Jargon Buster What is a jargon buster This by ahadhanif94


									What is a jargon buster? This term is used to tackle specific keywords and e
ven those phrases that are often the cause of confusion and even bemuse. It
is related to societies speaking in mysterious password terms, handshakes th
at have some kind of secret meanings and the like. It is more on a business
like disciplinary practice designed for those who work at corporations to el
iminate defects and improve on their processes.

Here though are some common terms used in the internet for such terms that
 are only understood in the computer industry. When one speaks of the Net,
 they shorten the term of the word Internet. Networking may not only be ab
out two or many computer units that are joined by a software and a cable b
ut also means the sharing of vital information.

A palmtop is what they usually call a gadget or a computer form that is almos
t the size of the palm. It is used as an electronic organizer. When a softwar
e or a log-in asks for a password, it means that it needs character or digits
 for authentic information that is confidential. A PC is an abbreviated form
for personal computer while a PDA, such as the Palmtop, is a personal digital

Other common terms of jargon include the PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor whic
h is a scripted language that is popular in operating systems such as the L
inux and MS Windows too. When you say plug and play, the Windows system is
allowing other peripherals or connections to be recognised by the said oper
ating system or program. A portal is know to be a site, a website that is,
that is acting as an information source that covers sectors or subjects tha
t request information.

We call a set of governing rules sent around a network as a protocol while
a search engine is a software to help you to find what you are looking for
in the World Wide Web. Examples of search engines are Google, Yahoo! and Bi
ng. When it says Spam, it means mail that is unsolicited that target the re
cipient in a simultaneous manner.

The common Web terms would be URL or uniform resource locator which makes
a file accessible through the use of a website address. Another is surfing
 or the slang term used for the process where you are the surfer moves aro
und in the internet.

These are merely a few examples which I hope will bring some form of cla
rity to those who were becoming somewhat confused etc.

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