife                                                     -Randi Fishman, Exec. VP, Rabbi
From:                 Irwin Nalitt 
                                                                                   Levy and The Board of Trustees
In Memory of:   Carl Chertock, my uncle  
From:               Frank Malchman 
In appreciation for the wonderful eulogy given by Rabbi Levy for Marian 
at her memorial service                                                                  Committee Updates
From:               Frank Malchman    
In appreciation of the efforts of the following people for their support at                   Ritual Notes
the Memorial Service for Marian:  Nancy Antonelli, Judy Cohen, Brain & 
Randi Fishman, Marilyn Saiewitz & Ellen Yochelson                                                Shabbaton 
From:             Frank Malchman 
                                                                               Our  Etz  Chaim  MTJC  Shabbaton  this  year  
In Honor of:     The Etz Chaim Singles Group 
From:             Eli Trisker                                                  honors  Sixty  Years  of  Independence  of    
In Memory of: Tobey, Sharon’s sister                                           Modern Israel.  On Saturday,  May  24, we’ll 
From:             Sharon & Irwin Lenchner                                      have  both  our  regular  Shabbat  morning    
RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                                     service  and  our  Kahal  Katan  junior             
In Memory of:   Ethel, my wife                                                 congregation service.  
From:              Milton Schoenberger 
In Honor of:       Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah   
From:               Hope & Mike Fisher                                          Following  our  Kiddush  luncheon  stay  and 
In Honor of:       Our Congregation                                            join  us  for  a  fascinating  afternoon  as      
From:              Harriet & Bruce Fleisig                                     members  of  our  Etz  Chaim  MTJC  family    
                      Arlene Munkacsi                                          discuss  their  own  experiences  living  and 
In Memory of:   Gertrude Silverston, my mother 
From:              Sandy & Larry Richek 
                                                                               learning in modern  Israel.  We’ll also have 
In Honor of:       Hadassah Shabbat  
From:              Hadassah Regency Shabbat  
In Memory of:  Ruth, my wife                                                                    Men’s Club
From:              Marvin Dlin 
In Memory of:  Marian Malchman, Lillian Fishman, William Nattrass,                SOFTBALL SEASON IS HERE
                     Solomon Nahmias & Ethel Schoenberger                       The  entire  congregation  is  invited  to  cheer 
From:            Harriet & Howard Katz                                         our  softball  team  to  victory  at  our  Sunday 
In Honor of:    Lisa Mason’s recovery                                          morning games. 
From:           Harriet & Howard Katz 
                                                                               Contact  Phil  Kaufman  or  Rick  Silverman  via 
In Honor of:  Len Smollen’s Bar Mitzvah                                        the  office:  732‐251‐1119  for  the  schedule.  
From:              Eileen Finkle                                               The season begins Sunday May 4th.   
BIMA BEAUTIFICATION FUND                                                        
In Honor Of:  Len Smollen’s Bar Mitzvah 
From:              Samantha & Ed Dressler 
                   Florette Applebaum 
       To Make a Contribution to a Synagogue Fund, see page 11 
2, ISSUE 9                 May 2008                        ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                           PAGE 7

                                                  Committee Updates
       Sisterhood News Flash                                                        Social Action
Randi Fishman has a wonderful film for our                                   Bikkur Cholim Committee 
Sisterhood meeting, Tuesday, May 13, at                     Judaism teaches us that it is a mitzvah to visit the sick and 
7:30 p.m. It is called "The Secret".                        homebound.    If  you  would  like  a  member  of  our  Bikkur 
                                                            Cholim group to visit you or a family member, please con‐
 Several women who live in the adult                        tact  either    Rabbi  Levy  or  Margery  Estrin  via  the  office 
communities have told us that because they                  at:  732‐ 251‐1119 
are uncomfortable driving at night they have
refrained from attending Sisterhood meet-                                            Mitzvah Crib 
ings. Eileen Finkle, who lives in Concordia,                The Women  Aware Shelter in New Brunswick is a tempo‐
will be happy to pick you up and can be                     rary  home  for  women  who  have  often  had  to  escape  a 
reached via the office at: 732-251-                         dangerous and threatening  environment bringing nothing 
1119 . Please give her a call.                              but their children and the clothes on their backs.  You will 
                                                            find our Mitzvah Crib in the lobby where we’ll be       col‐
 Sisterhood is sponsoring "A Jewish Mavens’                 lecting new items for babies and their   mothers which we 
Meal" on Friday, May 9, after the Kabbalat                  will bring to the shelter in time for Mothers Day.  They are 
Service. Please see the flyer in this month's               in  need  of  many  things,  including  baby  clothes,  diapers, 
"Roots" (page 4). This is a first. You will not             receiving  blankets,  baby  wipes,  teething  rings,  and  all 
                                                            those things that you’d want to have for your own baby. 
want to miss it.
                                                                                      Food Drive 
                                                            Please contribute non‐perishable food items for the  Food 
                           gladys s. nahmias
                                                            Pantry of Jewish Family & Vocational Service of  Middlesex 
                                                            County.  Joshua Mason is spearheading this  effort as  his 
             Activities for Youth                           Bar  Mitzvah  project  for  the  community.    The  food  drive 
                                                            will run throughout the month of May.  Please  place your 
                                                            food  donations  in  the  designated  boxes  in  the  temple 
               Hebrew school Students
             Are invited to a Pizza Dinner                                             Education
          And Make Your Own Sundaes                                           Parents Are Teachers!
               6:30pm to 7:00pm                                          A new educational program for
          (Right after Hebrew School)                                       Religious School Parents
              At Etz Chaim / MTJC                                   G-d, Prayer, Shabbat, Life Cycle, Hebrew
         Sponsored by the Youth Group                               Calendar, Jewish History, Bible, Holocaust
       Monday, May 19          Tuesday, May 20
        Grades 3-6            Grades Pre k-2 & 7

        One slice $2.00/two slices $4.00,                       Join us for 45 minutes of Jewish Learning & Worship,
      Includes a drink & Ice Cream Sundae                              The final Wednesday each month,
                                                                    5:30 – 6:30 PM (next session, May 28th )
             Money will be collected that night
                at the beginning of class.

     If you would like to help, or for more information,                The next ECPA meeting is
   contact Robynn Mann via the office at 732-251-1119                   scheduled for Monday,
                                                                        May 12th , at 7:30PM.
        SEE PAGE 11 For Permission Slip                                       All are welcome.
2, ISSUE 9            May 2008                             ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                                         PAGE 8

                         Partial  iver, salad, 
                            hopped           y pilaf, 
                   Soup, c shroom barle ts, 
                        us, mu          l, carro
                 cousco potato kuge , chicken, 
                   brisk et,          ishke             
                               mock k           ke and
                 green  beans,  llah, spice ca
                          ade ch ore 
                  homem          m

                                                           Around the Region
                                                                                   LEAD. ACT. CHANGE.
                                                                                    PANIM – SUMMER JAM
                                                                          ACTIVISM AND JUDAISM IN WASHINGTON DC!
                                                              THE JEWISH FEDERATION OF GREATER MIDDLESEX COUNTY IS PROUD TO
                                                             ANNOUNCE A GRANT FROM THE SENATOR LAURENCE AND EDITH WEISS
Etz Chaim MTJC                                               JEWISH ACTIVISM ENDOWMENT FOR PANIM - SUMMER JAM!! 
Will March in The                                                       This $4,000 grant will be awarded to one to two Middlesex County

Salute to Israel Parade
                                                             high school students who will enter grade 10, 11 or 12 in the fall of 2008.
                                                                        Held on the campus of The George Washington University in
                                                             Washington, DC from June 30 - July 27, Panim provides the opportunity to
June 1 – mark your calendar – we’ll                          participate in meaningful (and fun!) community service projects, explore DC
march proudly up Fifth Avenue in New York
                                                             through field trips, study Jewish texts and values, and hear legislative updates
City along with about 100,000 others to
                                                             from leading experts on domestic and international policy issues.
show our support as we mark the 60th
                                                                        Tuition includes room and board, kosher meals, field trips and
anniversary of the State of Israel. Exciting
plans are already in progress. It’s an
experience you will not forget.                                         Potential applicants should apply today!

                                                             Visit    www.dcjam.org,       call     301-770-5070      or     email
                                                             summerjam@panim.org to request an application. Send a copy of the
                                                             approved application to Federation for scholarship consideration!!
2, ISSUE 9                 May 2008                   ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                                          PAGE 9

                       Recipe Corner                                                         KIDDUSH COMMITTEE
Note:  Last month’s recipe, submitted by Eileen Finkle 
was called “Scripture Fruit Cake”.                                                       HOW DO I SPONSOR AN ONEG OR
                                                                                            KIDDUSH FOR A SPECIAL
                                                                                          OCCASION OTHER THAN A BAR
           Recipes in Honor of Israel’s 60th Year 
                                                                                               OR BAT MITZVAH?
Chickpeas  also  known  as  garbanzo  or  ceci  beans  are  slightly     
irregular  round  legumes, a bit  larger  than  pea‐sized.  A plant  will  FRIDAY NIGHT ONEG: Wine, Challah, Cake-$36
grow up to 50 cm high and has small,  feathery leaves on it. One 
seed pod will contain 2‐3 peas.    Chickpeas grow in a subtropical  SATURDAY KIDDUSH: Wine,              challah,   bagels
                                                                             assorted cream cheese, lox, tuna salad, egg
climate,  and  there  are  two  types  of  chickpeas:  the  desi  which  is 
                                                                             salad and beverages - $60 + $5 per invited
small dark seeds with rough coating and the Kabuli which is beige
‐colored and has larger seeds. Mature chickpeas can be eaten in 
salads, added to stews or ground into gram flour. It can be used in  Alternative Meat Kiddush: Assorted finger sand-
making  hummus  or  falafel.  Matches  well  with:  carrots,  cilantro,  wiches roast beef, corned beef, turkey and sa-
coriander, couscous, cumin, garlic, lemon, mint, olive oil, onions,  lami, chopped liver platter
parsley,  peppers,  rosemary,  spinach,  tahini,  tomatoes,  yogurt  w/tomatoes, onion and rye bread, potato salad,
Hummus                                                                 coleslaw and macaroni salad, Pickles sour toma-
                                                                       toes and relish tray - $168 + $12 per invited
1  c  dry  chick  peas  (let  stand  in  water  overnight  and  rinse  guest***
and cook 1‐1 1/2 hrs)  or substitute with 1 can of  chick peas 
(rinsed)                                                               ****IMPORTANT:         THIS    WILL      SERVE
3 Tbs fresh lemon juice                                                APPROXIMATELY 20 CONGREGANTS. If you plan
2 cloves garlic                                                        to invite guests you must add $5 for standard
Salt to taste                                                          Kiddush or $12 for meat Kiddush per person.
                                                                       Please arrange to have someone to set -up
1/2 tsp black pepper                                                   and clean-up if planning on having outside
3 Tbs olive oil and extra for garnish                                  guests. For suggestions of reliable people to
Paprika for garnish                                                    hire, call the office.
Place all ingredients except paprika and extra oil, in a food 
processor and grind until smooth.  Garnish with paprika and             Checks are to be payable to the Temple and
oil.  Serve with pita , pickles and vegetables.                         please put in memo – “Kiddush Fund”
                                                                        Bar/Bat Mitzvah must discuss food policy with
Israeli Salad 
                                                                        the Kiddush Committee.
Cucumber,  tomato,  parsley,  lemon  juice,  olive  oil,  salt  and 
pepper to taste                                                         Questions please call the office and leave a
1.  Chop up cucumber, tomato and parsley                                message for the Kiddush Committee.
2.  Mix  all  veggies  together  and  add  lemon  juice,  olive  oil 
      and salt and pepper to taste.                                     CONTRIBUTION TOWARD AN ONEG OR
Eat this salad as is or use it as a filler in a pita pocket with        KIDDUSH CAN STILL BE MADE IN A VOLUNTARY
hummus, falafel etc.                                                    AMOUNT (FOR EXAMPLE $18) FOR A LIFE
                                                                        EVENT SUCH AS YOUR GRANDCHILD’S
Israeli Sunshine Punch 
4 cups orange juice 
1 15oz can crushed pineapple, in juice 
Lemon sherbet                                                                                Recipes Wanted! 
4 large glasses                                                           Do you have a great Shabbat recipe, or one for a holiday 
                                                                          in  which  everyone  asks  for  the  recipe?    Please  send 
In  a  blender,  mix  the  orange  juice  and  pineapple  and 
                                                                          them  to  Etzchaimroots@yahoo.com  by  the  15th  of  the 
its juice.  Place a scoop of lemon sherbet in each glass.                 month.  You  may just see your recipe in a future issue of 
Then pour the blended juice over it.  Enjoy!                              the Roots Recipe Corner. 
Submitted by: Lisa Mason 
2, ISSUE 9          May 2008              ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                     PAGE 10

                 Torah Highlights– Parsha Hashavua (Portion of the Week)

Kedoshim—Nissan 28/May 3
G-d issues a variety of commandments, instructing the Israelites on how to be a holy people, follow-
ing the Divine example (“I am holy, therefore you shall be holy”). Various sex offenses are
discussed and punishments for them are presented. Many ethical and social commandments are
given here as well.
Emor—Iyar 5/May 10
Laws regulating the lives and sacrifices of the priests are presented. The set times of the Jewish
calendar are named and described: the Sabbath, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the Pilgrimage
Festivals of Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot. G-d commands the Israelites to bring clear olive oil for
lighting the sanctuary menorah. The ingredients and placement of the displayed loaves of
sanctuary bread are explained. Laws prohibiting profanity, murder, and the maiming of others are
Behar –Iyar 12/may 17
G-d instructs Moshe to tell the Israelites that in every seventh year, the land shall observe a
Sabbath of complete rest: fields should not be sown and vines should not be pruned. In addition,
after forty-nine years (seven times seven), a Yovel/Jubilee year is to be celebrated when all the land
that had been sold during that time should be returned to its original owners and slaves are to be
Bechukotai—Iyar 19/May 24
G-d promises blessings to B’nei Yisrael if they follow the law and warns about the curses that will
befall the people if they do not observe the mitzvot. Gifts made to the Sanctuary, whether by
conditional vows or by unconditional acts of pious gratitude, are discussed.
                                   Khazak, Khazak, V’Nitkhazeik.
Bamidbar (Fourth Book of the Torah)—Iyar 26/May 31
G-d commands Moshe to take a census of all the Israelite males over the age of twenty. The duties
of the Levites, who are not included in the census, are detailed. Each tribe is assigned specific
places in the camp around the Tabernacle. The sons of Levi are counted and their responsibilities
set forth. A census of the firstborn males is taken and a special redemption tax is levied on them.

     From: Essential Torah : A complete guide to the Five Books of Moses by George Robinson

                                                           VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY
                                                 Co-Editor for Roots needed to help with our
                                                 newsletter. This individual must be in a position to
                                                 eventually take over the newsletter. Please contact
                                                 Lisa Mason via the office: 732-251-1119 or
                                                 EtzChaimRoots@yahoo.com for a rewarding, creative
                                                 opportunity. Computer literacy very helpful!
2, ISSUE 9                May 2008                     ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                                     PAGE 11

                                                 SIGN-UP FORMS

         Parents please complete and return to school to give your child
                             permission to attend.

Students Name:_______________________
Phone Number: ___________________ 2nd Phone: ________________
Parents Signature:____________________________________________

                                                  Memorial Plaque Order Form
  Name of Purchaser: __________________________________________________________________
  Phone Number: __________________________________ E-Mail: ____________________________
  Please provide the following information (print clearly)
  Full English Name: ___________________________________________________________________
  Full Hebrew Name (including parents, if known)


  Date of Death (include time, if known)_____________________

  Plaques cost $150. Payment must accompany this order form. Make check payable to Etz Chaim MTJC.
  Delivery should take 4-6 weeks. Questions: Call Jody Grant:

If you are interested in making a contribution to Etz Chaim Monroe Township Jewish Center, please fill out the form 
below and mail it to us at: Etz Chaim MTJC, 11 Cornell Ave., Monroe Twp., NJ  08831 
                                                       Amount of your Donation: 
In honor of:  ____________________________ 
                                                       [  ] $18  [  ] $36  [  ] $54  [  ] $72  [  ]$118  [  ] Other $ _____ 
In memory of:  __________________________ 
                                                       Please Allocate Donation to: 
On the occasion of:  ______________________ 
                                                       [  ] General Fund                       [  ] Youth Group 
_______________________________________                [  ] Torah Fund                         [  ]  Sukkah Fund 
This donation is being made by:                        [  ] Memorial Board Fund                [  ] Isabel Buyer Education Series 
Name: _________________________________                [  ] Kiddush/Oneg Fund                  [  ] Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund 
Address: ________________________________              [  ] Chumash Book Fund                  [  ] Yarzheit 
City, State, Zip: ___________________________          [  ] Hebrew School                      [  ] Prayer Book Fund 
                                                           [  ]  Bimah Beautification Fund     [  ] Capital Improvement Fund 
2, ISSUE 9          May 2008             ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                                PAGE 12

                                                              ADVERTISING IN ETZ CHAIM ROOTS 
                                                             Each  issue  of  Etz  Chaim  Roots 
                                                             reaches  over  170  homes.    Roots  is 
                                                             published 11x/yr, monthly except for 
                                                             July (double July/August issue). 
                                                                 2008– 2009 Advertising Rates 
                                                                 Size      Annual         Single
                                                                           Contract       Issue
                                                               Full page     $225          $30
                                                              Half page       $175         $25
                                                               1/4 page       $133         $20
                                                               Business       $100         $15

                                      SAVE MONEY!!!!!
                                         For the Synagogue

      The Etz Chaim Roots Monthly Newsletter can now be e-mailed directly to you! If you
      choose this option we can save on printing and mailing costs and you will have the news-
      letter before anyone else. Send your name and e-mail address to the editor at:
      etzchaimroots@yahoo.com today and get your NEXT issue on your PC! You also get to
      see it in color!
2, ISSUE 9                May 2008                 ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                                 PAGE 13

             Congregants’ Classifieds
                                                                                ETZ CHAIM
   Our newest column gives our congregants a                                 SOCIABLE SINGLES
   chance to advertise free; babysitting services,
   items for sale, lost and found, etc. To submit,                           Sunday, May 25, 2008
   please send as an attached word document                                        1-4 PM
   with      your       advertisement         to:                          Entertainment, Socializing,
                                                                          Discussions & Refreshments
   etzchaimroots@yahoo.com by the 15th of the
   month preceding publication (see page 15).                               Admission: FREE—Members
   Items will be listed in the order received as                                 $5 Non-Members
   space allows and edited for content.
                 Mah Jong Players Wanted!                                      Congregation Etz Chaim
                                                                            Monroe Township Jewish Center
     New and experienced players wanted to form a
     regular group to play Mah Jong.
     Contact Randi Fishman via the office at:                               For Info., call: Eli at 609-655-5137

    ELECTIONS 2008 – 2009                    Board of Trustees Ballot

  President            (1) Randi Fishman       yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Exec. V.P.           (1)Marilyn Saiewitz     yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Treasurer            (1) Hope Fisher        yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Financial Sec.       (1) Robert Ostrager    yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Education V.P.       (1)Judy Cohen          yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Membership V.P. (1) Len Smollen             yes _____ no_______ write in other__________________
  Recording Sec                               yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Building V.P.        (3) Alan Friedrich     yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Corresp. Sec.        (3) Phil Kaufman       yes______  no_______ write in other__________________
  Ritual V.P.          (3) Jerry Yochelson    yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Youth Group V.P. (2) Robynn Mann            yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Social Action V.P. (2) Ellen Yochelson      yes______ no_______ write in other__________________
  Fund Raising V.P. (2) Jay Sincoff           yes______ no_______ write in other__________________

  At Large            Choose Two (2):

                      (   ) Amy Appleman      yes______   no_______    write in other__________________
                      (   ) Ann Erlich        yes______   no_______    write in other__________________
                      (   ) Mike Liebowitz    yes______    no_______   write in other__________________
                      (   ) Stan Perlman      yes______   no_______    write in other__________________
                      (   )Ilyse Schnaper     yes______   no_______    write in other__________________

2, ISSUE 9               May 2008                  ETZ CHAIM ROOTS                                                    PAGE 14

                                                   SIGN-UP FORMS

              SHABBAT JEWISH MAVENS’ DINNER- Friday, MAY 9, 2008
______# of adults ($10/pp)
 ______# of children 7-12 ($6/pp)
_____ # of children under 6 (FREE)                Total Amount enclosed: _______
Please make check payable to: ETZ CHAIM MTJC
Mail to: Congregation Etz Chaim, 11 Cornell Ave., Monroe Twp., NJ. 08831
Questions: contact Stephanie Belzer via the office: 732-251-1119
MUST RSVP BY May 2– no exceptions, please.
_____I would like to help honor our New Members by becoming a sponsor for the New
Member Shabbat Mavens’ Dinner and have enclosed an additional $18.

                              Prayers for Healing—Misheberach List Request Form
 Name of Person Requesting prayer ________________________________
 Phone: ___________________________________
 Name of Person to be placed on Misheberach List: _______________________________
 Do you want this person listed by Hebrew name? Y / N
 If yes, Hebrew Name ______________________________________
 _______ Once only          ______ Keep on List
 Please submit to the office by the Thursday before the Shabbat that you would like to have the
 person ‘s name added to the list. Questions, contact Rabbi Levy: 732-251-1119

                                               Tree of Life Order Form
Help to make our TREE OF LIFE grow with the celebration of family –generation to generation. Let it flourish with
honored life cycle events. Share your celebrations of life with Etz Chaim. Questions can be directed to the Tree of Life
Coordinator, Rhoda Jacobs. Call the office: 732-251-1119.

Name of purchaser: ___________________________ Phone number: ____________________________
Each leaf will hold 4 lines of engraving. Wording is entirely up to the discretion of the purchaser, provided it will all fit on
the leaf. Refer to leaves on the Tree of Life in our lobby for examples of wording for different occasions.

Please print clearly: ________________________________________________________________

Cost of leaf: $136.00. Payment should accompany order form. Make check payable to Etz Chaim Monroe Township
Jewish Center. Delivery should take approximately 2 weeks.
Please note below if you have a specific request for the location of your leaf.

Mail order form and payment to: C/O Rhoda Jacobs, Congregation Etz Chaim, 11 Cornell Ave., Monroe Township,
NJ 08831
Date paid: ___________ Check # ______________ Amount: ______________

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