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					In this Tutorial I'm wanna show you how to create a Mybb forum

1) First go to this link:
2) Then you 'Sign Up!' in the bottom-right of this site
3) There are two options ' I want to host my own domain',click this if you have money(don't use this)
4) Click this 'or, I will choose your free subdomain' ,this is free (Use this)
5) Enter the domain name you want
6) Fill the required information and click on 'create my account'
7) You had created your host
8) Click on 'go to CPanel'
9) Then go to 'Files' menu and on the Click on file manager
10) Enter with your username and password
11) Then click on 'public_html'
12) In that delete the 'htaccess.txt' and check that the folder is empty
13) Now Click on this link :
14) Download the latest version
15) After download go to your host
16) Now enter your host and go to 'public_html'
17) Click on 'Upload' in top-left
18) And on the Archives option click 'Browse' and upload your downloaded content
19) After uploaded go to your account on 000webhost
20) Now click on MySQL
21) And create a database
22) Now go to list accounts on 000webhost
23) After that it shows the domains you created
24) Click on your domain and it opens in a new tab
25) After that in the web address put '/install' ex:
26) After it shows the installation
27) Fill all the requirements and complete the installation.
28) Now your Forum is ready.

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