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									One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is the pl
anning and execution of corporate events. The planning of a corporate event
is vital to its success and as more executives and/or their personal assista
nts are far too busy to be worrying about the details involved, it is best t
o put the whole event in the hands of a professional corporate catering comp
any. Do your homework here, ask around for a catering firm with extensive ex
perience and a fantastic reputation and you won't go wrong. A really good co
rporate catering business will give you several options, according to what k
ind of corporate event is being planned and from there you can leave all the
 details in the hands of your chosen catering company.

Obviously, they will want to know the number of people who will be attendi
ng, the demographics of those people, i.e. professional, entertainment ind
ustry etc. which will then decide what type of food would be suitable. You
 may want something very formal for a banking business meeting and more ca
sual food for people from the entertainment industry. You want an exceptio
nal standard of food to make the right statement about your company. You m
ay select from their standard menus or they may design an entirely new men
u selected especially for the occasion.

You may not wish to hold your corporate event in your boardroom or offices an
d a really good corporate catering firm will have a selection of catering ven
ues available. Their experienced team will help you find the perfect setting
for your corporate event. Another important aspect of holding a successful co
rporate event is the choice of wines, beers and spirits. Again, a top class c
atering company will take all the hassle of this by organising all the drinks
 for you, not to mention the right sort of glasses, punch bowls etc. This als
o goes for all the other aspects of entertaining; tables and chairs, tableclo
ths, crockery and cutlery, whether coffee and tea will be served and of cours
e, the very finest in food choices.

You really won't have to worry about anything if you choose the right cater
ing company and this will leave you free to entertain your guests, secure i
n the knowledge that your corporate event is reflective of the high standar
ds of your business. Ask around as a good reputation is hard to come by and
 the best catering companies will be well known.

Anne is the director at Urban Gourmet Catering Ltd based in Auckland. Direc
tor Anne's experience in the function, wedding and corporate catering busin
ess spans more than 30 years. Her first business, Fleur Catering gave Auckl
and its earliest alternatives to 1980's buffet fare.

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