Zarine does a Salman, keeps her promise by benchua


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									Zarine does a Salman, keeps her promise

With her mother recuperating in a city hospital, the actress rushes to Delhi to accomplish at an event, only
to maintain her word given to the organisers

                                                        “Ek baar maine commitment kar di, uske baad
                                                        main apne aap ki bhi nahin sunta, ” said Salman
                                                        Khan in Wanted. Seems like Zarine Khan, who
                                                        made her Bollywood debut opposite the actor in
                                                        Veer, believes in following her first hero’s famous

                                                        Zarine echoed these same words recently when
                                                        she flew off to New Delhi to honour a qualified
                                                        commitment while her mother was undergoing
                                                        treatment for a heart ailment in a Bandra hospital.

                                                        A source associated with the actress tells us that
                                                        she was rather stressed after her mom was
                                                        diagnosed with heart problem. “So much in order
                                                        that Zarine have been constantly by her mother’s
                                                        side on the hospital.

                                                        But she needed to leave for Delhi as she had
                                                        committed to Raj Kundra that she could be
                                                        functioning at his fight club event on Sunday. So
                                                        with a heavy heart she left her mother within the
                                                        care of the nurse, ” said our source.

Needless to say, the actress ensured getting back by her mother’s side on the earliest. So even if she was
tired after her travel and the extensive performance on the show, the actress didn’t stay overnight on the

“Zarine decided to take a flight back to Mumbai the similar evening. Soon after landing within the city,
she drove straight to the hospital to be by her mother’s side, ” mentioned our informer.

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