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 MYAS Grade State                          Rec State Championships
                                       “March Madness” is an understatement when it comes to the 2005 MYAS
                                       Grade State Basketball Championships. This year’s tournament will feature
                                       nearly 1,100 girls and boys traveling teams battling it out on two consecutive
                                       weekends to determine who is the best in Minnesota.

The girls tournament is up 21 teams this year for a total of 477, while the boys event has an unbelievable total of 615
teams — an increase of 110 over last year. The MYAS Grade State Basketball Championships truly represent what
March Madness is all about!

          March 4-6      477 teams   32 divisions                     March 11-13    615 teams   44 divisions

 Site                        Divisions                        Site                  Divisions
 Bloomington Jefferson       5AA, 6AAAA, 8B                   Champlin Park         4AAA, 5AAAA, 5B, 6AAAA, 6D,
 Bloomington Kennedy         6AAA, 7AAA, 8A                                         7AAAAAAA, 8AAAAAAA, 9AAA
                                                              Columbia Heights      7AAA, 8A
 Columbia Heights            4AAAA, 7D, 8D
                                                              Cottage Grove         5A, 8B, 9AAAA
 Fridley                     8AA, 9AAAA                       Delano                5C, 6C, 7A
 Oakdale (Skyview)           8AAAA, 8C                        Fridley               7B, 8AAAA, 9AA
 Prior Lake                  6D, 7AAAAA, 7A, 7B               Hastings              5D, 7C, 7D, 8AAA, 8D
 Rogers                      5AAAA, 7AAAA, 9AA                Maple Grove           4AAAA, 5AAA, 8AAAAAA
                                                              Rogers                5AAAAA, 6AAAAA, 6B
 Sibley                      6B, 7AA, 8AAAAA
                                                              Spring Lake Park      6A, 7AAAA, 8C
 Simley                      5AAA, 5B, 6C                     St. Francis           6AAA, 7AAAAA, 9A
 St. Francis                 6AA, 8AA, 9AAA                   Visitation HS         5AA, 6AA, 7AAAAAA, 10AAAA
                                                              Wayzata               6AAAAAA, 7AA, 8AAAAA, 8AA

                  Rec State Basketball Championship
Many in-house basketball teams across the                     Since the inception of the Rec State
state are now preparing for the ultimate state                Championship, it has provided some good
championship on March 18-20 at Spring Lake                    competition, a lot of excitement and the
Park High School. The MYAS Rec State                          opportunity for in-house teams to play in their
Championship is held for teams that participate               own state tournament. The Rec State
in a basketball league conducted by a city park               Championship is the one and only state
and recreation, community education or in-                    tournament held for in-house teams!
house program. No traveling teams are
permitted to play in this tournament!

The make-up of all teams will be verified by the
appropriate league director or supervisor of
park and recreation. Teams are now allowed to
pick up other players from their in-house
program to help strengthen or field a team for
the tournament.

                                                                         RICH PENICK AND ANDREA PONTO
                          NOTHING BUT NET                                PROGRAM DIRECTORS

                                 AAU Boys & Girls Basketball
As hard as it is to believe, the 2005 AAU basketball season is just around the corner. In order to prepare
everyone, the MYAS/AAU is offering free informational workshops that will cover all aspects of the
Minnesota AAU basketball programs.

First-year coaches are required to attend a workshop; veteran coaches and club directors are highly
encouraged to attend as a refresher and/or to learn about rule changes, the new online roster, online
registration at, roster verification nights and much more. Listed below are the remaining
informational workshop dates as of this issue of the YSC.

      March 1 @ 6:30pm        Wayzata HS; 4955 Peony Lane N.; Plymouth
      March 5 @ 1:00pm        DAYBA basketball office; 102 S. 29th Ave. W., Suite 108; Duluth
      March 9 @ 6:30pm        Columbia Heights HS; 1440 49th Ave. NE; Columbia Heights
      March 16 @ 6:30pm       Bloomington Kennedy HS; 9701 Nicollet Ave. S.; Bloomington

The MYAS/AAU is also offering two roster verification nights where coaches can have their paperwork
approved prior to checking in at their first tournament.

      March 30    6:30-8:00pm        Park Center HS; 7300 Brooklyn Blvd. N.; Brooklyn Park
                                     OR Friendly Hills Middle School; 701 Mendota Heights Rd.; Mendota Hts

      April 6     6:30-8:00pm        White Bear Lake HS South Campus; 3551 McKnight Rd.; WBL
                                     OR Hopkins Lindbergh Center; 2400 Lindbergh Drive; Minnetonka

 GIRLS TOURNAMENTS                                         BOYS TOURNAMENTS

 April 1-3           Invitationals                         April 1-3          Invitationals
 April 8-10          Invitationals                         April 8-10         Invitationals
 April 15-17         Invitationals                         April 15-17        Invitationals

 April 22-24         Invitationals                         April 22-24        Invitationals
                                                           April 29-May 1     Invitationals
 April 29-May 1      Invitationals
                                                           May 6-8            Invitationals
 May 6-8             District Qualifiers
                                                           May 13-15          Invites; District Qualifiers (16U);
 May 13-15           Invitationals
                                                                              District Championships (19U)
 May 20-22           District Championships                May 20-22          District Qualifiers (9-15U/17U)
 June 3-5            Invitationals                         May 27-29          District Championships (16U)
 June 10-12          Invitationals                         May 28-29          Two-day Invitational
 June 17-19          MYAS/AAU Summer Jam                   June 3-5           District Championships (9-15U/17U)
                                                           June 10-12         Invitationals
                                                           June 18            Super Saver
                                                           June 25            Super Saver

                                           RICH PENICK AND ANDREA PONTO
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   Girls Metro & Boys Traveling Leagues
The 2004-05 Girls Metro Basketball League was a huge success with 69 teams and nine different divisions. The
league capped off with the first and second place teams in each division attending the GMBL Awards Banquet at
Falcon Ridge Middle School in Apple Valley. Pizza-n-Pasta sponsored the banquet, and the MYAS would like to
thank them for their generosity in helping to make the event possible. We also extend our thanks to all of the GMBL
teams, league hosts and game officials who made this year’s league happen.

            2004-05 Girls Metro Basketball League
                 First & Second Place Teams
 5th Grade B/C                         6th Grade C                            8th Grade B
 1st Place:   Orono Blue               1st Place:  Mendota Heights            1st Place:  Westside Boosters
 2nd Place:   Fridley Tigers           2nd Place:  Westonka Whitehawks        2nd Place:  Chapel Hill Academy

 5th Grade C                           7th Grade B                            8th Grade C
 1st Place:  Westside Boosters         1st Place:  St. Paul Blue              1st Place:  Jimmy Lee
 2nd Place:  Farview Cardinals         2nd Place:  Orono Blue                 2nd Place:  Roseville

 6th Grade A/B                         7th Grade C                            8th/9th Grade
 1st Place:   Orono Blue               1st Place:  Orono Red                  1st Place:    City of Lakes
 2nd Place:   Farview Cardinals        2nd Place:  St. Paul Gold              2nd Place:    Saints (tie)
                                                                              2nd Place:    Orono (tie)

The Boys Traveling Basketball League officially wrapped up another successful season on Saturday, February 5.
Several league hosts put forth tremendous effort while volunteering their time each weekend on behalf of the BTBL.
They worked independently at their sites to host the league games and provide outstanding service to the
participants. Special thanks to our league hosts for their dedication to the BTBL all season long: Bethel College,
Blake School, Columbia Heights, Meadow Creek, Minneapolis Southside, Minneapolis YWCA, Minnehaha Academy,
Orono and Roosevelt High School.

Traveling teams from throughout the metro area competed in a 10-game season for the league championship. This
year’s BTBL featured some new teams, including several at the fourth grade level. A number of teams were
participating in their fourth or fifth year.

Communities/schools represented in the 2004-05 BTBL included Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, Delano, Eden
Prairie, Forest Lake, Hopkins, Mahtomedi, Meadow Creek, Minneapolis, Mound-
Westonka, Orono, Rivers Academy, Rockford, Rosemount, St. Anthony, St.
Francis and St. Paul.

The MYAS would like to congratulate the 2004-05 BTBL Champions!

 Division         Team                 Record                      Division        Team                     Record
 5B               Westside               9-1                       7B              Hylanders                 10-0
 5C Red           MN Jaguars             7-0                       7C              Eden Prairie              9-0
 5C White         Roseville              10-0                      8A/B            Westside                  7-1
 6B/C             Mendota                9-1                       8C              EP Storm                  8-0
 6C               Mendota Gold           6-1

                                                                   RICH PENICK AND ANDREA PONTO
                         NOTHING BUT NET                           PROGRAM DIRECTORS

                           MYAS Night with the Gophers                             Super Savers

The 2005 MYAS Night with the Gophers was                State. Unfortunately
held on February 10 at Williams Arena on the            for the Gophers, the
University of Minnesota Campus.                         atmosphere      and
                                                        crowd support were
Approximately 400 girls basketball players,             not enough.
coaches, family and friends participated in a
pre-game gathering in the Williams Arena                The home team
Clubroom. The MYAS provided snacks, many                s t r u g g l e d
giveaways were handed out and the group was             uncharacteristically from the field, shooting just
treated to a pre-game chalk talk by Gophers             over 35%, and were 0-17 from behind the
                    Women’s       Assistant             three-point line. The Gophers ended up on the
                    Coach Danielle O’Banion.            wrong end of a very lopsided score.

                      Following the reception in        Despite their disappointment with the game,
                      the Clubroom, the entire          the MYAS group had a great time and a
                      group flocked into the            wonderful experience!
                      arena and cheered wildly
                      for the Golden Gophers
                      as they prepared to take
                      on Big Ten rival Michigan

Over the past five months, numerous teams have been participating in MYAS girls and boys Super Saver
Basketball Tournaments. These one-day events have become extremely popular with players, coaches
and families alike.

Since last November, we have scheduled 14 girls and 24 boys Super Savers. Girls tournaments have
averaged six divisions per weekend while the boys have averaged eight. We would like to thank all of the
teams that have participated this year and we’re hopeful you’ll return next season.

We know how much you value your time and money, and the Super Saver format was designed with that
in mind. For an entry fee of just $140, each team receives three tournament games in a span of just six
hours. Games consist of 20-minute running time halves; the last two minutes of each half are stop time.
Super Savers feature three divisions of play (A—advanced, B—intermediate and C—beginning) in grades
5-9, so there’s a Super Saver for just about everyone.

Super Savers are held on Saturdays and Sundays from November through March of each year. They are
open to traveling basketball teams that consist of players from a
local athletic association. The MYAS will not knowingly allow
renegade or all-star teams to compete in Super Savers.

Please keep watching the basketball portion of our website
( for information and entry forms for the 2005-06
Super Saver Tournament schedule.

                                     RICH PENICK AND ANDREA PONTO

Gopher State Prep Showcase                USSSA Midwest Regional

                         Minnesota’s Premier Showcase of High School Talent

                                              JULY 7-10, 2005
                          Hopkins Lindbergh Center — Minnetonka, MN

     The Gopher State Prep Showcase is a three-day exposition providing high school varsity
     and junior varsity teams an opportunity to play competitively in the off-season,
     highlighting their abilities to an audience which includes college coaches and recruiters
     from across the country. Get in the game! For additional information, contact Rich
     Penick at 763-781-2220 extension 24 or

  ENTRY FEE: $300                             ENTRY DEADLINE: JUNE 10, 2005
 Presented by:                                       Co-sponsored by:

                                                     Rotary of Bloomington


   NATIONAL QUALIFIER                                    MARCH 18-20, 2005

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