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                         Our Mission Statement
                At Nelson Elementary School, in cooperation
                                                                    4850 Irmin Street, Burnaby, B.C., V5J 1Y2
                with parents and community, we provide a              Tel: 604 664-8784 Fax: 604 664-8834
              respectful atmosphere that fosters responsibility,
               honors diversity and inspires learners to reach                Ms. K. Floyd - Principal
               their individual potential as life long learners.            Miss D. Sakic - Head Teacher
               At Nelson School we value: Respect, Honesty,                   Mrs. J. Moss - Secretary
                  Responsibility, Caring, Inclusiveness

Bulletin #11        June Newsletter                                               Distribution: May 29, 2009
The school website is

Class Placement
At this time of year parents begin thinking about their child’s class placement for next year. Please know that our
staff members work together to thoughtfully place students in classes based on the number of teachers assigned to
our school by the District office.

When determining your child’s placement, a variety of factors are considered. For example: the number of
students in each class, a balance of boys and girls, academic and social strengths and needs, learning styles,
friendships and special interests. We use our professional judgment, existing data, and discussion as we create
classes, keeping in mind the considerations listed above. Staff who are part of the process include the principal,
current classroom teacher/s, next year’s classroom teacher/s at that particular grade level, support staff including
counsellor, learning support teacher and ESL teachers. It is the responsibility of the school staff to arrange classes
so that each student has a positive learning environment and teachers have a manageable teaching assignment.

Much thought and effort goes into the placement of each child.

As principal, I will consider written requests for class placements that describe the academic, social and/or
physical needs of the child. These must be submitted by Friday, June 5th. As always, classes will be finalized in
September. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email: or by
phone at 604-664-8784.

Karen Floyd

School Goals 2009-2010
Goal: To improve the reading comprehension of all students K-7

School-Wide Assessment:

During the last week of April, students in grades 1-7 participated in a school-wide reading and writing
assessment. This assessment focused on reading comprehension, finding the main ideas and supporting details in
a non-fiction text. The writing assessment focused on writing for meaning (including ideas and information, use
of detail and purpose for writing). Teachers have used this data to assess student progress and to plan for reading
and writing instruction. This data is also used as the staff and members of our School Planning Council write
Nelson’s School Plan for the 2009-2010 school year.

Reading Tip:

Comprehension is the reason for reading. When good readers comprehend what they read, they understand it and
can communicate their understanding to others. To support comprehension at home, parents can:

   •   Have their child predict what might happen next in the story.
   •   Ask who, what, where and why questions.
   •   Ask their child the topic before reading.
   •   Ask their child what the main message of the book might be and why.

Kindergarten Registration
Nelson continues to accept registrations from students starting Kindergarten in September, 2009. Children who
will be five years of age by December 31st of this year are eligible to enter Kindergarten in September. When
registering please bring the following to the school office:

       Birth certificate
       Immigration documents, if applicable
       Record of immunization
       Proof of address, postal code, telephone number
       Care card
       Name and telephone number of an emergency contact person
       Name and telephone number of the family doctor and dentist

Please pass along this information to any neighbours who do not have children already attending Nelson School,
but have a child who may be eligible to enter Kindergarten in the fall.
               SPECIAL THANK YOU!!
               Thanks to Mehdee Honardoust
               from Grade 7 Division 2 and his
               dad Mr. Honardoust for donating               CyberBullying Presentation
               500 microscope slides and 500
               slide covers for our school science           On Wednesday, May 13th, the Safe Online
               lab.                                          Outreach Society (Solos) presented:
                                                             Cyberbullying: The Always “On” Generation to
                                                             our grades 6 & 7’s. The focus of the presentation
                                                             was on youth facing bullying in the digital world
                                                             (including via email, IM or text messaging). The
                                                             presentation was an interactive multimedia
                                                             presentation created to provide our grade 6 & 7’s
                                                             with the information and tools to deal with online
                                                             exploitation. The main themes covered include:
                                                             awareness of the dangers of online use;
                                                             anonymity on the internet; permanency of images
                    Math Contests                            uploaded onto the internet; identity creation
                                                             online; older youth as role models for younger
  Many students in grades 4-7 recently participated in the
                                                             students; promotion of open discussion of online
 district sponsored Abel and Gauss Math Contests. These
                                                             use between adults and youth; safe use practices;
enrichment contests test mathematical and problem solving
                                                             and emerging trends in online youth culture
    skills and we are very proud of our students' results.

           Top 3 Scores – Gauss Grade 6 & 7
            First Place: Emilio Wang Div. 1                  Elementary Students Become Teachers
             Second Place: Ryan Lu Div. 5                                on Earth Day
           Third Place: Drew Hopkins Div. 2                     Miss Sakic’s grade 6 class has been actively
                                                               participating this year in BC Hydro’s Energy
            Top Scorer – Abel Grade 4 & 5                        Campaign. As part of the curriculum they
               First Place: Ryan Lu Div. 5                        developed posters for a “public Service
       Tie for Second Place: Jonathan Lim Div. 5              Announcement Team Power Smart” contest to
                     Emily Mak Div. 4                            share with others what they have learned.
                  Matthew Senior Div. 4                           Contest judges were impressed with the
                Zachery Wispinski Div. 6                      leadership, creativity and initiative of students
                  Brendan Wong Div. 4                          throughout C, and Nelson was one of thirteen
                    Wyman Wu Div. 7                           provincial finalists. On Earth Day, Global TV
               Third Place: Nicolo Wakelin                    visited the class to film demonstrations of their
                                                               best conservation and sustainability practices.
                                                                                GO GREEN!

      PROFESSIONAL DAY                                             Are you moving?
     Monday June 8th, 2009
         NO SCHOOL                                           If you know that you are moving over the
                                                             summer and will not be attending Nelson
                                                             Elementary School in September of 2009,
                                                             please send a note to your child’s teacher
                                                             or let the office know as soon as possible!!
                    Worm Day
                    Worm Day was Friday, May 1st. Here are some of the responses from students in
                    Division 8.

                    I felt the worms when the worms went on my hand. It gripped me using its bristles!
It made me feel hurt! When the worm went into the water, my group and I could see through the worm.
That made me feel sick! But still, it was an awesome worm day!

By Trevor

On May 1st, we had a weird and creepy day! I touched worms!

By Katerina

On worm day, Divisions 7 and 8, and of course, Ms. Watt’s class, were going to do experiments with red
wigglers. When I first saw those worms, I was really (and I mean REALLY) grossed out! I didn’t want
to touch, or even look, at those slimy creatures!

When I turned around, I saw that slimy creature in Zakeera’s hand and when I saw it, I screamed!
I wasn’t a worm ‘fan’!

One of the funny things that happened was when Andrea picked up one of the worms and put it on
Surat’s worm book. Guess what happened next? The worm ‘pooped’ on his book and I laughed. At the
end, we got a yummy, gummy worm. One of my favourite candies! Worm day was so fun!

By Celine

                   Congratulations goes to Jasmine Manhas in Division 1! Jasmine entered a short
                   story in this year’s Canadian Schools Creative Writing Contest and her story was
                   chosen to be included in the top group of entries received this year! Jasmine’s story
                   will now go forward to the final competition to be judged in the Fall 2009. Way to
                   go Jasmine! Good luck in the Fall!

Invitation to Gr. 7 Band Student Parents

A celebration evening of Mr. Denroche’s gr. 7 band students accomplishments will
be held in Nelson’s gym on June 11th at 7pm. All gr. 7 band students will receive a
permission form and parent invitation this week. Hope to see you all there!
                  SPORTS AT NELSON
Grade 6/7 Basketball Intramural Competitions
21 point
Girl Group Winners Seina Kashima, Amie Morrison and Jasmine Manhas
**Champion – Jasmine Manhas
Boy Group Winners Naail Jovani, Toolwak Alkozai, Brandon Bird, Tyler Proctor, Ali Alkozai, Josh
**Champion – Naail Jovani

3 point Shooting
Girl House Representative
Gold – Grace Song Blue – Amie Morrison Red – Melissa Mosavi    Green – Nadine Ku
**Champion – Amie Morrison
Boy House Representative
Gold – Tyler Proctor Blue – Kris Jun Red – Darthe Capellan Green – Stanley Su
**Champion – Tyler Proctor

2 Ball Competition
Girl Champions – Jasmine Manhas and Amie Morrison (Blue House)
Boy Champions – Stanley Su and Josh Lovendino (Green House)

                 BOWLERAMA 2009 CHAMPIONS LIST
Ms. Minnis   Girl Runner – up Yamanik Cojti 73                Champion Krista Schuck 77
 (A.M)       Boy Runner – up Justin Cairns 93                 Champion Adam Svanholm 130
Ms. Minnis   Girl Runner – up Rachel Hanslip 60               Champion Demitra Koufou 77
 (P.M)        Boy Runner – up Edric Prado 107                 Champion Besart Lala 126
Ms. Lentz    Girl Runner – up Laini Glover 76                 Champion Meghan Prenter 77
             Boy Runner – up Reggie Waters 71                 Champion Connor Propp 79
Ms. Mann     Girl Runner – up Evens Wong 62                   Champion Grace Wang 119
             Boy Runner – up Eric Yang 95                     Champion Daniel Huynh 123
Ms. Sam      Girl Runner – up Alyssa Chang 69                 Champion Richelle Bird 72
             Boy Runner – up Atindra Sahu 62                  Champion Milosh Ilic 86
Ms. Robert   Girl Runner – up Jessie Miao 72                  Champion Gwenna Williams 77
             Boy Runner – up Steven Chin 48                   Champion Denis Kovalenko 49
Ms. Watt     Girl Runner – up Danalene Fernandez 82           Champion Elaine Lin 86
             Boy Runner – up Tanish Kumar 73                  Champion Jason Moore 77
Ms. Fraser   Girl Runner – up Leila Alcuaz 60                 Champion Rachel Le Beau 66
             Boy Runner – up Jayden Cairns 59                 Champion Tanner Schuck 73
Ms. Kimmie Girl Runner – up Calli Glover 67                   Champion Larizel Sugue 72
             Boy Runner – up Lucas Carter 86_                 Champion Samuel Song111
Mr. Gurniak Girl Runner – up Navkiran Poonia 74_              Champion Jennifer Wu 74
             Boy Runner – up Hadie Honardoust 81              Champion George Brar 93
Ms. Heighton Girl Runner – up Cherrianne Fernadez 94          Champion Naomi Hay 113
             Boy Runner – up Michael Olah 74                  Champion Josue Lala 77
Mr. Grant    Girl Runner – up Sara Atoui 68                   Champion Jillian Fung 78
             Boy Runner – up Eric Yuan 63                     Champion Nicolo Wakelin 79
                      NELSON ‘SPEED DEMON’ RACES
                            CHAMPION LIST

          FIRST = 10 PTS   SECOND= 7 PTS       THIRD = 5PTS    FOURTH = 3PTS

WINNERS _Angie Wakelin(Red) Anna Yun(Gold) Katherine Li (Blue) Danalene
WINNERS Ben Waters (Gold) Jayden Cairns (Green) Jonathan Hu (Gold) Richard Miao

WINNERS Celine Loriot (Green) Thivaya Nagaswaren (Red) Calli Glover (Gold) Jennifer
WINNERS Jike Gao (Blue) Hadie Honardoust (Gold) Dalvir Moore (Blue) Todor Baljak

WINNERS Naomi Hay (Gold) Yi Ming Wu (Green)          Tea Situm (Gold) Telicia Willis
WINNERS Bailey De Vito (Gold) Steven Oropel (Red) Matthew Senior (Green) Nicolo Wakelin

WINNERS       Karen Contreras (Red) Hanna Chen (Gold) Amie Morrison (Blue) Alona Besan
WINNERS     Ryan Burns (Gold)    Eric Yip (Gold)    Lewis Zhang (Gold)    Tyler Proctor

WINNERS Seina Kashima (Red) Jasmine Manhas (Blue) Kiana Wong (Green) Larissa Lo
WINNERS Darthe Capellan (Red) Sean Yeem (Blue) Ryuichi Chao Shimura (Gold) Gallen Lin

GRADE 7       Blue Gold Green Red
                                TRACK AND FIELD LEGION MEET
 On Saturday May 23rd at sunny Confederation Park in Burnaby, selected Grade 6/7 students participated in the 42nd
   annual Legion Track and Field Meet. Our athletes performed extremely well with many outstanding individual
performances. Once again, our students demonstrated excellent athleticism, determination, sportsmanship and Nelson
                                              Spirit. Well Done!!

   Special Congratulations to Kiana Wong for placing first in the girls shotput and discus and Seina Kashima for
                                     placing first in the girls long jump.

                                     Congratulations to the TEAM!
  Seina Kashima, Jasmine Manhas, Cerliss Lo, Larissa Lo, Kiana Wong, Melissa Mosavi, Karen Contreras, Alona
  Besan, Emilio Wang, Darthe Cappelan, Sean Yeem, Galllen Lin, Stanley Su, Kenny Ngo, Ryuichi Shiroma-Cho.

 On Thursday May 7th, we had close to 100 track members participate in the all day meet at Swangard Stadium. We
had many outstanding finishes in all of the individual and relay races. Thank you to all parents, teachers, and coaches
  who helped drive and came out to cheer on our athletes. Our school once again showed great sportsmanship and
                               enthusiasm which Nelson is famous for. Well Done!!

  Special Congratulations to the Grade 4 Girls relay team for their ‘come from behind’ performance to win the girls
                 plaque. Angie Wakelin, Thiuiyia Nageswaran, Maryn Lum-Tung, Celine Loriot.

 Grade 4 Girls: Calli Glover, Thiviya Nageswaran, Celine Loriot, Maryn Lum-Tung, Naomi Tran, Navkiran Poonia,
                                          Mahdia Nasry, Angie Wakelin

 Grade 4 Boys: Samuel Song, Surat Singh, Faisaan Lalani, Sash Ruban, Sahejvir Dhillon, Shane Gill, George Brar,
                       Tristan Chang, Joshua Hopley, Dalvir Moore, Harmendeep Brar

Grade 5 Girls: Tea Situm, Jillian Fung, Naomi Hay, Alexandra Zaborniak, Sara Atoui, Lizzie Morrison, Nicole Propp,
                       Telicia Willis , Jennifer Mukari, Tricia Drzewicki, Yi Ming, Grace Kim

  Grade 5 Boys: Thinesh Nageswaran , Jonathon Lim, Steven Orepal, Jacob Hammond, Matthew Senior, Brendan
  Wong, Justin Rai, Ryan Lu, Yianni Nicholinas, Taryn Combow, Anchor Tsia, Eric Yuan, Bailey Devito, Nicole
                                            Wakelin, Raymond Ho

 Grade 6 Girls: Amie Morrison, Alona Besan, Karen Contreras, Jennifer Ngo, Julie Dao, Giselle Dipasupil, Mimoza

 Grade 6 Boys: Yasar Nasry, Vincent Kwong, Ryan Burns, Tyler Proctor, Sean Matheson, Jason Lee, Rajvir Moore,
                       Simon Lin, Oliver Wang, Montavi Kidd, Justin Ma, Benjamin Kim

 Grade 7 Girls: Corliss Lo, Bronte Lim, Cecilia Wu, Jasmine Manhas, Seina Kashima, Grace Song, Wingshun Pang,
   Emily Yang, Mamiko Wong, Kiana Wong, Parmjeet Seehra, Larissa Lo, Safira Lalani, Shanna Wang, Melissa
                                                Mosavi, Nadine Ku

  Grade 7 Boys: Elimio Wang, Darthe Dapellan, Nichoas Chen, Sean Yeam, Gallen Lin, Josh Lovendino, Ryuichi
   Choo, Tariq Abulaban, Kenneth Ku, Kris Jung, Drew Hopkins, Marko Ilic, Teunis Takemori, Azad Hussein,
                                               Emerson Tsai
The Vancouver Sun Raise-a-Reader Grant
This year Nelson Library was one of the lucky recipients of The Vancouver
Sun’s 2008 Raise-a-Reader campaign. The $1,000 grant that we received
enabled us to purchase many new books for our school. We would like to say a
HUGE THANK-YOU to The Vancouver Sun for their generous support and
their part in promoting literacy in our school!

                       Bookbeasts Forms
                       Many students have completed and handed in their 200 nights of Bookbeasts
                       reading sheets. Please note that the last day of reading is Sunday, May 31st. All
                       forms must be returned to Ms. Yan by Monday, June 1st. Thank you!


Dear Parents,

From our annual PAC election held in April these Executive positions remain vacant for the upcoming
term Sept. 2009 – August 2010:

PAC Chairperson, PAC Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Member-at-Large (0ne Position), District Member
(Two Positions).

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above positions please contact the PAC Mailbox.
Thank You.

BULLETIN DRAW – Please fill in and return to the office
In order to be eligible for the gift certificate, please fill out the tear-off and return it to the school office
as soon as possible. The draw will take place at the month end Celebration of Learning Assembly.
I have received and read the Newsletter

Student’s Name:_______________________________                      Division _______

Parent Signature:______________________________________
                      Community News
                  CHECK OUT the Burnaby School District "community" section
                   on the district website where brief notices are regularly posted!

              Burnaby Barracudas Summer Swimming & Water Polo Club
             For all active swimmers ages 6 to 18 years wanting to push it to the next
             level. The swim & water polo season starts at Bonsor Recreational Complex
             and at various outdoor pools in May and progresses through to mid August/2009.
             For more info visit or email

Bike Camp for Kids (free)
Saturday, July 4 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Burnaby Bike Park on the Barnet Highway
For ages 8-16. Register at optimistbikeevent@gmail.coml

Summer Jam Day Camp
Located at South Burnaby United Church
June 29 – August 14
7 Fun-filled weeks for Children aged 5 – 12
Brochures with weekly descriptions available NOW!
Registration: June 1, 10, 12, 17, 24, 26 from 2:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the South Burnaby United Church Hall

For Information: Call Emily 778-232-5291
Or visit us at

                               Parking!          Parking!          Parking!

Just another friendly reminder that the west parking lots are for teachers and school staff use only.
The staff parking lots are not to be used as student drop off areas!! This area is very busy before
and after school with school district staff coming and going to meetings. The area on Irmin Street near
the crosswalk is not a drop off zone.

Please park on Jubilee, Rumble or Nelson, then walk your child to the school or to the safety patrol at
the crosswalk and our student safety patrol can help them cross safely to the school.

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