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                                 Newsletter of the Wyandotte County
                                    Lewis and Clark Task Force
 Volume 1, Issue 3                                                                                           April 2004
Board of Directors
                                   Park Construction Update
Shari L. Wilson, Chair                     Education Pavilion Taking Shape

Janet Vogel, Secretary             March 6, 2004 about 30 volunteers donated their time and effort to work on the erosion control
KCK Chamber of Commerce            project. That afternoon the volunteers moved and placed over 30 tons of rock. Work is also
Sue Wolski, CPA, Co-Treasurer      progressing on the education pavilion kiosks and the boardwalk. The support for the boardwalk
Wolski & Associates                has been built. The kiosk area of the education pavilion is currently under construction. Thank
Sarah Bohndorf                     you to Mike Calwell and all the volunteers who are helping with construction!
Kansas City, KS Public Library

Mike Calwell
Michael/Merrill—Kansas City

Teresa Garrison
Kansas City, KS Public Library

Barbara Jolley
Kansas City, KS Public Library

Patricia Schurkamp
Wyandotte County Museum

Jeanne Shove
Turner USD 202
                                   Volunteers who helped on the erosion             View of the path with the rock liner for
Jennifer Tarwater
Kansas City, KS Public Library     control project March 6, 2004                    erosion control

Andrea Umbreit
Youth Opportunities Unlimited

George A. Vesel
The Kitchen Market

Jennifer Gilbert
Development Assistant

Kansas Lewis & Clark Commission
Wyandotte County Members:

Gordon Criswell
Unified Government of
Wyandotte Co./KCK

Pat Gaunce
KCK Chamber of Commerce/
Kansas City, KS Public Library
                                             View of the kiosk area from below
Kerry Strahm, Co-Treasurer
KCK Convention & Visitors Bureau

                                       Wyandotte County Lewis and Clark Task Force
              Coordinating, creating, and implementing projects and events related to the bicentennial anniversary
                                of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Wyandotte County, Kansas
                                                     Expeditions Page 1
Corps of Discovery II:                                               Much of the human interaction of Corps II takes place in
                                                                     the Tent of Many Voices, a 150-seat venue for cultural
200 Years to the Future                                              arts demonstrations, folklore, music, living history pre-
Kaw Point will Host National Touring Exhibition                      sentations, readings from the expedition journals, and
                                                                     more. Program topics include the changing landscape
         Corps II will follow the Lewis and Clark National
                                                                     mapped by Lewis and Clark, culture and people who
Historic Trail through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa,
                                                                     lived and live today along the Lewis and Clark Trail. Pro-
Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho,
                                                                     grams are designed for students, teachers and general
Washington and Oregon.
                                                                     audiences. The education element of Corps II includes
                                                                     “Lewis and Clark Then and Now, Linking the Trail to
                                                                     America’s Students,” the long distance and Internet learn-
                                                                     ing project with the Discovery Corps of St. Charles, Mis-
                                                                     souri, Apple, Clayton County Schools and other part-

                                                                    Lewis and Clark Nickels
                                                                             In commemoration of the Lewis & Clark Expedi-
The Corps II exhibit opened in January 2003 at Thomas
                                                                    tion, the US Mint will unveil two new nickels this year.
Jefferson’s home, Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia.
                                                                    The first nickel, a design of United States Mint sculptor/
The Bicentennial start date is recognized as Jan. 18, 1803,
                                                                    engraver Norman E. Nemeth, will premiere this spring
the date of Jefferson’s secret letter to Congress requesting
                                                                    and feature a reverse rendition of the Indian Peace
funds for the expedition.

“Corps of Discovery II will continue to supplement local and
                                                                    The second nickel, designed by Mint sculptor/engraver Al
national observances throughout the Bicentennial,” Baker
                                                                    Maletsky, comes out in the fall of 2004 and features an
said. “Corps of Discovery II: 200 Years into the Future con-
                                                                    angled, side-view of the keelboat in full sail with members
tinues to be a tremendous opportunity to learn more about
                                                                    of the expedition rowing in search of the northwest pas-
our nation’s history, including the history of the American
Indian. It’s also a time to think about our nation’s future and
where we want to be 200 years from now. Our National Park
                                                                    The new designs will appear on the reverse side of the coin,
Service rangers and staff from many other federal agencies
                                                                    with the likeness of President Jefferson remaining on the
and local communities help facilitate this process of grow-
                                                                    obverse side of the nickel. Both nickels will continue to be
ing awareness about ourselves and our nation.”
                                                                    minted until 2006, when the original design of Monticello
                                                                    will return.

                                                                    Whenever there is a coinage design change, it must first be
                                                                    enacted by public law. President Bush enacted Public Law
                                                                    108-15 to modify the Jefferson five-cent coin in 2003, 2004,
                                                                    and 2005 to reflect the images evoking the historical expe-
                                                                    dition. For more information visit the United States Mint at

                                                                    Newsletter Submissions
                                                                    We are always looking for article ideas! If you have any
        A program on the keel boat stage.
                                                                    information or events that you would like to see added to
                                                                    the newsletter or calendar of events, please call or email
                                                                    Sarah Bohndorf at 913 596-5800 or
                                       Wyandotte County Lewis and Clark Task Force
              Coordinating, creating, and implementing projects and events related to the bicentennial anniversary
                                of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Wyandotte County, Kansas
                                                     Expeditions Page 2
CALENDAR         OF    EVENTS                                  LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION
WEST WYANDOTTE BRANCH                                          8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. JUNE 30
7:00 P.M. MAY 4                                                Sponsored by KACEE and the Library. Materials will include
Celebrate the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark              Project WILD, Project WET, and activities from the Lewis and
Expedition. Learn about this adventuresome duo                 Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. Materials are correlated to state
through puppet show, crafts and other activities.              education standards. The cost is $25, and participants com-
Suitable for ages 5 and up.                                    pleting the workshop will receive copies of Project WET and
                                                               Project WILD. For more information and to register, contact
LEWIS AND CLARK: A DOG’S EYE VIEW                              Beth Carreno at KACEE, or 785-233-4721.
INSTITUTE                                                      Task Force Announces Featured Speakers for
MR. AND MRS. F.L. SCHLAGLE LIBRARY                             Bicentennial Commemoration
10:00 A.M. MAY 19
Meet Seaman, Lewis and Clark, York, Sacagawea                  The featured speakers will be presenting their programs in the
                                                               Tent of Many Voices. Part of the “Corps of Discovery II,” the
and Charbonneau as marionettes. The engaging                   Tent of Many Voices will be at Kaw Point June 25 through July 4.
medium of puppetry brings these characters and                 Please check our website,, or call 913
events to life. Suitable for ages 5 and up. Part of            721-1078 for a schedule or for more information.
the “Art for Everyone” series. Call (913) 299-2384
to register.                                                   James J. Holmberg
                                                               A native of Louisville, KY, James writes and lectures on the Lewis
                                                               and Clark Expedition, with a special focus on Clark and York.
MEETING AT KAW POINT: A              CONVERGENCE               James wrote the epilogue for the revised edition of Robert Betts’
OF WATERS AND CULTURES                                         In Search of York: The Slave who went to the Pacific with Lewis
                                                               and Clark, and edited Dear Brother: Letters of William Clark to
KAW POINT                                                      Jonathan Clark.
HOSTING CORPS OF DISCOVERY II JUNE 25 - JULY 4                 Hasan Davis
Kaw Point Commemorative Event. An opening                      Part storyteller, part performer, Hasan has thrilled diverse audi-
                                                               ences across America. York: Black Explorer of the Lewis and
ceremony will dedicate the park and kick off the               Clark Expedition, Hasan’s latest piece, examines the life of the
week’s events. The Discovery Expedition of St.                 African-American man known only as York. York was a distin-
Charles, a group of re-enactors of the Lewis and               guished member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803.
Clark Expedition, will encamp at the park and the              However, when the explorers returned to “civilization” three years
public will be invited to view their boats and                 later, York was returned to a position of insignificance and infe-
encampment. Corps of Discovery II, the National
Park Service’s traveling education exhibit, will be            Selene Phillips
located at the site, and the public is invited to view         A member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior, Selene
the exhibits and take in the performances under                brings the life of Sacagawea alive. Performed in first person,
                                                               Selene tells the story of this young girl who went with Lewis and
the Tent of Many Voices. The Corps of Discovery                Clark on the Corps of Discovery. Selene has published articles
II will be at Kaw Point through July 4. This event             on Native American studies and communication, and was visit-
will precede the “Signature Event” to take place in            ing professor in the School of Communications at the University
Atchison, Leavenworth and Kansas City, Missouri                of North Dakota.
on 3-4 July. Further events will be announced as                             Featured Speakers continued on Page 4
they are confirmed.

                                    Wyandotte County Lewis and Clark Task Force
           Coordinating, creating, and implementing projects and events related to the bicentennial anniversary
                             of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Wyandotte County, Kansas
                                                  Expeditions Page 3
        Donor Brick Deadline Extended                                                    Featured Speakers Continued from Page 3
         The deadline for donor bricks to be included in          Robert Miller
the initial engraving has been extended to 30 April. The          As an Associate professor of Indian law at Lewis and Clark Law
Lewis and Clark Historic Park at Kaw Point needs your sup-        School in Portland Oregon, Robert will speak to the aspect of Lewis
port in order to complete the first phase of building the $2      and Clark and Native Americans. Robert serves as Chief Justice of
million project in time for the bicentennial commemoration.       the court of appeals for the Grand Ronde Tribe and was appointed
Your purchase of a donor brick will help fund a portion of con-   to the Circle of Tribal Advisors (COTA). He serves as advisor to the
struction costs while making a lasting impression on the park     National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial.
and the community.
                                                                  Dale Blevins
         Donor bricks will be used to pave the Education Pa-      A USGS (United States Geological Survey) presenter, Dale speaks
vilion Plaza. This plaza is a focal point of the park. Donor      on the Missouri River flow velocity and suspended sediment mea-
bricks are attractive pavers that are available in two sizes to   surements made by Lewis and Clark. Many of these measurements
accommodate your custom-engraved, individualized state-           were made near Kansas City including on sediment measurement
ment. Patron bricks, 6” X 12”, can be purchased for $60.00        at Kaw Point.
and can accommodate three lines of 16 characters each for
your individual message. Bicentennial bricks, 12” X 12”, are      Cecil Williams
available for $110.00 and can accommodate six lines of 16         A retired USGS employee, Cecil performs original ballads on fa-
characters for your message. Corporate bricks are also avail-     mous African-American figures of the American West, including York.
able and can accommodate corporate logos. They are 12” X
12” and are available for $250.00.
                                                                  Dr. Cuppage talks about the different medicines, such as the
        Don’t miss the opportunity to see your engraved           infamous “thunderbolts,” purchased for the trip as well as some of
brick at the park dedication and the bicentennial events!         the medical problems the Corps of Discovery experienced.
For additional information or to purchase a donor brick,
call 816 591-9996 or email
You can also write

        Wyandotte County Lewis and Clark Task Force
                      ATTN: Donor Bricks
                      P.O. Box 171517
                      Kansas City, KS 66117-0517

Friends of the Kaw
Wyandotte County Lewis and Clark Task Force
P.O. Box 171517
Kansas City, Kansas 66117-0517

                                        Wyandotte County Lewis and Clark Task Force
               Coordinating, creating, and implementing projects and events related to the bicentennial anniversary
                                 of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Wyandotte County, Kansas
                                                      Expeditions Page 4

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