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									For travelers, for investors, or for individuals thinking about purchasing a
2nd home, Spain is one of the first destinations that springs up in one's min
d. Taking into consideration the country's welcoming climate, it is not surpr
ising that Southern Spain has become an extremely popular spot for Europeans,
 trying to find a vacation or retirement home in the sun. Other advantages th
at Spain offers for property investors are the minimal living costs, the slow
er-moving pace of live, as well as the great tourist destinations, such as Gr
anada and Seville. All these facts about the country and its real estate pros
pects raise expectations for stable rental income flows and a good capital re

Investing in Spain - what and where?

Real estate in Spain is made up of the kinds of houses most people envisio
n, when it comes to purchasing property. Mountain view on one side, olive
tree garden and the sound of waves on the other is something you can easil
y come across among the real estate offerings for Spain. The preferred loc
ations amongst property investors are Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Granada
, Andalucia, Seville, Malaga and a great many others. Still, the most comm
on real estate property ventures are obviously the Coasts.

Golf courses and city apartments are not all that this country has on offer,
 though. There are areas such as the Andalucian hinterland, the Bay of Bisca
y, Costa de la Luz, and Costa Azahar that will amaze you with their secluded
ness and centuries-old lifestyle. Still undiscovered by the foreign tourists
, these destinations can open up interesting prospects for discovering uniqu
e property investment opportunities in Spain. For those, who cannot part wit
h the luxuries of the day, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol regions of Spain's
 Mediterranean coast represent another interesting option.

Buying Property in Spain

Buying real estate in Spain is a great idea for a variety of good reasons. Sp
anish constitution assures that your property is your private residence only,
 regardless of citizenship. Furthermore, purchasing real estate in Spain prov
ides you with the right of residing in the nation for ninety days every six m
onths. Additionally, you can renew your visa yearly for a limitless amount of
 times. You can find very good financial loan conditions in Spain and you wil
l be able to acquire property right after having settled the initial transact

What amount would you have to pay for real estate in Spain? Since there are
 seventeen regions, cost deviations are usual and expected. Prices vary bet
ween $120,000 for village houses and small apartments to $431,000 and $645,
000 in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Majorca, and Ibiza. Another useful piec
e of advice would be to take your time once you have decided that real esta
te in Spain is what you are hunting. Although certain properties sell out i
n the blink of the eye, others stay on the market for months to come, becau
se the owners are expecting unrealistic chunks of money.

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