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                                                                       volume 9• number 4 • jan. to march 2008

   Grand Opening & Holiday
        Photo Gallery
                                     the Civic Center Plaza
          page 3-4                  The Civic Center Plaza encom-        The expansion area houses a
                                    passes a 7+ acre site located        state-of-the-art City Council
      City Hall Goes Green!         in Downtown Oakley. Within           Chambers that can seat over
             page 6                 the Plaza are a 25,000 square        200 people. The seating is not
                                    foot City Hall building; a two-      fixed and the Chambers can
                                    acre Park; a 6,000 square foot       be utilized for other meetings
      New Information on            Restaurant; a Plaza with Re-         and events. The Chambers will
       Business Licences            flecting Pool; parking lots with     be primarily used by the City
            page 7                  more than 200 total parking          Council that meets the 2nd and
                                    spaces, an expanded and im-          4th Tuesdays, and the Plan-
    Recreation Job Opening          proved Main Street front-            ning Commission that typically
            page 9                  age, and a one-acre expansion        meets the 1st and 3rd Tues-
                                    area.                                days. Behind the Chambers are
                                                                         a City Council Office/ Confer-
     YOUTH MASTER PLAN              CITY HALL                            ence Room, a small kitchenette
          SURVEY                    The 25,000 square foot facility      and a restroom. The Chambers
        page 13-14                  includes the combination and         portion of the expansion is
        PLUS MORE!                  renovation of the two existing       flanked by exterior Porticos
                                    7,500 square foot buildings,         that effectively extend the
                                    built in 2005, and a 10,000          size of the Chambers meeting
                                    square foot expansion. The           room and the exterior Plaza.
                                    cost of the expansion is ap-
                                    proximately $5.5 million. Pub-       A Lobby divides the Chambers
                                    lic Facilities Impact Fees were      area and the office area to
                                    utilized as the major funding        the south. In the Lobby is a
                                    resource for the entire proj-        16 ft. diameter granite slab
                                    ect. The City began collecting       within which an oak leaf is
                   the              these fees shortly after In-         etched. The granite symboliz-
      charming and                  corporation and the fees are         es the strong foundation that
        historical                  charged to and collected from        has been set for the new-
                                    new development.                     ly incorporated City. Above
      “White House”                                                      the granite slab is the inte-
     See page 15 for details                                             rior view of the 48’ cupola.
               volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008

The cupola provides an architectural ele-                    PLAZA
ment that helps define the entire facility                   The 6,000 sq. ft Plaza includes decorative
as a public building and symbolizes the for-                 concrete, brick pavers (some engraved), land-
ward progress and strength of the grow-                      scaping and a reflecting pool/fountain. The
ing community. The main receptionist lo-                     pool/ fountain has two main waterfalls that
cation is also accessed from the Lobby.                      aerate and help recycle the water. Special
                                                             LED lighting with various colors will be in-
The southern portion of the expansion area                   stalled around the waterfalls and perimeter
will include offices for the                                             of the pool. The City’s logo will
City Manager, City Attorney,                                             be installed above the pool on
City Clerk, Human Resourc-                                               the brick face of the building.
es, and     Economic Develop-                                            Throughout the Plaza, Park, park-
ment and Redevelopment staff.                                            ing lots and along Main Street are
                                                                         new decorative downtown street
The west wing of City Hall will                                          lights.
house the Oakley Police Depart-
ment, the Recreation Division, the                                      RESTAURANT
Finance Department, and Oakley                             The restaurant building was paid
Disposal (a private company that                           for and will be owned by the City’s
leases space from the City and                             Redevelopment Agency and the
that provides trash hauling ser-                           Agency has entered into a lease
vices to area residents).                                  agreement for the facility to be a
                                                           Black Bear Diner. The exterior of
In mid to late January, the Police                         the restaurant is nearing comple-
Department will relocate to City Interior View of Cupola tion, but significant work still re-
Hall from its current location at                         mains on the interior. The restau-
210 O’Hara Ave. The Police Department area rant is expected to open early 2008.
includes its own lobby, specialized office spac-
es (typical of a police facility), locker rooms, PARK
storage, and an enclosed parking area. The The Park preserves three large heritage oak
number of police officers will grow and this trees and is developed to serve as a commu-
area has been planned for expansion. A phone nity event park for concerts, farmer’s market,
will be located immediately outside the De- and other civic events. It is designed as a nat-
partment that gives direct access to Dispatch. ural amphitheatre and includes a stage, walk-
                                                 ways, and shaded picnic and seating areas.
The east wing of City Hall includes the exist- Additional parking has been installed along the
ing lobby that will serve as receptionist for south edge of the Park. A monument reader
Building, Code Enforcement, Planning, Engi- board sign is also located in the northwest
neering, Public Works, Information Technolo- corner of the Park and will serve the entire
gy and Recreation. (Residents accessing these parcel. The sign is a computerized LED reader
services will use this lobby, not the new lobby board to announce community events and
in the expansion area). The east wing also in- other public information.
cludes office area for future expansion.

                                                volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008

                                             Grand Opening Address

                                                                                     Ribbon Cutting

  City Council Chambers on Opening Day
                                                                             City Hall Tours

                                               Flag Ceremony and Gathering
          volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008


                                                                   Marine Corps Toys for Tots

Chamber of Commerce
Christmas Tree Lighting

                                                                  Kit & Caboodle Grand Opening

                                                            SPECIAL THANKS TO
                                                    ASCENT BUILDERS & CAPITAL PARTNERS

      LOOK FOR THE                                         City Staff along with Ascent Builders
                                                           & Capital Partners formed the design-
   NEW SPRING 2008
                                                           build team for the Civic Center Project.
   GUIDE COMING TO                                         John Buckel - Partner
     YOUR HOME IN                                          Robert Boucher, Project Manager
     FEBRUARY 2008                                         Lynol Calderon, Project Superintendent

                                                                 volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008

 The City of Oakley had not only the future of       • On-site Bio-Stormwater Management
 the government and its citizens in mind with        • Water efficient landscaping
 the construction of the new City Hall, but          • Shade trees
 also the future of the planet.                      • Light Pollution reduction
                                                     • Waterless urinals
 The City of Oakley followed various LEED
                                                     • Avoidance of Ozone Depletion Materials
 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental
                                                     • Super efficient Heating and Cooling
 Design) guidelines for construction and
 maintenance of City Hall and the Civic Center
                                                     • Shaded Porticos
 Plaza. This means that they exercised:
                                                     • Use of various recycled materials
 Green Purchasing - the purchasing of                • Recycling of certain construction
 environmentally preferable products (EPP)              materials
 which are products or services that have a          • Use of energy efficient light fixtures
 lesser or reduced effect on human health            • Use of a LED-Certified Design Professional
 and environment (ie: recycled goods, minimize       • Shower facilities available to employees
 waste, conserve energy or water, and reduce         • Bike racks
 toxins).                                            • Preservation of heritage oak trees
                                                     • Computer-operated systems to conserve
 Recycled building materials and purchased              electricity and gas
 recycled materials.
                                                     • Outdoor employee courtyard
 Environment - Friendly Components of the            • Energy-saving appliances
 Project include but are not limited to:
                                                     See how you too can go green on the next
 • Access to Public Transportation

Date:              Saturday, January 12, 2008
Time:              9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location:          Freedom High School
                   1050 Neroly Road, Oakley

Items accepted: computer components, TVs, Stereos, DVD
                players, VCRs, Cameras, Microwave Ovens.

   NO household appliances, NO furniture & NO car batteries
                      will be accepted.
                                                                                PROCEEDS BENEFIT
FREE to residents & businesses in Contra Costa County.                        FREEDOM HIGH SCHOOL

For information call A&D Hauling at 925-625-9177.

             volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008


The City Redevelopment Agency has                          up of a number of properties along Main
proceeded with its second round of                         Street to allow for future development,
financing. The first issue, sold in 2003,                  construction of main street improvements,
generated $8.5 million used to pay off                     a park and plaza, and a 6,000 square foot
existing County Redevelopment Agency                       restaurant building at the Civic Center
bonds and raised approximately $5.2 in                     Plaza. The Agency has recently moved
new money for projects. Those funds                        forward with its second issue, the sale
have been invested in a number of major                    of approximately $17.5 million of bonds to
projects, including development of the                     be invested in additional projects planned
downtown specific plan, the River Oaks                     to increase investment in the downtown
Crossing specific plan and environmental                   and north end of Main Street opposite
impact report (to be reimbursed by the                     the River Oaks Crossing project, and in the
developer as the project is built), street                 Downtown.
improvements, the acquisition and clean

                                                           HOW YOU CAN GO GREEN TOO!
                                                              Here is a list of items you should always
                                                              reuse or recycle.

                                                              *   Acid Batteries       *   Aluminum Cans
                                                              *   Building Materials   *   Cardboard
                                                              *   Chemicals            *   Electronics
                                                              *   Glass                *   Lead
                                                              *   Magazines            *   Metal
   The City of Oakley & Lifestyle Fitness                     *   Newspaper            *   Oil
               introduce the                                  *   Paint                *   Paper
  BEe HEALTHY CHALLENGE                                       *   Plastic Bags         *   Plastic bottles
     a recreation program focusing on                         *   Steel Cans           *   Tires
                                                              *   White Appliances     *   Wood
           MOVING Healthy                                     *   Writing/Copy Paper   *   Yard Waste
           EATING Healthy &
           THINKING Healthy.                                  Here are some web sites to keep you
    It’s a program for the whole family.
                                                              *   www.charityguide.org
                                                              *   www.kids.niehs.nih.gov
    Look for details in February at local                     *   www.earth911.org - for businesses
    schools and on the City web site:                         *   www.cpa.gov/recycledcity
            www.oakleyinfo.com                                *   www.eia.doe.gov/kids
                                                              *   www.buygreen.com
                                                              *   www.healthychild.com
                                                              *   www.recycledproducts.org

                                                                 volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008


 When looking to start          home-
SPECIAL THANKS are your own take to
 based business there  steps to
                                                      For more information about Home-Based
                                                      Businesses, please contact the Planning
 ensure your business will get off on the             Division at (925) 625-7000.        You may
 right foot. Businesses that do not generate          download a permit application at www.
 vehicular traffic, have exterior signs or            oakleyinfo.com. For other resources for
 create noise, odor, dust, and fumes are the          new businesses call the Contra Costa Small
 types of businesses that qualify for a Home-         Business Development Center at (925) 646-
 Based Permit. The application for a Home-            5377, and for Information regarding Fictitious
 Based Business generally takes less than 10          Business Name Filing please contact Contra
 minutes to fill out and costs a one-time fee         Costa County Clerk-Recorder’s Office at
 of $85 plus the cost of a yearly Business            (925) 335-7900.

 The purpose of the Home-Based Business
 Permit Requirements is to ensure the quality
 and integrity of the residential neighborhoods
 and to guarantee that there is no change
 to the external appearance of the home,
 while promoting home-based businesses for
 Oakley residents.

 In 1999, when the City incorporated, business        tax to be more comparable to other cities,
 leaders in Oakley met and determined that            and to ensure these new larger businesses
 continuation of the County’s business license        pay an appropriate business license tax.
 tax made the most sense for the City,                Great care will need to be taken to make
 and that is what was ultimately approved.            sure that small businesses remain protected
 The current tax is $100 plus $10 per full-           from burdensome charges. In addition, the
 time equivalent employee per year. When              City has been developing a rental inspection
 comparing this to other cities, it is clear          program similar to programs initiated in other
 that Oakley charges much less than most,             cities to help ensure the upkeep of rental
 and receives less tax than most other cities.        properties, and the City expects to propose
 While the City continues to have mostly small        a tax to support the implementation of
 businesses, and for these businesses the             this program with the new business license
 current tax structure is appropriate, the City       tax proposal. Look forward to more public
 is beginning to attract a significant number         outreach to develop a proposal to bring to
 of larger businesses and employers. In light         the voters in November 2008.
 of this interest, it makes good sense for
 the City to explore a revision of the existing

           volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008

The City of Oakley is transitioning to the               cooling equipment with energy efficient
new 2008 California Codes effective                      equipment.
January 1, 2008.
                                                         The City of Oakley’s Building Official, Brent
The new codes will cover Building,                       Smith stated that the City’s Building
Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical                     Inspectors and Plan Check Staff have
projects that are required to obtain                     attended the new code update classes.
permits and inspections. The new                         The Codes took years to develop and
California Codes are part of the new                     California completed its changes to
International Codes that have been                       the International Code in July of 2007.
adopted throughout the United States.
Permit fees will not increase whatsoever                 If residents, contractors, and/or developers
with the adoption of the new codes and                   have any questions regarding the changes
the City still provides an incentive by                  or as to what projects require permits
reducing permit fees 50% for energy                      please contact the City of Oakley Building
conserving projects such as skylights,                   Department at (925) 625-7005 or stop by
energy efficient window change-outs,                     and see us at 3231 Main Street.
and changing out existing heating and

                                                         WORRIED ABOUT FORECLOSURE?
       IN NEED OF                                        Right now families all   Corporation (CHDC) &
   HOME IMPROVEMENTS?                                    over the country are     NeighborhoodWorks
                                                         uncertain about how      America, have
      THE SINGLE FAMILY                                  they can make their      become part of a
        REHABILITATION                                   next house payment       national foreclosure
          PROGRAM                                        and are at-risk for      prevention program
       MAY BE FOR YOU!                                   becoming delinquent      along with many
                                                         in their mortgage.       Conta Costa Cities.
  Low interest loans and grants are                      What they do not         The hotline connects
    NOW available for seniors and low                    know is that they may    homeowners with an
    income families - all you have to do                 have options, and now    expert mortgage
    is qualify. The process is easy!                     is the time to seek      default counselors 24
                                                         help. Contra Costa       hours a day, 7 days a
  For a brochure and application, call                   County, Community        week for immediate
         Laurin Associates at 1-800-                     Housing Development      help and guidance.
         424-1193 or the City of
         Oakley at 925-625-7011 or
                                                                CALL NOW!
                                                          1- 8 8 8 - 9 95 - H O P E
                                                               volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008

Here are some of the new retail and home         NEWSLETTER CORRECTION -
based businesses in Oakley:
Absolute Electric                  679-3815      The City of Oakley apologizes for reporting a
                                                 new business listing number incorrectly in the
ATF Transmission                   625-7402
                                                 last Oak Leaf issue.
Azores Construction                497-6443
Blue Jean Records                  852-7915      Please note the correction:
California Dogs                    567-6432      WORMM’S BOAT/RV CLEANING
Chavez Yard Design                 759-0217      Correct phone number: 925-726-5008.
East Bay Smog                      584-9982
El Mercado Produce                 679-9574
Gerardo Borrel Photography         240-9081
Great Time                         639-7058             Business Highlight
Kit & Caboodle                     597-2638
Lisa’s Lawn & Yard Care            594-1219
Martinez Drywall Services          234-6358
Move Your Surplus                  625-2059
                                                                                         Ace Hardware
Pasale Mexican Restaurant          679-8302
Paul Rolandelli’s Mobile Service   625-9718
                                                                                       Grand Opening
Pony Express                       584-2634
                                                                                      November, 2007
Richard Tischer Photography        679-0321
Susan Koshuth House Cleaning       642-6427
                                                                                       310 4th Street
The Cartoon Room                   813-5308
Trotter Family Ranch               679-8766
Universal Steam                    625-7651

                                   Katrina Walters and her husband have lived in Oakley for 13
                                   years with their two children, Jesse & Jordan. Katrina comes
                                   to the City of Oakley with in depth experience having worked
                                   at Mt. Diablo Municipal Court and for the County Counsel
                                   and Public Works Department of Contra Costa County.

                                   After staying home to raise her children for a few years,
                                   she worked with a Realtor before accepting the position
                                   here in Oakley. Katrina is very excited to be a part of Team

            volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008

It’s that time of year again. Beginning in                  early May, City staff takes the information
February and March of each year, the City                   provided and develops a Proposed Budget
begins its budget development for the                       to bring to the Council for a workshop. In
upcoming fiscal year. The general time line of              late May, there is a public workshop held
the process is as follows: By approximately                 with the Council to discuss the budget
mid-January, a budget schedule is prepared.                 and receive direction on changes needed
In February and March, departments begin                    to finalize it. In June, the Final Budget is
developing plans for the coming year                        brought back to the Council for approval.
taking into consideration the status of the                 If you’re interested in the City’s budget,
economy, expected completion of longer                      a good place to start is with the current
term projects, and the most recently                        year adopted budget on the City web site
adopted Two-Year Strategic Plan. In March,                  at www.oakleyinfo.com (Once on the site,
there is public meeting to discuss the                      select Departments, Finance, and then
update of the Strategic Plan with input                     Financial Documents).
from the Public and the Council. In April and

It’s that time of year again to get organized.               PLANNING:
In order to do so, here is a refresher on the                Zoning, Land Use and Development
city departments’ responsibilities and some                  RECREATION:
important Oakley phone numbers:                            , Facility rentals, park reservations, rec classes,
                                                             programs and events for the entire family
ADMINISTRATION:                                              PUBLIC WORKS:
Community & General Information                              Maintenance of Roads, Traffic Signs & Signals
BUILDING:                                                    REDEVELOPMENT:
Permits & Inspections                                        Brownfields & Affordable Housing

Records, Public Meetings, Voter Registration                 IMPORTANT NUMBERS:
& Passports                                                  Animal Control                      646-2996
                                                             Diablo Water District               757-7660
Business Attraction & Retention                              City Offices                        625-7000
                                                             Chamber of Commerce                 625-1035
FINANCE:                                                     Fire Protection District Office     634-3400
Accounting and Budgeting, Collections,
Purchasing, Business Licenses, Systems and                   Ironhouse Sanitary                  625-2279
Telecommunications                                           Liberty Union School District       634-2166
                                                             Oakley Branch Library               625-2400
Code Enforcement (ie: safety, graffiti)                      Oakley Disposal Inc.                757-7660
                                                             Oakley Police Dispatch              625-8060
Parks and Trails                                             Oakley Union Elementary District    634-0700
                                                             Tri-Delta Transit                   754-6622

                                                              volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008


The City has approximately 26 neighborhood          these      costs;
park and landscaping district zones, some of        nonetheless, it
which are newer; some that were here before         is apparent that
the City incorporated. While the newer areas        some of the
typically have higher annual assessments            assessments
and escalators so that the assessments              are inadequate
increase to keep with inflation, some of            and for those
the older ones have assessments that have           zones, decisions
not kept up with rising costs and have no           will need to be
                             escalators. In         made       about            Simoni Ranch Rd
                             addition, most         whether to replace aging
                             of the older           equipment and resurface sport courts, and
                             assessments            whether at some point the plan should be to
                             didn’t consider        decrease the level of maintenance to funds
                             the need to            available. City staff is preparing an analysis
                             replace aging          now, and public discussion will likely begin
                             equipment or           in the spring with residents in affected
                             resurfacing            neighborhoods. The City makes every effort
                             trails      and        to best manage the assessments currently
Holly Creek Park             sports courts,         available and will explore options that
                    if and when appropriate.        ensure the long-term sustainability of each
The City has been working hard to manage            zone throughout the City.

The City of Oakley Recreation Division is            will be invited to join the year-round
currently looking for creative and energetic         Recreation Staff.
summer staff to assist in programs
throughout the months of June, July,                 For more information, please contact the
and August. Seasonal Recreation Aides                Recreation Division at 925-625-7041.
and Recreation Leaders are an essential
part of the summer programs. More
important than supplies and facilities,
they mentor young people to become the
change they want to see in this world!

Interested applicants are encouraged
to stop by City Hall, 3231 Main Street,
to pick up an application today or
go on line to www.oakleyinfo.com.
Highly qualified and exceptional candidates

                        PARKS & FACILITIES MATRIX

                                                                             Picnic Table
                                                 Lawn Area

                                                                                              Ball Fields

Briarwood Park, Frank Henkel Way

Holly Creek Basin Park, 4762 Hagar Court

Live Oak Park, Simoni Ranch Rd.
Main Street Park, Main St. & Gardenia

Nutmeg Neighborhood Park, 1068 Nutmeg Rd
Novarina Park, 100 Brown

Simoni Ranch Road, 20 Simoni Ranch

  City/School Park Partnerships
Delta Vista Middle School                                                 Oakley Elementary School

  Parks in Progress
  *   Creekside Park               * Novarina Park                                          * Simoni Community Park
  *   Cypress 6 acre Park          * Magnolia Neighborhood                                  * Stonecreek Park
  *   Dewey Park                     Park                                                   * Summer Lake Community
  *   Duarte Ranch Park            * Pheasant Meadows Park                                    Park
  *   Heartwood Park               * Riata Park

                          City of Oakley
                    YOUTH MASTER PLAN SURVEY
    If you have a child or children grades 6th to 12th please help us develop the youth
    master plan by answering the following survey questions. Community responses will be
    used to revise and develop services for youth in the City of Oakley

    1. How many children (ages 10 to 17) are    4. What is your family’s primary
       in your family?    ___________              reason for living in Oakley?
2. What school/s do your child/children            ________________________________
   attend?             ___________                 ________________________________

3. How many years has your family lived in      5. What is the primary language spoken in
  Oakley?             ___________                 your home?           __________

    Youth Services
1. What City services has your child participated in?
(Check all that apply Y for yes & N for no)

Y    N       Swimming                           Y    N      After School Program
Y    N       Youth C.O.R.E.                     Y    N      Junior Recreation Leader
Y    N       Oakley Youth Advisory Council      Y    N      Sports Camps
Y    N       Summer Jam Dance                   Y    N      Punt, Pass & Kick
Y    N       Teen Pool Party                    Y    N      Other: (please indicate)
Y    N       First Friday Concert Series            ________________________________
Y    N       Cityhood Celebration                   ________________________________
Y    N       Volunteer Program                      ____________

    Youth Services Provided By Other Organizations

2. In what activities does your child/children participate in that are sponsored by other
  organizations? (Check all that apply, Y for yes & N for no)

Y    N        Scouting                          Y N        East County Youth Football
Y    N        Dance Classes                     Y N        East County Cheer
Y    N        East Diablo Youth Soccer League   Y N        Other: (please indicate)
Y    N        Delta Youth Soccer League                    ________________________
Y    N        Delta Baseball League                        ________________________
Y    N        Brentwood Pony League                        ________________________
 1. Rank the following program characteristics by importance from 1 to 10, 1 being most
   important 10 being least important.

___ I feel safe leaving my kids at the       4. How do you find out about programs for
    program                                    your children? (Check all that apply)
___ My children’s friends also participate
___ My child learns something new            ___   City of Oakley web site
___ Low cost                                 ___   Oakley Press
___ My child has fun and likes it            ___   Contra Costa Times
___ My child wants to be there               ___   Flyers
___ My child helps decide the activities     ___   Word of mouth
___ It is at the time I want                 ___   Oakley Recreation Guide
___ I like the staff                         ___   Other: _________________
___ It is easy to get there
                                             5. Please describe other programs you would
2. What other program characteristics are      like to see available or ways you would
  important to you that are not indicated      change those currently offered:
  above?                                       _________________________________
  _______________________________              _________________________________
  ______________________________               ___________________________________________________
  ______________________________               _________________________________

3. When do you need programs most?              Oakley citizens who complete
  (Please check the top 3)                      and turn in the survey will be
                                                 entered into a drawing for a
___   Weekends
                                                          family prize
___   During school hours
___   After school
                                               Limited to Oakley residents only. One
___   Before school
                                                 entry per family. Drawing will take
___   Summer evenings
                                                         place in March 2008.
___   Days off
___   School breaks

   Please return your completed
   surveys to the Registration Desk at       Thank you for your valuable input
   City Hall or mail survey to: 3231 Main    and participation in the development
   St. Oakley, CA 94561. Questions may       of The Youth Master Plan!
   be directed to Recreation Specialist
   Lindsey Bruno at 925-625-7044 or
       volume 9 • number 4 • jan. - march 2008


of Oakley’s Community Annex - commonly known as the “White House.”

The White House is now being made available as a rental hall. Residents, non-

 925-625-7041 or hanson@ci.oakley.ca.us. To download a registration form,
 please visit our web site at www.oakleyinfo.com.

                     COMMUNIT Y CALENDAR
             For a complete listing, visit the City website at www.oakleyinfo.com
RECURRING EVENTS                          OYAC–Youth Advisory   * National Black         MARCH
                                          1st & 3rd             History Month            * National Music in
1st Mondays with
the Mayor                                 Wednesdays                                     Our Schools Month
1st Mondays each                                                2nd                      * National Red Cross
month                                     JANUARY               Ground Hog’s Day         Month
                                          * National Blood
City Council                              Donor Month           14th                     9th
Meetings                                                        Valentine’s Day          Daylight Savings
2nd & 4th Tuesday                         1st                                            Time Change
unless otherwise                          New Year’s Day        Chamber Mixer at
noted                                     City Offices Closed   Visual Productions       Employee
                                                                Photography              Appreciation Day
Chamber of          3rd
Commerce            Mayor’s Conference
*Board Meetings 2nd                     18th                13th
Tuesday                                 President’s Day     Chamber Mixer
*Mixers 2nd         10th                City Offices Closed Location TBD
Thursday            Chamber Mixer at
                    City Hall                               17th
Planning Commission                                         St. Patrick’s Day
Meetings            12th
1st & 3rd Mondays   E-Waste Collection
unless otherwise    Day
noted                                     Attention Oakley Businesses!
                    Freedom High School
Laurel PT Meeting                         21st                    Do you have a business that offers
2nd Wednesday                                                     a program or discount to senior
                                          Martin Luther King
                                          Jr. Day                 citizens?
Oakley Library
Pre-school storytime                                              We want to know about it for The
every Wednesday                           FEBRUARY                City of Oakley Senior’s Guide.
night                                     * National American
                                          Heart Month             Call 925.625.7011 or write lorono@

               CITY                                                                                       PRSRT STD

              A PLACE for FAMILIES
              in the HEART of the DELTA
                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                          OAKLEY, CA
                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 6
         3231 Main Street
        Oakley, CA 94561
      council@ci.oakley.ca.us                            POSTAL CUSTOMER
          CITY COUNCIL
       Bruce Connelley, Mayor
      Carol Rios, Vice Mayor
          Pat Anderson
              Brad Nix                                                                            Printed on Recycled Paper
            Kevin Romick
                                                                            Visit the City of Oakley Web Site at

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