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									      Meet Your

On Wednesday, June 9 our
staff will host a Meet Your                                                 6483 Waldon Center Dr.
  Counselors night at the          Summer 2010 News                              P.O. Box 69
Pavilion at Clintonwood Park
 from 5—7 pm. This gives
                               Independence Township                         Clarkston, MI. 48347
   parents and campers a         Parks and Recreation                           248.625.8223
 chance to meet the staff                                              
and ask any questions they
 may have about the camp
                             Dear Parent/Guardian,
                                      My name is Josh Melvin and I will be Clintonwood Camp’s 1st-3rd
         Location              Grade Supervisor this summer. This will be my second year in this
  Clintonwood Camp is          position, however this summer we will be dividing Clintonwood Camp
 located at Clintonwood        into two separate summer camps. The two camps will still play games,
 Park, 6000 Clarkston          go on select field trips, and play Four Square together, but we also
  Rd. The park offers a        hope to offer your child more age-appropriate activities by doing
                               some things individually.
safe environment and
  modern facilities in-              I am a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree
cluding the spray park,        in elementary education and concentrations in Language Arts and
    which we will use          History. Our Assistant Supervisor at Clintonwood 1st—3rd Camp is
     throughout the            Mallory Deacon. Mallory is currently attending Michigan State
        summer.                University, perusing a degree in Museum Studies. This is also her
                               second year at Clintonwood Camp! We are looking forward to working
Please Note-                   with both you and your child this summer!
    This summer the two               Our staff of counselors is outstanding and will feature many
 elementary age camps will     familiar faces from last year, along with some new faces. Each week
   be running on different     will contain one beach day at Deer Lake Beach and one field-trip or
                               speaker per week. This year we will be going on some new and
  schedules. We will share
                               exciting field trips, along with some of our old favorites! Campers
    many of the same field
                               can look forward to playing many of their favorite games, such as
  trips but some weeks we      4-Square and Prisonerball, as well as many new games and craft
    will be going different    projects! This summer will be jam-packed with many new
   places. Also, we will be    experiences, growth, and FUN!
  doing different activities         We have a lot of exciting theme weeks planned, and can’t wait
from the 4th-5th camp on       for your child to be a part of them! See you in June!
 certain days so please pay
attention to the differences   Josh Melvin
  in calendars. Thank you!     Clintonwood Camp 1st-3rd Supervisor
                                 Clintonwood Camp 1st-3rd Grade Overview                                June 2010

                  Monday             Tuesday   Wednesday               Thursday           Friday

                                 1             2                      3              4

              7                  8             9                      10             11

Session 1:    14
              Getting to know
                                 15            16                     17             18
                                 Animal               Fiesta!
                                                                      Beach Day           Crafty
Welcome       you and Spray                          Piñatas,
                                                                                     Camper Day and
              Park! Learn to     Magician      Crazy Hats and more!   At Deer Lake
 Week!        play camp games!
                                               Wear a Hat Today!                     Ice Cream Social

 Session 2:   21                 22            23                     24             25
  Lights,     Showtime           AMC           Win, Lose or   Beach Day              Dutch Auction!
  Camera,     Charades                         Draw and other At Deer Lake           Movie-Themed
              and Improv         Movie Trip    Gameshow Games                        Games

Session 3: 28                    29            30
           Animal Relays         Zookeeper     Red, White and
Born to be And                   And Critter   Blue Day! Cookout

  Wild!                          Crackers
                                               Lunch Provided!
                                 Clintonwood Camp 1st-3rd Grade Overview                                   July 2010
                  Monday              Tuesday           Wednesday            Thursday        Friday

Session 3:                                                              1               2
Born to be                                                              Beach Day       Detroit Zoo
                                                                        At Deer Lake    Field Trip
Session 4:   5
                                 6                  7                   8               9
 Survival    Scavenger
                                 Indian Springs     Nature Poetry       Beach Day       Ultimate Camp
                                 Metro Park Trip    And Art             At Deer Lake       Survival
  Week       Hunt

Session 5: 12                    13                 14                  15              16
 Sports    Teamwork Day!
           Wear a team
                                 Novi Ice Arena
                                 Ice Skating Trip
                                                     Crazy Games
                                                                        Beach Day        Camp Olympics
                                                                                          Wear Your
                                                                        At Deer Lake
Fan Week jersey or hat!                              Competitions                         Team Color!

Session 6:   19                  20                 21                  22              23
 Holiday        Holiday Day!
              Easter Egg Hunt,
                                 International          Birthday Day!
                                                                        Beach Day        Halloween Day!
                                                                                         Make Caramel
                                 Holiday Day                            At Deer Lake
  Week           Valentines!
                Wear Green!
                                                        And Counselor
                                                         Cake Walk!
                                                                                        Apples and “Bob”
                                                                                         for Doughnuts

Session 7:   26                  27                 28                  29              30
 Bigger is     Larger than       Berry Picking
                                 Trip to Spicer’s
                                                       World            Beach Day        Big Block Party
                                                                                         Cookout Lunch
             Life Crafts and                        Records Day         At Deer Lake
  Better        Challenges       Orchard                                                    Provided!
                                   Clintonwood Camp 1st-3rd Grade Overview                              August 2010
                   Monday               Tuesday    Wednesday            Thursday           Friday
Session 8:   2                     3               4                5                 6
Fun in the       Spray Park fun
                   and Water
                                   Water Relays
                                                   Waterford Oaks
                                                                    Beach Day At
                                                                    Deer Lake and
                                                                                      Carnival Day!!!
                                   and Games
   Sun!          Balloon Games                      Water Park
                                                                    Picnic at Depot

Session 9:                         10              11               12                13
                 Ultimate Soccer

 Farewell                                           4-Square and                       Talent Show
                                   Skateworld of                    Beach Day
                                     Troy Trip        Lightning     At Deer Lake       And Yearbook
                    Discovery                        Tournament                           Signing

             16                    17              18               19                20

             23                    24              25               26                27

             30                    31

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