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									THE TAP TIMES
News from ATDF’s Executive Director Tony Waag
                                                                         A bi-annual newsletter of the American Tap Dance Foundation

TAP CITY 2004, the New York City Tap Festival   Aldredge, Chloe Arnold, Bob Audy, Terry
                        Tap City 2004           Brock, Brenda Bufalino, Roxane Butterfly,
                     started off with a         Harold Cromer, Lynn Dally, Michelle
                     bang on Saturday,          Dorrance, Barbara Duffy, Dormeshia
                     July 3rd at Chelsea        Sumbry Edwards, Yvonne Edwards, Mari
                     Studios with master        Fujibayashi, Charles Goddertz, Jane
                     classes and contin-        Goldberg, Thelma Goldberg, Germaine
                     ued throughout the         Goodson, Derick K. Grant, Steven Harper,
Tony Waag            week with classes,         Susan Hebach, Josh Hilberman, Jeannie
                     courses, jam sessions,     Hill, Lisa Hopkins, Michael Minery,
tap discussions and film screenings until       Deborah Mitchell, Margaret Morrison,          TAP GANG ON CIRCLE LINE (PHOTO BY: DEBI FIELD)
Saturday, July 10th. Our Adult Program          Van “the man” Porter, Michele Ribble,
                                                Olivia Rosenkrantz, Germaine Salsberg,        the sun go down. Special guests included
Director Margaret Morrison and our
                                                Lynn Schwab, Randy Skinner, Hank              Captain Harold Cromer, Ernest “Brownie”
Youth Program Director Michele Ribble,
                                                Smith, Jason Samuels Smith, Jimmy Tate,       Brown, Mable Lee, Yvette Glover and
coordinated and created programming
                                                Tony Waag, Dianne Walker and Karen            Brenda Bufalino. This event was such a
that offered a variety of levels, styles and
                                                Callaway Williams.                            smash hit, that we plan on repeating it
techniques that were taught in 138 classes
                                                   On Monday, July 5th, 350 hoofers, tap-     next year!
by 38 different instructors. A total of 383
                                                pers and watchers joined us for our first        This was our fourth year at the Duke
students participated from 29 states and
                                                annual Jazz Boat Ride and Tap Jam in          on 42nd Street Theater and our opening
19 countries.
                                                the tradition of the legendary Copasetics.    night benefit performance and reception
                                                New York’s famous Circle Line Tours took      was a huge success thanks to a dedicated
                                                Tap City on a Jazz Dinner Cruise around       Gala Committee. The evening began in
                                                Manhattan for four hours of dancing,          the theater with performances by Brenda
                                                singing, laughter and Lasagna. Students,      Bufalino, the Jazz Tap Ensemble (Charon
                                                teachers, performers and the festival staff   Aldredge, Joseph and Josette Wiggan,
                                                brought their shoes and jammed on the         Channing Cook Holmes, and Lynn Dally),
                                                water with a live Jazz trio while watching    Kendrick Jones II, The Legacy Dancers,
                                                                                              Erika Bauerlein, Byron Tittle, Michela
                                                                                              Marino Lerman, Van “the Man” Porter,
                                                                                              Dr. Jimmy Slyde, and Broadway sensation
                                                                                              Lillias White, beautifully accompanied
                                                                                              by Larry Ham on piano, Earl May on bass,
                                                                                              Bernice Brooks on drums and Dan Block
WITH MARGARET MORRISON AND MICHELE RIBBLE                                                     on Reeds. The evening included tributes
(PHOTO BY: T WAAG)                                                                            to the late tap Ambassador Gregory Hines
                                                                                              and MGM’s tap dance royalty the late
   With the administrative excellence of
                                                                                              Donald O’Connor and Ann Miller. All
our Festival Manager Hjordis Linn, a
                                                                                              three were inducted into the International
volunteer sales staff and our 12 incred-
                                                                                              Tap Dance Hall of Fame. Board member
ible Intern/Work-Exchange Scholarship
                                                                                              Constance Valis Hill also announced from
Students, registration was a breeze! Our
                                                                                              stage the launching of the Gregory Hines
teaching staff this year included Charon        RANDY SKINNER’S CLASS (PHOTO BY: T WAAG)
THETAP TIMES                                                                                                                SUMMER2004
Collection of American Tap Dance, which                                                        newly formed Leadership Committee,
is a collaborative archival project with the                                                   our work exchange students, and all the
Dance Division at The New York Public                                                          incredible artists, musicians and teachers!
Library of the Performing Arts. The sec-                                                       A very big thanks is due to all involved!
ond half of the show continued upstairs                                                        We’ve finished our fourth year, and each
at the Tap Lounge and featured Roxane                                                          year the festival gets better and better. I
Butterfly, Max Pollak, Chikako Iwahori,                                                        just wish I could personally attend all the
Nicholas Young, Tapage and numeroius                                                           events! I guess part of being a producer
musicians from New York’s hottest world                                                        is delegating projects and trusting that
beat scene. The Tap Lounge was curated                                                         the events will go smoothly! Fortunately,
by Max Pollak and all the proceeds went                                                        I feel very supported, and I have great
to support future programming of the                                                           help. I continue to realize that it’s the
American Tap Dance Foundation.                                                                 community that creates the event. It’s the
    On Wednesday, July 7th, we presented                                                       dancers and musicians performing the
Tap Internationals with performances                                                           material that is in their heart. It’s the staff
by local Flamenco Latino, Grant Swift          HAROLD CROMER PERFORMS (PHOTO BY: DEBI FIELD)   and the technicians that are doing the job
(Australia/New Zealand), Flavia Costa                                                          or creating the position that they want
(Brazil), Raw Metal Dance Company              on Saturday, July 10th. Performers includ-      to be in, that brings a group of people
(Australia), Steven Harper Company             ed Chloe Arnold, Terry Brock, Brenda            together with a spark and ignites an event!
(Brazil), Tapage (France/Japan), Kazu          Bufalino, Harold Cromer, Lynn Dally,            It’s the reaction from the students and
Kumagai (Japan), Andreas Dänel                 Generation Tap, Josh Hilberman, Pamela          the audiences that move us forward. My
(Germany) and Ritmico (Brazil &                Raff, the Rhythm Queens (Germaine               goal is to have the city itself, the press,
beyond). As usual, this show was the           Goodson and Deborah Mitchell),                  the local community, more involved. New
sleeper event! We owe a great deal of          Shoehorn, Jason Samuels Smith, and              York City could benefit from a positive
thanks to the international community          numerous tributes to legendary masters          spirit and commitment that continues to
for infusing new and renewed energy into       and teachers Charles “Honi” Coles, the          inspire a growing population!
the tap community.                             Copasetics, Paul Draper, Henry LeTang,
    As always, we presented Tap Youth,         Bettye Morrow and Leonard Reed . The            NEW ON THE HORIZON!
Tap Future, our annual youth program           annual Hoofer Awards were presented                 I am thrilled to announce that next
performance with 69 kids, teens and            to tap masters, Ernest “Brownie” Brown,         year we move our performances during the
youth ensembles from across the nation.        Dianne Walker and LaVaughn Robinson.            festival to the famed Joyce Theater, New
Hosted by Tap City ‘s Youth Program            (LaVaughn was represented by dance part-        York’s premiere dance venue! We are all
Director Michele Ribble, the evening also      ner Germaine Ingram in his absence).            looking forward to a larger space. This not
included the presentation of the 2nd               Each day, a series of Tap Talks/Tap         only allows us to expand our audiences,
annual Tap Teacher Awards which were           Films were presented and offered free           but allows us to share the energy that Tap
presented to Kathleen Cirioli and Yvonne       to registered students. These noon              City has created since 2001. It will be our
Edwards. The level of performance just         time events were hosted by various art-         fifth anniversary, so please join us for a
gets better and better! Our youth is our       ists including Brenda Bufalino, Laraine         great celebration and the best tap dance
future and a special congratulations goes      Goodman, Constance Valis-Hill, Michela          party ever from June 25th to July 3rd!
to Ms. Ribble!                                 Marino Lerman and Margaret Morrison.                This year we are challenged by addi-
    On Friday night, July 9th, we presented        Finally, ATDF gave away 43 youth            tional programming that includes our
two shows of Tap New York witch featured       training scholarships this year! This I am      annual Winter Tap Intensive in February,
local masters, soloists, and ensembles         VERY proud of, and all of this program-         Tap City on Tour which goes to 15 differ-
including Brenda Bufalino, Barbara             ming and all of this giving is due to the       ent theaters across the country and our
Duffy & Company, Dormeshia Sumbry              consistency and very generous support           ongoing upgrading and development of
Edwards, Charles Goddertz, Mable               of our corporate, foundation and govern-        year-round events like new choreography
Lee, Reggio “the hoofer” McLaughlin,           ment sponsors, our individual donors,           showcases, occasional fundraising parties,
Margaret Morrison, Michele Ribble,             our friends and families, the students,         etc. All of this programming needs addi-
Germaine Salsberg, Baakari Wilder and          volunteers, advocates and audiences. And        tional administrative support and staff,
others. Ensemble pieces created during         special thanks also goes out to our anony-      increased financial support, and new busi-
the festival by Karen Callaway Williams        mous angel, my administrative staff,            ness/creative advisors with fresh ideas.
and Tony Waag were also premiered, and         the ATDF Board of Directors, our Gala               I’d like to ask everyone, whether you’re
the annual Tap Preservation Award was          committee, our Advisory Committee, our          an audience member, or if your more
presented to Jane Goldberg for outstand-
ing achievement in the preservation of
tap dance.                                                            Check out our websites at:
    The festival culminated with two per-       www.atdf.org and www.nyctapfestical.com
formances of Tap Masters/Tap Treasures
THETAP TIMES                                                                                                                         SUMMER2004
involved as a sponsor or a volunteer, to
please continue to give and lend your
support! We need you as a friend, and                  Excerpt from Tapping the Source
we need new friends. And, we need your
friend’s friend! We’ve come along way,                 By ATDF’s Artistic Director Brenda Bufalino
and we need the momentum to continue.
In the year 2000, Tap City was just an                    “In 1955 when I began studying with          specialize in this form seemed an unlikely,
idea. Now it’s the number one tap dance                Honi tap was already on its way out as a        even foolhardy choice as there were so few
festival of the world! And as the festival             popular art-dance. Though he considered         places to perform tap dance. But students
grew, so did the American Tap Dance                    himself an impresario of sorts and wanted       filled              every class I offered,
Foundation which supplied the “founda-                 to help me navigate                                                  and as I discovered
tion” for the mounting of Tap City and                 my career, it was                                                    ways of teaching this
its numerous premiere performances and                 always my Afro-                                                      very complex form of
educational programs. From Tap City                    Cuban act that got                                                   Rhythm Tap I became
we created the International Tap Dance                 the work. Tap Dance                                                   more aware of what I
Hall of Fame, and the Hoofer and Tap                   now was relegated to                                                  did not know. What I
Preservation Awards.                                   the Monday night                                                      performed and knew
    I’d like to remind everyone of another             Jam Sessions with                                                     intuitively, I had
accomplishment that still needs major                  out- of- work dancers                                                 never scrutinized with
support. During the festival, ATDF board               at “Dance Craft.”                                                     conscious appraisal
member, Constance Valis Hill announced                 This was perhaps                                                       because the Masters
the recent creation of The Gregory Hines               the climax of my                                                       of Rhythm tap had
Collection of American Tap Dance, which                early tap education,                                                   relieved me of the
documents the history of tap dance on film             improvising, trading                                                   responsibility        of
                                                       four and eight bars                                                    understanding what
                                                       with some of the                                                        I was doing by con-
                                                       greatest dancers I had                                                  vincing me of my
                                                       ever seen or heard. At                                                  talent and innate
                                                       these sessions some-                                                     ability to “swing.”
                                                       one was always playing                                                      In l973 anticipat-
                                                       the piano, humming                                                       ing and helping to
                                                       or singing. In my                                                      initiate the revival
                                                       eleven young years of studying and per-         of tap dance, I began to present my early
                                                       forming I never had the occasion to dance       mentor and dear friend Honi Coles, and
                                                       to canned taped music or records. Now a         members of The Copasetic Club to the
                                                       student of dance is fortunate to ever be        audiences in New Paltz, New York where
                                                       accompanied by live music. They strain          I was teaching at the college and at my
                                                       to find where a bar begins and ends on          own studio and performance space...”The
                                                       a CD. Music is often just background to         Dancing Theatre.” It was there in l975
                                                       out-of-time rattling. The understanding         that I produced and directed them in a
                                                       of musical structure, the most essential        two hour documentary “Great Feats of
                                                       component in the development of a tap           Feet... Portrait of the Jazz Tap Dancer,”
THE LATE GREGORY HINES WITH THE LATE SAMMY DAVIS JR.   dancer, if it comes at all, usually has to be   featuring Honi Coles, Charles Cook,
                                                       learned on-the-hoof.                            Bubba Gaines, Ernest Brown, Buster
and video, print, and photos, and is now                  I now have over fifty years of perform-      Brown, Albert Gibson, and James Stump
housed in the Dance Division of the New                ing, creating choreography and teaching         Cross. During that intense week of video
York Public Library for the Performing                 dancers all over the world. Though I            taping these masters I was transfixed, and
Arts. The Collection is named in loving                studied and performed many other forms          re-inspired by the depth and complexity
memory of our friend Gregory Hines and                 of dance after the venues for tap dance         of this art form and overwhelmed by how
can now be visited online by going to:                 closed down, gradually the intoxicating         much I had yet to learn about rhythm
www.atdfhinescollection.com                            rhythms of America’s own indigenous             tap and its presentation. I decided to
    The American Tap Dance Foundation                  art form found there way back into my           dedicate my life in dance, choreography,
is officially announcing a national call for           performance lexicon.         After including    teaching and performance ... to the devel-
donations of materials to be included in               tap dance in my mixed-media, and avant-         opment, preservation, presentation and
the Gregory Hines Collection of American               garde performances in the l960’s and early      performance of tap dance.”
Tap Dance. If you or your organization is              70’s, the enthusiastic reception made me            -Brenda Bufalino
interested in donating, or if you have any             feel that the audience was ready for its
questions or concerns, please feel free to             return and I decided to give my full atten-        For publishing dates and purchasing
contact us at anytime.                                 tion to percussive dance. At that time to       info visit: www.brendabufalino.com
THETAP TIMES                                                                                                                SUMMER2004
Tap City 2004 Awards Recipients

JANE GOLDBERG                      “BROWNIE” BROWN                                                           INGRAM FOR LAVAUGHN ROBINSON

                                                International Tap Dance Hall of Fame Inductees


   Jillian Ackerman, Miranda Agostini, Harry
Anderson, Erica Bauerline, Shana Beeble,
Dani Center, Warren Craft, Tricia DeSario,                                                        HINES COLLECTION OF AMERICAN TAP
Dolores Daza, Jovana Di Prisco, Kaitlyn
Frank, Charley Gartman, Devon Gibbons,
Verona Gowrie, Ruby Hankey, Kira Hosbein,
Lee Howard, Miarden Jackson, John Johnson,
Tyra Jones, Samara Manger-Weill, Michael
Morabito, Michael Osseyran, Iliana Paris,
Kaili Porteous, Amanda Rodriques, Elizabeth
Rosa, Jesse Rubin, Sarah Ruiz, Garensha
Sanon-Washington, Elija Sanon-Washington,
Coulee Slatnick, Ryann Taylor, Byron Tittle,
Shamfa Tittle, Arianna Vogel, Kaitlyn Way,
Joseph Wiggan, Josette Wiggan, and T.J. Yale

   Dayna Szyndrowski (Registrar), Courtney
Craven, Jaimee Crenshaw, Mikhaila Gonzales,
                                                                                              DONALD O’CONNOR
Salazar, Shannon Sullivan, Gretchen Wagner,
Janine Weekly, Maja Zorga, and Fawn Lloyd.
                                                                                                                ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY DEBI FIELD
THETAP TIMES                                                                                                                           SUMMER2004
Upcoming Events & Activities
The Annual ATDF Winter Tap Intensive                     Merrick, New York                               Crockett, Texas
February 18th – 21st, 2005                               Merrick-Bellmore Community                      Piney Woods Fine Arts Association
A dynamic weekend of master classes, a tap                 Concert Association                           Crockett Civic Center
choreography showcase and a solo concert by              Calhoun High School Auditorium                  Saturday, March 12, 2005
Brenda Bufalino.                                         Saturday, November 13, 2004                     7:30 p.m. Performance
                                                         8:00 p.m. Performance                           Tap workshop time TBA
ATDF’s Second Annual Fundraising Party                   Providence, Rhode Island                        Pittsburg, Kansas
March 28, 2005                                           Rhode Island College                            Pittsburg State University
Join us for an exclusive preview performance             Roberts Auditorium                              Pittsburg Memorial Auditorium
of Tap City, the annual NYC Tap Festival held            Thursday, November 18, 2004                     Monday, March 14, 2005
in July, in a private residential loft in the East       8:00 p.m. Performance                           7:00 p.m. Performance
Village of Manhattan. Lot’s of fun, food and
footwork!                                                Johnstown, Pennsylvania                         Lafayette, Louisiana
                                                         University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown           Performing Arts Society of Acadiana
Tony Waag’s Tap City,                                    Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center              Heymann Performing Arts Center
                                                         Wednesday, January 19, 2005                     Saturday, April 9 – Monday, April 11, 2005
the New York City Tap Festival                           Tap workshop time TBA                           3 day tap residency for youth and adults
Sat., June 25th – Sun. July 3rd, 2005                    8:00 p.m. Performance                           Sunday, April 10, 2005
Tap City features hundreds of tap dance courses                                                          7:30 p.m. Performance
and master classes with internationally re-              Richmond, Virginia
nowned teachers, teen and children’s programs,           University of Richmond                          Malibu, California
a week of premiere performances at the Joyce             Alice Jepson Theatre                            Pepperdine University
Theater, the annual Tap Dance Hall of Fame,              Thursday & Friday, Jan. 20-21, 2005             Smothers Theater
Tap Preservation and Hoofer Awards, tap talks,           7:30 p.m. Performances                          Wednesday, April 13, 2005
tap films, tap jams and more!                             Master class time TBA                           Two Young People Performances at
                                                                                                         10:00 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.
Tap City on Tour                                         Sanibel, Florida                                Thursday, April 14, 2005
November, 2004 – April, 2005                             Schein Performance Hall                          7:30 p.m. Performance
Tap City presents the best of the annual New             Saturday, February 26, 2005
York City Tap Festival, touring North America            8:00 p.m. Performance                           Fresno, California
for the first time with an international cast of          tap workshop time TBA                           Terry Clark Dance Centre
legendary tap veterans, cutting-edge tap soloists,                                                       William Saroyan Theatre
                                                         Vero Beach, Florida                             Saturday, April 16, 2005
and up-and-coming young talent. The cast of              Riverside Theatre
Tap City is drawn from a list of performers who                                                          Two master classes times TBA
                                                         Vero Beach High School Performing Arts Center   Sunday, April 17, 2005
have been featured in the New York City Tap              Sunday, March 6, 2005
Festival since it’s inception in 2001.                                                                   8:00 p.m. Performance, preceded by a reception
                                                         2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m. Performances
Kutztown, Pennsylvania                                                                                   Danville, Virginia
                                                         Kirksville, Missouri                            Danville Concert Association
Kutztown University                                      Truman State University
Schaeffer Auditorium                                                                                     George Washington High School Auditorium
                                                         Baldwin Hall                                    Saturday, April 23, 2005
Wednesday, November 10, 2004                             Tuesday, March 8, 2005
6:00-7:30 p.m. tap workshop                                                                              7:30 p.m. Performance
                                                         7:30 p.m. Performance                           Tap workshop time TBA
Thursday, November 11, 2004
12:30 p.m. Young People Concert                          Baldwin City, Kansas                            * For detailed information, locations, future
8:00 p.m. Performance                                    Baker University                                updates, additional programming and general
                                                         Rice Auditorium                                 information on the ATDF, please visit our website
                                                         Thursday, March 10, 2005                        at: www.atdf.org or call: 646-230-9564
                                                         7:30 p.m. Performance

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                                    This event is made possible in part with

                                                                                                  Red Bull
                                    public funds from the Fund for Creative
                                    Communities/New York State Council on the
                                    Arts Decentralization Program administered
                                    by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

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                                                                                 John McHugh
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DANCER                                 organization founded by tap dancers Brenda           Your name and an acknowledgement
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                                       “Honi” Coles. Please consider a tax-deduct-          Our bi-annual newsletter The Tap
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                                             Training Scholarships for children and   tions and events.
Bill Irwin                             teens.                                            Please join us, as we gather a vibrant
PERFORMER                                    The Gregory Hines Collection of Tap      and diverse global tap community and
Ann Kilkelly                           Dance.                                         communicate across cultural and national
                                             The International Tap Dance Hall of      boundaries through this uniquely American
Marda Kirn
INTERNATIONAL TAP ASSOCIATION          Fame awards, retrospectives, screenings and    art form. To make a contribution, please
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