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editor’s note
                The once timid sun now takes full strides through the month of July. Clouds scatter at the sound of
                his maniacal gallop. Even I am tempted to say, this ain’t nothing but a summer jam.

                On another note, the Buzz is officially jumping into the Frosh craze. We will be greeting our newest
                readers with a Frosh Exclusive issue. So if you have anything to say to these “young’uns”, make
                sure you submit something. The regular September issue is still on its normal schedule.

                If I may contradict the great T.S. Eliot, this is the way that the summer ends, not with a whimper but
                with a bang.

                                                                                                                          - Henry L.

THE BUZZ staff
    question of the month:                               What fast-food joint would you like to see on campus??

 Alan Margovskiy -- chair / columnist                                     Jancie Chiu -- editor
 Nando’s Chicken, baby!                                                   Does Tim Horton’s count?
 Allan Ly -- columnist                                                    Jenny Fei -- columnist
 Amanda Chan -- layout designer                                           Joanne Chen -- cover artist
 Mc.D                                                                     Seen “Fast Food Nation” ?
 Amin Ladha -- columnist                                                  Nadia Kasenda -- columnist
 Christine Chow -- columnist                                              Nick So -- alumini
 Eunice Koh -- chair/editor                                               NANDO’S CHICKEN... Soooooo goooood!!!
 This isn’t considered fast food, but I looooooove IHOP *droool*          Sibil Chan -- editor
 Grace Chiu -- promotional coordinator                                    Sherry Akhami -- editor
 KFC me!!!!!
                                                                          Steven Chia -- webmaster
 Henry Liu -- editor in cheif
 Mc.D 4 me 2                                                              Vivian Lau -- graphic artist
                                                                          Timmy Hoes

Readers’ opinion

                   Aubrina Culp                                    Henry Lam                                  Vananh Nguyen
                   “ A & Dub!!!! “                                 “ I don’t eat that crap. “                 “ Tim Hortons ”

                                                                                                                      July 2008

Marketing Relief:
SMA brings SFU Clubs together for China
by: Mark Woo
                                            Cheerleading Squad for SFU Rec
SMA, Member Relations Director              graciously said they would perform.
                     It was a nice sunny
                     morning on July 9,     On the day of the event, SMA
                     when a shiny silver    executives set up the BBQ and
                     propane grill rolled   hooked up some iPods to the stereo
                     into the Convocation   systems. This created an awesome
                     Mall. The Student      ambience to BBQ and serve food.
                     Marketing              The food was incredibly affordable.
                     Association was        Two dollar hot dogs and three dollar
                     about to hold their    hamburgers were a bargain. Sales of
event, SFU Clubs for China Relief.          the food started out slow, but quickly
The hope was to join other clubs            picked up as lunch time came and
together in raising funds for the victims   as Chinese tourists passed by with
of the horrific earthquake last May in      a lot of cameras. The event was to
China, by selling affordable BBQ and        last until 4:00pm, but we sold out at
gathering donations. All proceeds,          2:30. Handing out take ones and free
every dollar and cent, were given to        freezies (try saying “free freezies”
the Red Cross.                              twenty times quickly) was enjoyable as
                                            was watching peoples’ faces light up
SMA has always been proud to                in both confusion and delight.
participate in school wide charity
events such as Balding for Dollars          SMAers had fun chatting and playing
with Club for the Cure and the B.C.         practical jokes in between preparing
Children Hospital last spring. However,     hot dogs and hamburgers. It was
this summer SMA decided that action         nice to see new executives have a          SFU Cheerleading Squad
had to be taken to benefit people           great time volunteering at their first
across the Pacific Ocean. We emailed        SMA event. Like all of SMA’s events,
various clubs around SFU and the SFU        this event was a great time to bond      with one another and with the added
                                                                                     opportunity of helping to create a
                                                                                     difference across the globe, what more
                                                                                     could we ask for.

                                                                                     The SFU Cheerleadering Squad
                                                                                     helped attract people to our BBQ.
                                                                                     SMA also had delivery orders from the
                                                                                     faculty and they donated generous
                                                                                     amounts of money. By the end of the
                                                                                     day, we had collected a large amount
                                                                                     donations, including Chinese Yuans
                                                                                     by the touched tourists. The hard work
                                                                                     of SMA’s executives, board members,
                                                                                     and volunteers helped make this event
                                                                                     awe-inspiring. SFU Clubs for China
                                                                                     Relief was not only a success on
                                                                                     SMA’s behalf, but also gave a chance
                                                                                     for people to get together, enjoy
                                                                                     delicious BBQ delights, and help the
                                                                                     people whose lives were destroyed
                                                                                     thousands of miles away.

                      Evan, Master of the Grill!                                     Mark can be reached at

July 2008

On Student Clubs and Associations
by: Somnath Suresh
                                                 weeks. I’ve gotten more out of those events     clear concise manner. Stop wasting serious
Former CaseIT Chair, Former                      in my high school than I ever did from          real estate on the BUZZ. This is coming
VP MISA, Former VP External                      the club events. This is coming from the        from a guy who actually wrote one of those
BASS, Former FROSH leader,                       guy who could never shut-up about his           ‘promotional pieces’ himself only because
Former Web Designer, Current-                    allegiance to his student club. I like the fact the club said it was the ‘thing’ to do.
ly on Co-op (I know, fancy title)                that each club has its own ‘signature’ event
                                                 and each of them have a very unique style       A Solution: Stop mentioning/promoting your
                      Now that I am finally      to it, but really clubs need to integrate their events in the BUZZ. Students who pay
                      considered to be ‘one-     efforts on other small events in order to help  attention (trust me SFU Business has a lot of
                      of-those- old-students’    foster the SFU Business community that we talented students who can do that) already
                      and the fact that I’ve     all seem to adore. And                                                        know about your
                      taken my ‘retirement’      I am tired of seeing                                                          events. Some
                                                                                   “ Stop wasting serious
                      from student clubs         the same people at                                                            suggestions on
                      and associations I         smaller events. Trust          real estate on the Buzz! “ what you could
                      finally feel I can write   me two MIS students                                                           write that may
                      something about            run out of things to talk                                                     be useful for
                      them.                      about fast.                                     students:

Rant #1 – Too many similar events                A Solution: Integrate your events. Join or         1.   An article on the current job industry
                                                 coordinate with another club to bring better            related to your concentration
I have always been and will still continue       events. Not only will you get to work with         2.   A nice feature about a talented
to be a big supporter of student clubs and       different sets of people, you are bound to              executive in your club and telling us
student run initiatives, but lately I realize    save money and get a bigger turnout this                what motivates them
that clubs need to polish the way they           way. This also helps reduce the number of          3.   Share club knowledge. How does
design events in order to add more value         events. There are simply too many.                      MISA use its online registration system?
to business students. I see student clubs                                                                How does SMA always end up making
creating similar events and cannibalizing        Rant#2 – Promotional Pieces in the BUZZ                 some of the best posters? Is there a
each other for members, ticket sales and                                                                 neat Photoshop tip that you have? Why
sponsorship. Consider this example. MISA         What is up with clubs and their ‘promotional            did IBA decide to let students wear their
has their Careers in MIS, SMA has their          pieces’ in the BUZZ? If I want to know about            traditional clothes for their gala? How
Marketing in Focus and Finance Club just         your event I can simply see the emails I                does your club deal with club conflicts?
had their Careers in Finance. Does anyone        receive; from the SAO mailing list (I like              How do you manage projects? What
see the problem here? I am sure I speak          that list so go away), the club mailing list,           are some concerns you have as an
for a lot of business students when I ask        and the various posters, and Facebook                   organization? Share tips and offer
why I would go to three separate but similar     event invitations. I really don’t understand            suggestions.
events. Am I really just tied to just one        why clubs don’t use the club article page          4.   Club alumni stories. Where are they
concentration? The smart thing would be          to talk about something related to their                now?
for all the clubs to get together and create     concentration or something remotely useful?
a ‘Career Week’ where we invite industry         I simply find it pointless to read over the        I don’t consider myself an expert (far from it)
professionals (not people in suits who talk      club articles because all the information I        and my solutions may or may not work. I am
about their company for 5 minutes in a           should be getting from that article is already     sure there are other solutions apart from the
10 minute speech…oh wait) to comment             available all over the WMX.                        ones I suggested as well.
on the job market and prospects for all                                                             There are tons of other rants I could’ve
business students regardless of their chosen     My favorite club article on the June 2008          made regarding student clubs and
concentration. We seem to have too many          issue was the article by IBA titled “IBA meets     associations. I picked these two because
replicated events from all the clubs and it      with FITT”. Out of all the club articles in that   they have been getting on my nerves for
is starting to take its toll. The information    issue the IBA one was the most informative         quite some time now. Problems with club
presented at various information sessions        article I read. Don’t believe me? Go read          sponsorship have been on my mind recently
and career events gets diluted. Nobody           the June issue again and compare the club          as well....
really cares anymore. It seems all clubs are     articles. Pretty much all the other clubs were
trying to do is fill each seat at their event.   promoting their events.                            To Be Continued…
How does that add value?
                                                 I love the new page titled ‘SFU Business           You can reach Somnath Suresh at ssa16@
You know high school definitely had it right     Events Calendar’ on the BUZZ. That page  
when they had careers days and career            tells us what is going on with your club in a

                                                                                                                                 July 2008
                             When you can
                             make numbers speak,
                                 the world listens.

Make a statement.

Chartered Accountants are leaders in business – respected
professionals who are essential to the success of the country’s
foremost organizations. Your CA designation will make a powerful
statement about you. About the value of your abilities and ideas.
About the exceptional standards to which you hold yourself. And
about all that you stand to accomplish throughout your career.

For more information, please visit our website at

President’s Message to the Shareholders
by: Andrew Blazenko                       Stock Game Info Session and CFA           volunteered her time and attention to
Finance Club, President                   Night are both exciting and expected      detail to attend and document each of
                                          events for all SFU Finance students.      our meetings. Rajbir Gill has pried the
                    If you are a
                                          If you want more details on those         fierce grips over the finance club bank
                    member of the SFU
                                          events, please contact to Matt Kwong      account and is now in total control
                    Finance Club, like
                                          (, VP Internal, or wait for   of our finances (we trust him). And
                    a shareholder, you
                                          our e-mails.                              lastly, Alex Tong and Duc Nguyen
                    have a say in how
                                                                                    have helped plan a full curriculum of
                    we operate, so this
                                          Lastly, we want to thank all active       workshops taught by professionals
                    message is for you!
                                          finance club members for their            to help our new SIAS junior analysts
                    As the semester is
                                          contributions this semester. David        succeed in their roles. Due to all of
                    coming to an end,
                                          Li managed the very successful Golf       our great volunteers, the finance club
the finance club feels it’s important
                                          Tournament from the finance club          ran very smoothly throughout the
to give back to our community, plan
                                          side. Alex Rinberg project managed        summer semester. I hope we can find
for the next semester, and most
                                          the finance club booth at the SFU         that kind of success in the future with
importantly thank everyone for their
                                          Open House, with great success as         more great volunteers.
valuable contributions this past
                                          well. Mike Zhang, as well as Matt
                                          Kwong and Hai Mihn have hatched up        The finance club can always use
                                          new ideas for fundraising to keep our     volunteers like the people you see
We want to end the summer by giving
                                          club financially secure. Merry Fitriani   above. If you’re interested in being a
a little food and company back to the
                                          has taken on the tutoring project and     part of our great group, please come
kids who need it most. We attended
                                          generated the most funding the project    to our weekly meetings this semester
the Ronald McDonald House on
                                          has ever made, we also want to thank      (Mondays, 2:30pm, AQ 5009) and next
July 24, 2008. There were several
                                          our various tutors for their efforts.     semester (date and time TBA). If you
of us who helped out (pictures can
                                          Andy Dai planned a fun filled social      have any questions about the finance
be seen on facebook) and we all
                                          event, while Patrick Low planned the      club you can e-mail me directly at
had a great time getting to know the
                                          great Ronald McDonald House trip          ( I hope to see or
families and being able to cook some
                                          for active members. Anthony Yu has        hear from you soon!
delicious food for them. We really
                                          taken on two executive roles as VP
want to thank our very own SFU food
                                          Communications and VP External for        Best Regards,
service, Chartwells, for supplying the
                                          the club with success in each role.       Andrew Blazenko (
great food we cooked for the Ronald
                                          Cheryl Richardson has gracefully
McDonald House families.

We also want to plan for our next
semester. As you all know we have
sent out applications for various
positions within the finance club, and
we want to congratulate all successful
applicants. With these positions
comes great events for finance
students next semester. Our annual

                                               After a difficult workshop, the Finance Club took the
                                                               instructor out for drinks.

                                                                                                            July 2008

The Green Diaries
by: Loren Aytona                            always left on,
CaseIT 2009, Marketing and                  even throughout
Media Executive                             the night.
                                            Then there’s

                                                                  C ASE IT
                   The situations we        the marketing
                   get ourselves into…      department’s
                                            printer that’s
                    After joining the       always whirring
                    CaseIT Business         and the
                    Competition             photocopier that                                MIS Case Competition
                    Organizing              spits out another
                    Committee as a          50 copies for a
way to not only to stay involved, but to    presentation.
also gather a grasp of MIS knowledge        Did I mention
(a topic which I have very little mastery   that my desk has
of), I have now found myself in quite       two lamps? And                              creates, and seeks ways to ensure
a debacle that situates little ol’ me       yes, those stay on all day as well.
in unknown business territory and
an unfamiliar theme for this year’s         I shudder at the worker bee that            that these circumstances can benefit
competition too.                            is myself, multiplied across the            the earth. Whether it’s being more
                                            office. Same paper usage, same              energy efficient, using less paper,
Genius, I know. Especially with my          bad computing habits, same two              minimizing the daily commute, or just
duties spanning those of the marketing      lamps. I think about the many offices       recycling that old computer, Green IT
arena, I must, as they would say, “step     everywhere doing the exact same             is conducted to help businesspeople,
up my game” and understand exactly          thing. It would be pessimistic to think     in the office and at home, achieve the
what CaseIT 2009 will encompass.            that no matter how many bamboo-             best of both worlds.
After all, who wants to listen to a         thread-count shirts I wear or how
marketer who can’t practice what she        many organic free-range chicken I           So now do I sit here and preach
preaches?                                   buy to be eco-friendly, I could never       on how I’ve turned this new leaf?
                                            outweigh the monster energy and             Goodness no, because there is
Enter theme for this year’s                 resources a single operating business       so much more to learn and apply.
competition: Green IT.                      can suck up.                                However, I now know that I have
                                                                                        some serious Googling to do, and
Gulp.                                       Now, it would be unrealistic to             buzzwords such as “e-waste,” “thin
                                            propose that I just stop working for        client,” and “telecommuting” to
Green has been quite the buzzword           the man, and go off to live a life that     use. I’m excited to learn more, and
in this day and age, as it seems that       can be viewed presumably as more            hopefully implement what Green IT
people are finally waking up and            eco-friendly. However, I actually           has to offer in my own life. After all, if
recognizing the fragility of this earth.    really like my job, as do many others       you talk the talk for CaseIT 2009, you
Initiatives from eco-friendly clothing      working in an office space (marketing       gotta walk the walk.
to organic food have been a few of          intern nerd alert!). So maybe it’s not
the many actions taken to make our          about choosing sides in this war of         I’ll tell you one thing though. Last
consumption of resources a little more      resources, where one fights the good        week, I worked with only one lamp on.
eco-friendly.                               fight and the other just burns up what
                                            this land has to offer. Is it possible to   Loren Aytona is a Marketing and
So you may ask yourself, where does         be a part of the corporate world, while     Media Executive for CaseIT Business
MIS come into all of this?                  still paying respects to Mother Earth?      Competition 2009. She will be writing
                                                                                        a periodic article about her adventures
Aren’t you glad we’re wondering the         Enter Green IT.                             in Green IT, leading up to the event.
same question?                                                                          She can be reached at,
                                            What I am slowly starting to grasp          where she welcomes your comments,
I think back to my cluttered cubicle        (yes!!!) is that Green IT is there to       suggestions, and friendship.
with papers and folders stacked as          make the operations of a business
high as me. I consider my computer          more sustainable. It recognizes the         Visit CaseIT’s website at http://www.
(along with everyone else’s) that           realities that an office environment
runs 8+ hours a day with the monitor

July 2008
                                                        GET CARDED!

With all of the upcoming company networking events, company info sessions, office tours, and off campus events
that you will be invited to this fall, it is critical that you get yourself a business card. But for some strange reason,
most students that we see out at these events mingling with company reps are “cardless”…and employers are
noticing. The CMC received feedback from a few recruiters who have attended events where SFU BBA students
were present and the feedback was that many of our students don’t come prepared with business cards to offer.
Employers want to have your name and contact information to take with them after these events so that they can
follow up with you at a later date. They are not interested in fancy designs or eye-catching layouts (unless perhaps
you are a marketing student applying for a creative design position). Companies do not just offer these networking
opportunities for the fun of it. Their goal is to walk away having built and established relationships with talented
students to work for their organization in the near or distant future.
There’s good news though. It’s easy to get professional business cards made if you are an SFU Business student.
You can order cards directly through the University’s Print Shop by completing an online web form. The style of the
cards conforms to the University’s prescribed format. It costs $27.50 for 100 cards and takes up to 3 weeks to print
so it’s a good idea to order yours now before the busy fall recruiting season.

        Order your business cards at

                          BUSINESS CARD ETIQUETTE

Have a good stash. Bring a good supply of cards – it’s not a numbers game but make sure you have about 30 on
hand just in case. Never be without them as you never know who you might run into.
Identify your “status”. Include what year you are in (ie: John Smith, Third Year BBA Candidate, Marketing).
Use a case. Keep your cards in a business card holder case to protect them from being bent or soiled. Keep your
case handy in an easily accessible pocket as it’s difficult to rummage for cards at a stand-up reception while you are
balancing a plate of food or beverage.
Give. Present your card holding the lower corners, presenting with two hands, facing it towards the person.
Take. Receive an employers card with 2 hands. It is polite to comment on the card by reading the name and title
aloud before putting it away. If they have not offered their card, it is only appropriate to request their card near the
end of your conversation.
Exchange. If an employer offers their card, it is expected that you should offer yours in return.
Pockets. Keep your cards in one of your suit coat pockets and put employer cards you receive in the other.
Write Notes. Writing notes about the person who gave you the card is very helpful but don’t do this in the presence
of the individual. Leave the room and write on the back – the date you met them, the occasion and any notes from
your conversation. This will jog your memory when you send a follow up.
Follow Up. If needed, send a thank you email or letter to the representatives you wish to remain in contact with.
This will set the stage for future correspondence.
Be Selective. Never pass out your business cards like you are “dealing cards”. If you walk away from a networking
event having had 2-3 meaningful conversations where you built rapport with a recruiter or company representative,
it has been a success. Remember…quality vs. quantity.

    For more business etiquette tips, checklists and
  resources visit the SFU Business Career Management
  Centre in West Mall Centre 2363 or online at business.

BBA 101
by: Allan Ly                                      The artist says, “Satisfaction guaranteed!!”         rest of the zombies up at SFU. As you
                                                  You compare the portrait you have with               enter the class (late as usual) the professor
                                                  your SFU identification card and see no              glares at you with a piercing stare. He
You stroll down the seawall in Stanley Park       resemblance. Your fist begins to tighten             has the latest version of the Buzz in his
and take in the deep breeze. A realization        as your face turns from red to purple, while         hands and asks, “Did you write this?” You
comes to mind and you feel lucky to be            the aura of booze fills the air. You faint           look at the article entitled “Bachelors 101.”
here. How do you put these feelings into          and fall flat on your face – now there is a          Next thing you know you are booted out of
words? You look up and read a billboard - I       resemblance. The artist puts the five bucks          school for not citing references properly.
am Canadian. Thank you Molson.                    back into your pocket anyway.
                                                                                                       Business 360 Business
Bus 343 Marketing (Maslow’s                       Business 393 Commercial law                          communication (plagiarism)
hierarchy of needs)                               (Formation of contracts)
                                                                                                       Two weeks later you find yourself sitting on
As the brew of Molson Canadian settles            The ambulance rushes you to VGH for                  Robson Street with a pencil in one hand
into your liver, you decide to jump onto the      stitches on your most valuable asset – your          and a bottle of Molson Canadian in the
next bus and head downtown to Robson              head. There is a major lineup so you fork            other. A successful chartered accountant
Street. Various storefronts slide on by and       out the last twenty bucks in your pocket             sits down on your stool. You begin to
dozens of artists are lined up on the street      and hand it over to the front receptionist so        draw while wishing you had finished your
ready to draw a portrait of you. There is         that you can cut the line. The head nurse            accounting concentration. She drops a
no lineup so you go ahead and jump on             looks at you and smirks while whispering             twenty dollar bill in your cap.
a random stool. The artist says “twenty           into the doctor’s ear.
bucks” and you admit, “Hell, my face is only                                                           Business 321 Intermediate
worth five bucks!” The pencil begins to           Business 303 Ethics (Whistle                         accounting (pensions)
stroke.                                           blowing)
                                                                                                       Are we missing anything here under
Econ 103 Microeconomics (supply                   After two hours you hop on the sky train             pensions?
and demand)                                       looking like Frankenstein ready to join the

Political Hostage: A Contemporary Crisis
by: Kirti Sachasingh                              stability of others. All in all, this effect could   famous captive in the world is Colombia’s
Student                                           potentially threaten the delicate balance of         left wing militia, FARC’s, custody of 2002
Political terrorism has been a familiar           world order.                                         presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourt.
phenomenon for the past few decades                                                                    She was held hostage for more than 6
but now, It has now become a notorious            Governments being held to ransom and                 years until rescued in an audacious effort
phenomenon.. Heads of state and ordinary          a frail political order are chief and grave          by Colombian intelligence. In a BBC
civilians, Arabs and Jews, corporate              consequences of political terrorism. If it           HARDtalk interview (broadcasted 10, July,
executives and political leaders have all         fails to be managed, it could be the “most           2008), Betancourt expresses that she was
fallen victim. Not a day goes by without          serious threat to world peace” according             simply happy to be free and does not have
some new incident occurring. Political            to Kurt Waldheim, a former Secretary-                feelings of ‘anger, or seeking revenge,
captivity or the taking of hostages to press      General of the UN, in an urgent meeting of           or bitterness’. In a 2006 CNN broadcast,
home demands is the form of political             the Security Council it discussed the 1979           Macon Hawkins, a Texan oil worker that
terrorism that deserves a great deal              Iran hostage crisis (on November, 1979).             was kidnapped by The Movement for
of discourse in today’s societies. They           This was a diplomatic crisis where 52                the Emancipation of the Niger Delta in
represent a crisis that has been intensifying     U.S. diplomats were held hostage for 444             Nigeria, had elicited similar emotions with
in recent years. Within the realm of              days by militant students who took over              no ‘animosity toward [the kidnappers] at all.
international relations, crisis could be          the American embassy in support of Iran’s            I’ve seen their little villages; they’re dirt poor,
approached from many perspectives, each           revolution.                                          poor as field mice’. Comments like these
with its own definition that reflects specific                                                         calls for a need of an explanation of the
research interests. There still seems to be       Subsequent crises similarly involve non-             sources of immorality of kidnapping.
a commonality in its implication—that is, all     state actors that use threat and other fear-         Although it may seem obvious that an
agree that any critical change in the stability   inducing forms of violence to attain certain
of one country would likely affect the            political objectives. The most recent and a                               Continued on page 8

July 2008

An “Active” Day
by: Daniel Lee                                      colours. The selections of colours brightened      3.   Many positions at Active Network
MISA                                                the office and helped reflect the motto of              do not require you to be an expert in
                                                    the company - “Work Hard, Play Hard.” An                technology. They need someone who
On Friday, June 11, 2008, the Management            interesting fact about Active is the elimination        understands the basics and are willing
Information Systems Association (MISA)              of the traditional hierarchy structure of               to learn.
organized a tour of the Active Network              most organizations, as everyone works in           4. By entering each opportunity with an
which attracted over 20 students. Active            a cubicle, including senior managers and                open mind, this will help you capitalize
Network is a global company that provides           the Vice President. This further promotes               each opportunity.
technology solutions and marketing access           the positive team atmosphere within the            5. School does not completely prepare
to community organizations. It is a leading         company.                                                you for a job. What school does is it
online community for active lifestyles.             After the tour, representatives from                    gives you the tools to learn.
                                                    several departments gave speeches                  Active Network serves thousands of
The company tour was a great opportunity            on what working in their position is like.         organizations and millions of active
for students to gain a better understanding of      These departments range from product               participants in multiple markets throughout
consulting and information technology in the        development to consulting, marketing, sales        the Unites States, Canada, Europe,
workplace. The event was very organized             and information technology support.                Australia and New Zealand. From North
and educational. John Wu from SFU and               I had the privilege to talk to some of the         America’s largest cities and biggest
Simer Sandhu from Active Network did a              industry’s brightest leaders at Active             marathons, to the top health clubs and youth
wonderful job in coordinating and organizing        Network. Below are some of the key lessons         sports camps, Active Network’s technology
the event.                                          that they shared with me. I want to take this      powers the best names in the industry.
                                                    opportunity to share this information with
We started the day bright and early with            other students:                                    There are many employment opportunities
breakfast in the Active boardroom. The                                                                 at Active Network including co-op. If you
representatives were very friendly, outgoing        1.    It is easier to get into a company that      have a passion, enjoy a casual working
and sociable. In addition, they spent a good             you want to work for first, then transfer     environment and are willing to work hard,
portion of time to ensure that every inquiry             to another department or position             then the Active Network may be the
was answered.                                            based on your strengths through               company for you. Regardless of your
                                                         proving yourself.                             major, there is a suitable position for you.
After a formal welcoming from Simmer, the           2.   The IT industry is becoming more              Fast-forward your career today by visiting
first activity was an office tour. The Burnaby           service oriented. Therefore, no matter
location near city hall was fairly big with three        which position you are in, you still
floors. The walls were painted withinviting              need to learn how to deal with people         Daniel Lee can be reached at daniel.
warm yellow and comforting sky blue                      creatively.                         

Political Hostage                                   Moreover, the amount of people they                risking the lives of civilians who would
Continued from page 9                               hold captive, just to prove their cause, is        be exposed to those released militants.
illegitimate political strategy like that of        not insignificant. According to Betancourt,        Contrary to what some would believe, this
kidnapping is immoral, our conception               there are approximately 2000 people taken          would inflict more suffering to the society
of the sources of its immorality is                 under the captivity of FARC each year, of          than relieving it. The act of kidnapping,
impoverished. Our reaction to reported              which 700 are political hostages. Other            regardless of the context, is then morally
cases of kidnapping are liable to                   types of hostages are in a less deep rut as        and logically inexcusable. Sympathizing
manipulations by the media and the                  they are often released by the government          with political terrorists that engage in
offenders themselves. If incidents like this        waging them out. Political hostages                hostage-taking would only demonstrate
do not generate resentment or bitterness            however are often traded with the militants’       to them this practice ‘works’, and they will
towards kidnappers, one should still expect         leaders or important members of the non-           engage in such similar acts that would
to react on the basis of moral indignation.         state actor. Recently, on July 13, Israeli         heighten this already severe crisis. Hence,
Otherwise, we are rewarding their strategy.         prison authorities moved four Lebanese             we should be cynical of the captors’ political
It is appropriate to feel concerned but not         captives to a new facility where a convicted       objectives and conducts as a way to
sympathetic. We should understand the               Lebanese killer was earlier placed,                better manage this crisis. Otherwise, it will
gravity of the crime that these captors             preparing for a swap with the Hezbollah            continue to be the most serious threat to
commit; they cause the people they hold             guerrilla group on the 17th, July for two          world peace.
captive harm and suffering.                         Israeli soldiers. This trade-off would mean

                                                                                                                                    July 2008

July 2008

Hedging Your Relationship
by:Jenny Fei                                   positions, a short and long position.           in a future contract. That implies that you
Columnist                                                                                      need to be assured that another girl will
                                               Once you enter a short position on the          take you as her boyfriend at a specific
                      The following            contract, you are obligated to sell the         date, (maturity). By doing so, you will
                      article is meant to      asset at the specified price in the future.     be sure to have a girlfriend at maturity.
                      give you a good          Once you enter a long position on the           Even though your second choice may
                      laugh, so please do      contract, you are obligated to buy the          not be as great as the first one, you will
                      not overthink my         asset at the specific price in the future,      have successfully eliminated the risk
                      argument as they         (the opposite of short position).               of continuing to be single. On the other
                      have a lot flaws.        When you exit the contact, you are              hand, if your first choice accepted you,
                                               cancelling the contract before maturity.        you can close your positionby cancelling
                    Relationships are                                                          your future contract before maturity date.
much like future contracts. Anyways,           So, now let’s apply it to relationships.
here is a crash course on what I have          You are an asset and you are on the             This application applies to both genders.
learned on future contracts,(just wait,        open market where exchange occurs.              However, there is a tiny problem - “We
you will see where I am going with this).      You want to be someone’s boyfriend,             are humans.” Yes, we are and we do
                                               (ie. ask a girl out). Consider this action      not trade on the exchange like other
The definition of future contracts:            as you want to sell yourself to be her          assets. But I found this to be a pretty
Suppose you have an asset and you              boyfriend. You know the gain from this          cool way of thinking about it. And, if you
want to sell it in the future. Since the       transaction occurs if that girl is willing      apply it carefully, it might work. You will
value of the asset fluctuates, you want        to go out with you. However, you do             have to choose your future contract very
to eliminate that variance, (both the date     not know the cost because she can               carefully as it is your back up and never
and the price on a future contact are set      reject you. Therefore, you would like to        let him/her know this idea. As you can
today). You enter a contract stating that      eliminate or reduce the risk, (note that        see, relationships are much like finance.
you can sell the asset in the future at a      risk does not imply loss. It is variation in
specific price. The contract isa future        the possible outcomes). In order to do          I hope this article brings you a good
contract. Now, this contract has two           that, you need to enter a short position        laugh and good luck on your finals.

It All Starts Small                            collateral, income, or credit history, which    insightful responses in the face of all
by: Mirko Suzara
                                               prevents them from obtaining loans via          looming questions. In the following hour
BASS, VP Internal                              traditional banks.                              and a half, much interesting insight and
Hello SFU BIZ Students! Your Business                                                          discussion was raised—to a degree often
Administration Student Society (BASS)          Bringing this back to our university, we have   lacking in typical classroom discussions.
would like to take this opportunity and        been fortunate enough to have a strong          At the end of this time, we came to several
share with you an exciting new initiative.     relationship with the Global Agents for         unanimous conclusions, thus successfully
                                               Change ( a non-      allocated our fund of $2700 and resulting
On June 27th, 2008, at 3:30PM several          profit organization that supports sustainable   in a portfolio distribution that we were all
undergraduate SFU Business students            solutions to global poverty. With this          proud of (see
decided to reach forward to make an            goal in mind, they offered SFU Business         afcsfu for the full portfolio distribution
impact in the lives of people across the       students the opportunity to manage a            breakdown)!
world…one click at a time. It was history in   student-raised $2700 microcredit fund
the making. It was the first SFU Agents for    lent through KIVA—a microcredit lending         If you wish to find out more information
Change Microcredit Fund Lending session.       platform—and facilitated by BASS with the       about the SFUAFC Microcredit Fund, or if
Allow me to elaborate.                         cooperation of various other student clubs      you have any additional questions, please
                                               and organizations.                              don’t hesitate to contact myself (mis1@
The distribution method for this positive                                             or Sean Peters—a Global Agents
change is microcredit, that is, the lending    Now that the fund and the organizational        for Change Director and current SFU
of very small, trust-based loans to            framework were in place, the next step          student—at (
entrepreneurs in developing countries. The     was to lend it out. However, this was not an
theory behind this is that many individuals    easy step to make. To whom do we lend?          Enjoy the rest of your summer and don’t
in the developing world have the potential     Where do we lend? And why? Fortunately,         forget to stay tuned for upcoming news
to succeed and strengthen their local          each business club and organization was         from your Business Administration Student
economies; yet, they often lack sufficient     able to select a representative. Together,      Society (BASS)!
                                               we were poised to strike eloquent and

                                                                                                                           July 2008

BBA’s LMS Epidemic
by: Alan Margovskiy                        no…so yes AND no…does that                  easily be emailed to you instead), you
Columnist                                  answer your question? I hope I was          receive 8%. In addition, if you answer
                                           clear. What do YOU think?…in fact,          the TA’s questions and discuss why
                    If BUS courses         let’s let the class answer this one…”       Richard Branson and Wal-Mart are
                    were offered online                                                awesome, you get an extra 2%. Oh,
                    through Distance       On the other hand, some professors          and let’s not forget those student-run
                    Ed., you wouldn’t      ask for class participation without any     tutorial presentations you have to
                    ever see my ass        purpose at all. I’m talking about when      suffer through every class. You know,
                    on. Some of you        profs pause mid-slide and ask some          the ones where four dudes in suits
                    out there prefer to    obvious bullshit to which the answer        spend 10 minutes discussing why
                    physically attend      is RIGHT THERE ON THEIR SLIDE.              the economy, gas prices and random
                    lectures, study on     Either that, or they ask something          concepts learned in class are going to
campus, join extracurricular garbage       like “so…class…can you give me              fuck over some huge company? (Side
and all that other crap you should         an example of a corporation? One            note: If you’re going to be professional,
be putting an end to if you’re past        that is big and well known?” Some           stop giving out candy. Instead of
your third year and I’m cool with          20-year-old in the front-row dressed        treating me like a kindergardener, why
that. However, personally, I find that     in sweats, or the dedicated 40-year-        don’t you teach me some shit that
attending Business lectures is an          old in work clothes behind him, then        I couldn’t have found on Wikipedia
all-around waste of everyone’s time,       proceeds to give a bullshit answer for      myself?)
including mine. Assuming I actually        participation marks. If their answer
come to class and don’t fall asleep,       does not discuss the supply chain of        Overall, physical lectures and tutorials
me learning something in class is          Wal-Mart, then look for it to discuss       are just not worth it. It takes me one
about as likely as 50 Cent winning         such intellectual topics as cars, video     hour to get to school and one hour to
a beauty contest (and that ain’t           games, movies or Richard Branson            get to class, so unless you’re going
happening cause fif is one ugly mofo).     (side note: SFU Business, PLEASE            to be teaching me something which
My reasoning?                              get off Richard Barnson’s dick. I’ve        I can’t read in the textbook, you’re
                                           heard about the motherfucker in over        wasting my time. Why do you think
Firstly and most importantly, is the       four 300 level classes now. I get it,       students cram their schedules into one
simple fact, as stated above, that I get   dude is crazy and owns a lot of shit).      or two days a week? Because they
absolutely nothing out of attending                                                    want to get all their schooling over
lectures. My laziness, procrastination     After the informative lecture comes to      with as fast as possible and instead do
and ADD symptoms aside, I attribute        an end, I wake my ass up and head           something more productive. I’m sick of
this partially to today’s innovative       over to tutorial for another nap. The       coming to class for fear of feeling skip-
teaching style employed by professors      tutorial is usually taught by someone       guilt if I don’t, rather than coming to
worldwide, which I have termed “Lazy       a year younger than me, who got             class and learning something. Here’s
Motherfucker Syndrome” (LMS).              a B in the class last semester and          an idea: lectures which actually get
LMS is prominent in lectures taught        now wants to make some fast cash            something across, use of tutorial time
by hotshot young profs, bored and          (I’m not hating, just telling the truth).   for me to meet with my project group
frustrated older profs on the verge        If the tutorial does not involve going      (so I don’t have to do it on Sunday)
of retirement or general lecturing         over answers to homework problems           and an optional open lab for people
n00bs hired because they went to           (answers which could easily instead         with further questions. VOILA.
MIT. A typical LMS lecture consists        be posted online), it is usually held       Of course, lastly, I should mention
of the professor reading out generic       for the sake of pointless participation     that LMS has its exceptions. Some
textbook-made PowerPoint slides to         marks.                                      professors, though their lectures still
the class. Like you, the professor is                                                  suffer from traces of LMS, manage
also reading and learning the material     Yes, PARTICIPATION. This shit               to at least engage me, educate me
being presented for the first time in      makes me so angry, it deserves a            or intrigue me in a way where I learn
their life and to cover up this fact,      whole paragraph of its own. “If you         something new. I’m talking about the
they usually rely on class discussion      just show up, you’ll automatically get      Pelozas, the Merediths and the Freins
to explain the points presented. Try       8/10 for participation no problem”.         of SFU Business. While I’m sure our
asking one of these profs a question       Ever heard that gem? Basically,             faculty has its share of these non-
and I guarantee you’ll get a “that’s a     in exchange for showing up to the           LMSers, they are a dying breed.
good question…I’d like to say yes…         pointless tutorial and listening to
but <obvious counter-example which         some douchebag discuss answers
doesn’t really make sense> so maybe        to homework problems (which could

July 2008
                                                                  by: Fahad Yasin
                                                           I have had the privilege to attend countless
                                                           events held by different student associations
                                                           of SFU Business. For the most part, the more
                                                           successful ones have always had a well
                                                           integrated theme. At times, the theme sparks
                                                           the central topic of discussion or inspires the
                                                           dress code. Whatever it may do, the perfect
                                                           fusion of a consistent theme into the event is
                                                           a form of artistic representation that can build
                                                           excitement and anticipation. An event that has
                                                           had no theme up till now is Frosh, an extension
                                                           of Orientation for incoming Business students.
                                                           I had the honour to co-chair Frosh 2007, which
                                                           included a series of action-packed but rather
                                                           random events. The event was a success;
                                                           but it could have been better. I am extremely
                                                           happy to say I have returned to work for Frosh
                                                           2008 from a different perspective: the Director
                                                           of Technology. This year the Organizing
                                                           Committee decided revolve the entire event
                                                           around a single theme. Based off of popular
                                                           reality TV shows led by American Idol, Frosh
                                                           will be themed “Are you the Next Ultimate
                                                           Rockstar?”, integrated with challenges that
                                                           have only one goal in mind: reaching rock-
                                                           superstardom and become the next ultimate
                                                           rockstar of SFU Business. This theme has
                                                           inspired all our branding and promotional
                                                           efforts. (Check out our website at www.sfubiz.
                                                           ca/frosh) With this rockstar inspiration, we hope
                   From left to right, Fahad Yasin, Shirin to excite the first-year student about more than
          Sheidaei, Jasmina Randhawa, Jeff Mak, Sahar just the two weeks of intense activities. We
             Sharafzadeh, Silkie Wong, and Vivian Mann hope to extend that excitement and anticipation
                                                           to this great Faculty and this great school. We
                                                           are also looking for volunteers. You can contact
                                                  for more information.

Keep your eyes peeled for submission deadline of the Frosh Exclusive.
Submit your article to
                                                                                             July 2008

July 2008

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