Paternoster Village - One Of South Africa’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

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					    Paternoster Village

One Of South Africa’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

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Paternoster is one of the most popular tourist’s destinations in
South Africa. It is a historic, and peaceful small fishing village
located on the western coast of the Western Cape Province
alongside Paternoster Bay, a mere 90-minute drive north of
Cape Town. Paternoster is truly a paradise, and vacationers to
this village are treated to miles of deserted white sand beaches,
breathtaking sunsets and panoramas, and a kaleidoscope of

This picturesque fishing community is particularly well-liked by
couples, many of whom had proposed, got engaged, married,
or had their wedding anniversary here. One of the popular
tourist attractions in Paternoster is the last manned lighthouse
of South Africa at the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve which
offers a great view of the surroundings and of Paternoster Bay
which is dotted with multi-colored fishing boats.

                          Finding a place to stay while you're
                          here is not very difficult as there are
                          plenty of Paternoster bed and
                          breakfast, as well as hotels you can
                          choose from. There are also hotels,
                          bed and breakfast, and inns. Even
those with lean budgets can find good accommodations in the
village. If you want to be in touch with nature and want some
peace and quiet, you can book Paternoster bed and breakfast
accommodation facilities near the coastline or close to the
fynbos. Majority of Paternoster accommodation facilities have
their own websites, making advance bookings easy and

Equally as impressive as the village are its hospitable, warm

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and nurturing people. There are plenty of activities popular
among locals which you can take part in. For instance you can
do kite flying, rent a kayak, practice surfing, hop on a boat to
watch whales and dolphins, or go further inland to see the riot
of birds and animals that call Paternoster home. There are also
golf courses, spas, shopping centers selling handicrafts and
antiques, museums, and casinos.

Life in Paternoster is closely related to the sea and to the
fishing industry, and thus visitors are sure to find exceptional
seafood dishes featuring crayfish, snoek, and bokkoms. When
dining out, just ask about the catch of the day. They are so
fresh, you can taste the sea.

                           If you’re planning a trip to
                           Paternoster during the summer,
                           make sure to put braais in your
                           vacation plans. Braais are informal
                           social gatherings which are similar to
                           weekend barbecues in the US or
Australia. Meats and crayfish are the featured ingredients in
Paternoster braais, and they are usually offered alongside pap,
which is porridge created from finely ground corn. Needless to
say, a vacation to Paternoster will surely leave you wanting to
extend your leave for a few more days.

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Description: Paternoster is one of the best travel destinations in South Africa. It is a charming and scenic small fishing village in the Western Cape Province. It would take you about an hour and thirty minutes of driving from Cape Town which is just south of this beautiful village.