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The official Wall Street Alphas newsletter,
Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter, NYC                  June 2009   Vol. 2, No. 5
The official Wall Street Alphas newsletter,
Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter, NYC                                                         June 2009      Vol. 2, No. 5

                 SIP returns to NYC
      By Bro. Richard Bates, SIP Committee Chairman                              President’s Letter

  On May 29, 2009, The Wall Street Alphas Charitable               Dear Brothers and Guests,
  Foundation (WSACF) hosted their 5th Annual Wine Tasting
  Event known as SIP! at the Greenberg Lounge. There were          What a year! With only a few weeks remaining in
  approximately 300 people in attendance and this year's           this fraternal year, its time we look back and take
  event raised over $8100 to provide ongoing financial             inventory of all we’ve accomplished and
  support for the WSACF programs and most notably for the          witnessed over the last year. We started off with
  Alpha GENTS (Gaining Essential Networking Tools for              a bang as we participated in, not one, but two A
  Success) program. This years event was sponsored in part         Voteless People Is A Hopeless People
  by Jones Lang LaSalle.                                           campaigns partnering with Alpha Gamma
                                                                   Lambda and Gamma Iota Lambda chapter. We
  Guests dined on hors d'oeuvres while sampling red and            helped organize our community to participate in
  white wines from Carolina Brands, Premium Liqueur and            the most historic and memorable Presidential
  Sake from TY KU, Delpech Fougerat Pineau des                     Election of our lifetime.

  Continued on page 9                                              On November 4th, we witnessed the culmination
                                                                   of 2 years on the campaign trail with the election
          The Grio brings you the news                             of our very first African-American President
                        By Bro. Brian Pruitt                       Barack Obama. The campaign, election, weeks
                                                                   leading up to and including the Inauguration and
   KXL Bro. Barion Grant recently announced that an internet       his first few months in office will be a time none
   project that he had been working on had gone live.              of us will be able to forget. is promoted to be the first video-centric news
   community site providing African Americans with stories         Recognizing that our most important work is
   and perspectives that appeal to them but are generally          paving the way for our young men and women,
   underrepresented in traditional news outlets.                   we had an extraordinary Fall formal. In our
                                                                   second year of hosting Think Black!, Bros. Lino
   The site is through the cooperation of NBC News and the         Solis and Shawn Curwen led the chapter’s effort
   production team that created the documentary film               to raise money for our Alpha G.E.N.T.S.
   “Meeting David Wilson.”                                         programming and scholarship initiative.

   Be sure to check it out the next time you’re surfing the net.   For Black History Month, we reflected on the
                                                                   historic election and asked ourselves what does
                                                                   it all mean? The Future of Black History: Have
                      Inside this Edition                          We Reached the Promised Land? was an
                                                                   extraordinary program led by Bros. Mark Anthony
            President’s Letter                                     Thomas and Jay Williams. Community leaders
            Editor’s Report                                        Jineea Butler, Mark Winston Griffith, Bro. Dr.
            SIP 5
                                                                   Frederick C. Harris and Newark City Councilman
            Alpha GENTS
                                                                   Bro. Ron Rice engaged our audience in a
                                                                   discussion of Black History and the future of the
                                                                   Black Community in light of the election of
                        Contact Us:
                                                                   President Barack Obama.
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               President’s Letter

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This year’s Alpha G.E.N.T.S. calendar was
certainly a busy one hosting one high-quality
program after another. Led by Bros. Plemmie
Lawson and Malik Simmonds, the GENTS
program grew to 20 mentees as we welcomed a
partnership with High School of Graphics
Communication. Throughout the year, they
participated in engaging programs such as
Ronald McDonald House’s Monday Night
Football with the NY GIANTS, Goal Setting, the
New York Urban League’s 22nd Annual
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Fair,                 Our 5th year of SIP may have been the
SAT Prep & College Selection, Grooming /                         best ever as guests came out in numbers
Dressing for Success, Project Alpha Educational                   to support the mentoring programs and
Workshop and Basketball Tournament, Web                              scholarships for the Alpha GENTS.
Design Class, and an overnight College Tour that                   Education Chair Bro. Plemmie Lawson
took our mentees to the University of Maryland                   and his fiancé were on hand to enjoy the
and Howard University.                                                           festivities.
Capping off an eventful year, the chapter divided
into two fundraising teams for March for Babies
(4th year) and AIDS Walk New York (2nd Year).
During a time of recession, the chapter raised a
combined $8,000 dollars while numerous
Brothers, along with friends and family,
participated in the April and May walkathons.
Finally, on May 28th we hosted our longest
running event, Sip, our 5th Annual Wine Tasting.
An extremely popular event, we had a record
number of guests, with proceeds helping to fund
our Alpha G.E.N.T.S. mentorship program.

The Wall Street Alphas remain a premier chapter
within this great Fraternity adding to the amazing
work done by Brothers here in New York City. I
anxiously look forward to our next fraternal year,
as we continue to march Onward and Upward.

                                                                               Mark your Calendar!
                                                               6/20:   GENTS Year-End Closing Workshop
                                                               6/26:   AGL Yacht Cruise
Jioha Amatokwu                                                 7/15:   National Convention
President, KXL Chapter                                         7/18:   KXL Planning Meeting
“Wall Street Alphas”

                               Visit the “Wall Street Alphas” on Facebook or My Space or at
                                AIDS Walk 2009

     Coming together for a great cause…..the AIDS walk was truly a Phamily
    event this year as KXL came together with other bruhs, sorors, and youth
                        to make it a truly memorable day.

Congratulations to the newly elected 2009-2010 Executive Board!
               Continue to hold the light up high.

 President: Jioha Amatokwu
 Vice President: Damon Culcleasure
 Recording Secretary: Chris Hunt
 Corresponding Secretary: Jamel Maloney
 Financial Secretary: Mel Myrie
 Treasurer: Keith Harvey
 Chaplain: Dwight Tindall
 Coordinator of Membership & Intake: Nicolas Rosello, Jr.
 Parliamentarian: Lino Solis
 Director of Educational Activities: Ted Ingram
 Associate Editor to The Sphinx: Tony Thompson
 Historian: Jesse Owens
 Sergeant-At-Arms: Lael Chappell

   If you have any comments on the Newsletter or would like to submit content, reply to
                          Visit us at and

                                          THE EDITOR’S REPORT

Greetings Brothers,                                         Atlanta, Georgia. Bro. Johnson who is currently
                                                            the Director of Human Resources for Bro. General
We’ve made it through another busy fraternal                President Skip Mason has decided to give up the
year and while it’s great to get a few months off to        frigid winters of NYC for some southern
recharge the batteries and enjoy a few cookouts,            hospitality, Can you blame him? Congratulations
I’m already anxious to see what next year will              brothers!
bring to KXL. Our returning President and V.P.
are already outlining the Executive Board’s                 This time last year I had just been voted the KXL
planning meeting next month that will lay the               Brother of the Year for 2007-08, a great personal
foundation for next year’s objectives. This year            honor given that the award is named after Bro.
saw some of the newer brothers take on                      Samuel Parker, an unforgettable brother to all
leadership opportunities and excel. Think Black             who knew him. I was happy to hear that this
Chairman Lino Solis, SIP Chairman Richard Bates,            year’s recipient was Bro. Tony Thompson. Tony
March for Babies Captain Seth Langley, and AIDS             just completed his second year as Chairman of
walk Captain Ted Ingram all drove their respective          the Communications Committee which is easily
teams raising substantial dollars and conducting            among the most challenging ongoing committee
outstanding events for brothers and participants.           positions in the chapter.          Overseeing all
With the election of the new Executive Board, its           incoming and outgoing communications is a
great to see another wave of brothers ready and             crazy job, but Tony had the perfect temperament
willing to accept key leadership positions to help          to help smooth out the bumps in the road and
KXL ascend to that next level.                              keep everyone on track. During his tenure we
                                                            saw the development of the new Chapter website,
Summertime is here and that means change and                a Foundation website, the Chapter newsletter,
exciting announcements. Wedding bells recently              and the use of other media to publicize KXL and
rang for Bro.    David Jones and Christian                  its many events and programs. Thanks for a
Robinson who happily took the plunge and said               tremendous job Tony!
goodbye      to   the                                                                   Finally, I wanted to be
single life. But that                                                                   sure to acknowledge the
life altering event                                                                     great work of Bro.
wasn’t enough for                                                                       Plemmie Lawson who
them as Bro. Jones                                                                      has guided the Alpha
recently announced                                                                      G.E.N.T.S. through yet
that he has accepted                                                                    another     INCREDIBLE
a new position in                                                                       year.    Brothers, let’s
Massachusetts and                                                                       continue to support the
Bro. Robinson will                                                                      Educational Committee
soon be entering                                                                        and never forget our
Graduate School at                                                                      responsibility “to the
UNC in the Fall. We                                                                     youths     who     march
also            must                                                                    onward and upward
unfortunately     say                                                                   toward the light”.
farewell to former
two      term    KXL                                                                    ‘06,
President     Antonio                                                                   Brian Pruitt
Johnson who will                                                                        Newsletter Editor in
soon be relocating                                                                      Chief
his law practice to                                                   AP                Wall St. Alphas

                                        I hope all the dads had a
                                       tremendous Father’s Day!

             Note: The Editor’s report reflects thoughts or opinions of the Editor and are not necessarily
                                    shared by the chapter or the Fraternity as a whole.
        2008-2009 Chapter Officers and Board Members

Executive Board

President:                      Brother Jioha Amatokwu
Vice President:                 Brother Damon Culcleasure
Recording Secretary:            Brother Christopher Hunt
Corresponding Secretary:        Brother Tony Thompson
Treasurer:                      Brother Brandon Ray
Financial Secretary:            Brother Allen Moton
Chaplain:                       Brother Wiky Toussaint
Historian:                      Brother Sean Gayle
Coordinator of Intake:          Brother Nicolas Rosello, Jr.
Sergeant-at-Arms:               Brother David Williams
Parliamentarian:                Brother Esu Ma’at
Dir. of Educational Activity:   Brother Plemmie Lawson
Assoc. Editor to the Sphinx:    Brother Corey A. McDougle

Wall Street Alphas Charitable Foundation
Board of Directors

President & Chairman:           Brother Shawn A. Curwen
Secretary:                      Brother Tony Johnson
Treasurer:                      Brother Roy A. Williams
Assistant Treasurer:            Brother Brent Cohen
Fundraising/Sponsorship Chair: Brother Brandon V. Ray
Board Member:                   Brother Gerard Brogdon
Board Member:                   Brother Derrick Crawford
Board Member:                   Brother Elvin Dowling
Board Member:                   Brother Samuel Parker

Newsletter Committee

Editor in Chief:                Brother Brian Pruitt
Assistant Editor:               Brother Chris Hunt
Contributors:                   Brother Corey A. McDougle
                                Brother Lino Solis
                                Brother Jay Williams

                         Brothers Walk for Babies
                            by Bro. Seth R. Langley, Ph.D.
Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. joined nearly 1,700 people on
April 26 for the 2009 March of Dimes, March for Babies Walkathon, at the Lincoln Center in
New York City; a special thank you to all of the Brother participants.

Every year, 7 million compassionate people, including Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter of Alpha
Phi Alpha join in, raising more than $1.7 billion to bring the March of Dimes closer in
research and to the day when all babies are born healthy and full term.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. has been a national
WalkAmerica team since 1998, and has contributed
nearly $1 million including over $5 thousand
contributed by the Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter this year.
Seventy-six (76) cents of every dollar raised in the
March for Babies is spent on research and programs
to help prevent premature birth, birth defects and infant
mortality. Every year, more than half a million babies
are born prematurely and more than one hundred
twenty (120) thousand are born with serious birth
defects in the United States.

This year’s fundraising participants were: Kelso Anderson, Eric Dickens, Sean Gayle,
Jonathan Joyce, Seth Langley, Kenneth Martin Jr., Ozias Moore, Jesse Owens, Brandon
Ray, Garvin Reid, John Schuk, Lino Solis, Omari Wallace, and our Chapter President
Jioha Amatokwu, who stated, “The March for Babies walkathon is very important to the
Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Many of us are fathers or future fathers and
we understand the health of our babies is in our hands. The work that the March of
Dimes is doing helps us to ensure that we’re giving them a healthy start in life.”

                The Alpha GENTS finish out the
                         year strong

 In what can only be described as an incredible year, the young men finished
 their programming with a college tour to the University of Massachusetts in
 April, a Web Design workshop in May led by Bro. Eric Hamilton, and a trip to
  Hot 97 Summer Jam in June. As always, the Educational Committee did an
 outstanding job in extending the time and effort to try to make a difference
                   and provide guidance to our young men.
 The Wall Street Alphas salute outgoing Educational Committee Chairman Bro.
Plemmie Lawson in providing the vision, commitment, and leadership to ensure
  that our programs both challenged and inspired our GENTS to push forward
                                  and excel.

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Charentes (Red & White wines) and Pour Moi -
Cognac VSOP from JTE Spirits, and Bulldog Gin. The
musical entertainment for the evening was provided
by Allgood and Company. Additionally, all guests had
the opportunity to purchase items in the silent auction
led by Triple Crown Sports and cigars from Cigar
Smokers Paradise. At the conclusion of the evening,
guests were given a gift bag that included a small
bottle of wine, cheese & crackers, Black Enterprise
magazine, and other information.

                                                            Special thanks to the committee: Bros Damon
                                                            Culcleasure, Eric Hamilton, Ted Ingram, Jamel
                                                            Maloney, Mel Myrie, Jesse Owens, Brandon
                                                            Ray, Lino Solis, Tony Thompson, Dwight Tindall,
                                                            and Derrick Weatherspoon.

     Bros. Kenneth Martin, Mark Anthony                     "Though I wasn't at the event, I heard VERY
     Thomas, and Keith Harvey donated                       good things about the people there, the
      toys to Graham Windham's Finest                       ambience, and the quality of the gin (ha!ha!) We
      Care Day Care Center on behalf of                     felt privileged to be a part of it. Let's keep in
                 the Chapter.                               touch for future events."
                                                            Anshuman Vohra, CEO Bulldog Gin Company

                                                          KXL and ZH brothers come together in
                                                              fellowship for Founder’s Day.

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                                          In what has become an
                                        eagerly anticipated kick off
                                           to the summer, guests
                                         flocked to the Greenberg
                                       Lounge at NYU to wind down
                                        after work. Wine, cognac,
                                        sake, and gin set the mood
                                       for good conversation and a
                                             party atmosphere.

                        Bro. Shawn Curwen, President of the
                           Wall Street Alphas Charitable
                        Foundation, offered his appreciation
                          for the tremendous turnout and

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               For the latest news on the Alpha GENTS and our mentoring
                        programs be sure to visit

                                        Bro. Shawn Curwen, President of the
                                            Wall Street Alphas Charitable
                                       Foundation offered his appreciation for
                                        the tremendous turnout and support.

            ΑΦΑ - A Century of Leadership - ΑΦΑ

   Brothers recently worshipped together at Trinity Church near Wall Street as part
   of a reclamation event. Services by the Rev. Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones were
                followed by Sunday brunch at a local spot downtown.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Kappa Xi Lambda Chapter
P.O. Box 5382
New York, NY 10185-5382

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