LivingWater Newsletter January 2003 by leader6


									    Issue #3
  Feb/Mar 2006

   LEADERSHIP              Can you believe it? We are passing the midpoint of the school year. We hope you
                           and your families have been creating many great memories together! These winter
Our Leaders                months bring a variety of adventures from vacations on a cruise or on the slopes,
                           day trips, museum visits, geography and spelling bees, science fairs and cozy mo-
Dan & Sue Hurst            ments gathered on a couch to drink hot chocolate and read a good book or watch a
Co-General Leaders
                           movie together.
Co-op Coordinators
                           Recently, Deborah Ryder was reflecting on her homeschooling journey as she left
                           the Ladies Tea. "I like the time I spend with my children.... We are a busy family
Chris & Pam Reynolds       with outside interests and commitments. The free time isn't as much as it was when        they were younger. How quickly the time passed when field trips were a regular
Co-General Leaders
New Home Schooling         part of our curriculum.... The lunch times together, drive time to classes, devotions
Coordinators               and Bible studies together have become precious.... "
Tim & Ana Williams         During these winter months take the opportunity to reflect on your adventures and
livingwaterhomeschool               experiences together as a family. Then share your "reflections" with each other. An
Co-General Leaders         exercise like this may help us pass over any "winter blues" or "burn out" season.
Newsletter & Meetings
Coordinators               Sharing your "reflections" can strengthen our family relationships and build our
                           friendships. You can begin with the question, "What have I enjoyed the most about
Younger Children           homeschooling?" You may share any of your "reflections" with us. We would love
Activity                   to include excerpts in our next newsletter.
Requesting Volunteers !!   Hiking the path with you! Chris & Pam Reynolds

Tara DiSalvo                                                        PURPOSE   Living Water is a group of homeschool families who come together for the support
                           of one another. Each family that homeschools is an independent private school that
Administrative             has the freedom to instill the beliefs and values that we, the parents, feel are most
Support                    important to our children. Because we are not affiliated with a church, we felt it im-
Sue August
                           portant for you to know where the leadership stands so you may feel comfortable
                           participating in the various functions and activities available. Please note that some
Meal Coordinator
                           activities and events in our newsletters are being offered within the homeschool
Corrine DiMarco
corrine.dimarco            community and are available for your information.

                                                         NEXT NEWSLETTER

     NEXT MEETING                                        SUBMISSION DEADLINE:
     May 25, 2006                                                        Monday March 20, 2006
     7:30-8:30pm MEETING
     6:30-7:15pm                                         WEB POSTING/ MAILING DATE:
     WORKSHOP                                                             Monday, March 27, 2006
                                                         PERIOD COVERING:         April/May 2006
      PHONE SYSTEM AND                                                 HOMESCHOOL
    COMMUNICATE TO YOUR                                            GROUP MEETING
          LEADERS                                                   INFORMATION
                                                       Next meeting for 2006:
All messages should be approved by either:                               May 25, 2006
 Pam Reynolds 609-859-2304                             All meetings will be begin promptly at 7:30 pm and
 Sue Hurst    609-859-9312                             run to 8:30 pm. Prior to each of our meetings, we
                                                       will be offering homeschool workshops from
                                                       6:30pm to 7:15pm.
After approval, call Sue August 609-405-0702.
You may leave your message for Sue, in its entire-
                                                       Childcare is provided during the workshops $1.00
ty, on her answering machine, if she is not availa-
                                                       per child. Childcare is provided during the meetings
ble. Messages will be run on TUESDAYS and
                                                       $1.00 per child. There will be several older children
SATURDAYS, except in the cases of immediate
                                                       (12 and above) assigned to do the childcare during
needs such as prayer requests, activity cancella-
                                                       the workshops and meetings. If you have children
tions, etc.
                                                       who are ten and older who need to come to the
Please remember, our leaders, like you, are busy       meetings and are not eligible or scheduled as a
homeschoolers. It is important that you try to         babysitter there will be no charge, but we ask that
reach them weekdays only, at off-school hours          they bring an activity with them (i.e. book, drawing
or early evenings. Keep this in mind when calling      supplies, game, etc.). Please advise your older chil-
for approvals, questions or to RSVP for a field trip   dren that they are obligated to stay in the room with
or event as well.                                      all the other children and to set a godly example for
                                                       the younger children. For the consideration of oth-
Attention All:                                         ers, any child who has been sick 24 hrs. prior to a
Please call Sue August with approved phone mes-        meeting or workshop will not be permitted in the
sages on Monday evenings for Tuesday run and           childcare room. For more information regarding
Friday evenings for the Saturday run.                  childcare at the meetings and workshops, contact
                                                       Deanna Wood at 609-518-3590.

Copies of the 2005-2006 Member Directory and                                       May 25, 2006
Curriculum List will be available at the Infor-
mation Table at each meeting. The member direc-
tory is an alphabetized list of member families
with addresses, phone numbers, and children’s          NOTE:
names and ages. The curriculum list contains each
family with their curriculum choices. You will         All general meetings will now take place at
find this list helpful when shopping or understand-    Fellowship Alliance Chapel, Church Road, Med-
ing curriculums. Please use these lists only when      ford. Route 70 to Route 541 North towards Mt. Hol-
communicating to one another. Please do not dis-       ly. Take a Left at the first light (WaWa) at Church
tribute or solicit these lists.                        Road. Fellowship Alliance Chapel (also known as
                                                       FAC), will be on your right side.
Please provide as much information that applies to your submission as
possible to insure your content is properly presented in the newsletter.
               Note that all entries are subject to editing.
Please tell us which category of the newsletter:
 Younger Children  Older children     Outside Interests
 All      Co Ops    Advertisement / Networking

Date:___________________________________ (include date, day of week and month)

Rain date:______________________________ (include date, day of week and month)
Time___________________________________ (both start and end time)
Contact Persons Name__________________           Phone__________(email optional)
Description / Text
Limit: children and adults quantities________Cost: children and adults prices___________
Caravan / Directions
                     The above is a prompter, NOT A FORM!
                   Submission     Mail Date
         Volume   Deadline Date                                   Covering Period…

         One                                                          Sept. and
                    Too Late !
                                                                      Oct. 2005

         Two        Too Late !                                   Nov. / Dec. 2005 and
                                                                      Jan. 2006

         Three      Too Late !                                     Feb. and March

         Four        Mon.          Mon.                               April and
                     Mar 20        Mar 27                             May 2006

         Five         Mon.          Wed.                            End of Year -
                     May 15        May 31                          Upcoming Year

Your submission must be ready to “cut and paste” into the newsletter in plain text
(preferred) or a “.doc” file attachment. Please submit as early as possible to via
      TRI-COUNTY INFORMATION                                                     HOME SCHOOL
                                                                                 LEGAL DEFENSE
PHONE NUMBER: (609) 953-8831                                                        (HSLDA)

The NOTA BENE (Tricounty newsletter) is a volun-
teer effort non-profit publication with information     HSLDA is a national organization committed to
about timely homeschool events and other infor-         protecting the legal rights of homeschoolers
mation. A subscription includes the Tricounty Mem-      throughout the country. Attorneys are knowledge-
bership Card which is good at many education, craft     able about the laws in each state and offer free le-
and book stores in Burlington, Camden and Glouces-      gal advice and representation to their members on
ter counties, including:                                issues concerning homeschooling. The annual fee
        Barnes and Noble: 20 % (not sale items)         to join HSLDA is $115. Tri-County, which our
        Borders: 20 % (not sale items)                  group is a part of, has a group membership with
Check the Nota Bene web site for the current list of    HSLDA and allows members to receive a dis-
businesses offering discounts. Subscriptions run July
                                                        counted price on that annual membership fee.
through June each year.
                                                        Your membership will include “The Home School
                                                        Court Report”. This newsletter is published
                                                        bi-monthly. Non-members may subscribe to the
                                                        newsletter for a $15.00 annual fee.
To subscribe to this valuable newsletter, send $15 to

            Tri-County Home Educators
         78 Skeet Road, Medford, NJ 08055
                                                        Address: P.O. Box 3000, Purcellville, VA 20134
Include name, spouse’s name, address, e-mail ad-        Shipping Address: 17333 Pickwick Drive,
dress, HSLDA membership, support group, home            Purcellville, VA 20132
church, names and birth years of your children, hob-    Phone:             (540) 338-5600
bies and interest.                                      Fax:                (540) 338-2733
Any Nota Bene newsletter submissions can be             Federal Hot Line: (540) 338-1234
emailed to with “Nota Bene”
as the subject.
              Ladies Tea Update                          Encouragement and Prayer Night
Once again the Ladies Tea was a great time of fel-            Thursday, March 2, 2006 7pm
lowship for all who attended. The Cutts’ home was                    Ryder Home
filled with the laughter and chatter of 25 home edu-          1662 Rte. 206   Southampton
cating moms "catching up on the latest" with each
other! Many humorous quips, science fair brain-        Attention! Newbies & Not-So-Newbies! Are
storming and strategies, family trips and various      you in need of some encouragement or laugh-
family updates,                                        ter? Do you have some questions about cur-
including new babies, were among the topics of         riculum or strategies for teaching a certain
conversation of the evening. Thanks Renee - for        subject or age level? Need a shoulder to lean
blessing us with your gift of hospitality! We hope     on or have a shoulder to lean on? This even-
the "laughing and chattering" ladies left refreshed    ing is set aside for you. Join us for an evening
and renewed in their common thread; home educa-        of encouragement, support and prayer. We
tion. Remember Ladies that you are a Daughter of       need each other as we travel the road of home
the KING, a "princess".                                education together. Building relationships and
                                                       having support is vital for our
     My Princess...Fill Your Home with Peace           survival during our journey.
 (from His Princess: Love Letters from the King)       RSVP Pam Reynolds

        "I know how hard it is for you to feel con-
tent in your home when you're always wanting one
more thing to make it the perfect place.... My Prin-
cess, you must first learn to let Me build in you a                     2nd Annual
place of peace and contentment. Do your best to                 Used Curriculum Sale
rest in Me and wait for Me.... I want you to make                May 4, 2006 6pm-9pm
your home a place that builds relationships and re-               May 5, 2006 9am-2pm
flects who you are in                                      Fellowship Alliance Chapel, Medford
Me. Remember that your loved ones need you
more than any material thing. So decorate your         Last year was such a great success. We are
home with joy, fill it with timeless memories and      excited to add an evening to make it easier on
create a safe place to grow up in Me.                  your schedules. There will be a mix of used
        Love,                                          curriculum for you to choose from. To sell
        Your King and your Resting Place"              your used books, the cost will be $10 per ta-
                                                       ble. (8ft) You will be responsible for setting
                                                       up, selling and removal of your items.
                                                       All unsold items must go home with
                                                       you. Contact Sue Hurst at
                                              or Deborah Ryder at
                                              to find out where to
                                                       send your check to hold the table. There are
                                                       20 tables available. Setup will begin at
          Homeschool Science Fair                      3:00pm on Thursday the 4th. Note: If you are
         Thursday, February 16th 7:00pm                purchasing a table you will need to stay until
              First Baptist Church                     the end of the whole event, unless you have
           Woodlane Road, Mt. Holly                    made special arrangements with the leaders.
                      Reach Us                                           Support Group Night
                                                             A Support Group Night is an informal get-together
You can e-mail us with your needs and receive a re-          hosted in a Living Water member's home for fel-
sponse via e-mail at If you are         lowship and discussion. We've decided that the
new to home schooling or the group, contact Pam and          support group nights for the 2005-06 school year
Chris Reynolds at If you do              will each have a theme. No childcare is offered
not have access to e-mail contact us weekdays after          for Support Group Nights. A Living Water leader
school hours. Sue: 609-859-9312 or Pam: 609-859-             will head up the discussion.
2304. Our goal is that we are available if you need us.
We are here to support and encourage you. You are in                 Leadership Faith Statement
our prayers and we covet yours.                              The Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible Word
                                                             of God and contains His completed and final reve-
                                                             lation to man. We do not endorse or encourage the
                       General E-mail                        use of any teaching that conflicts with what is con-
Look for LivingWater e-mails from this new address-          tained in God’s Word. The Bible, in its original . We use this account           form, is without error in its entirety. The Word of
to send our information to the group only and you may        God has been and will remain the ultimate authori-
not solicit or respond to this address. If you have          ty as we seek His wisdom in representing His
something that you would like to send to the group,          group in a way that honors and magnifies the name
please e-mail it to for distri-          of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
bution to the group.

               General Information                                        Homeschool Inquirer Night
                                                                              Thursday, May 4
There are two General LivingWater Meetings per year,                              7:00pm
September and May. Each meeting is held at the Fel-
lowship Alliance Chapel in Medford. Childcare is             Do you know of any families thinking of home-
provided for a small fee. The General Meetings are the       schooling? Bring them out on May 4th, during the
core of the home school support system. We discuss           used curriculum sale. Pam Reynolds, and other
what is happening for the school year regarding activi-      Newbie leaders will be available to answer ques-
ties, field trips, co-ops, and events. You will meet folks   tions following a short seminar for these folks.
and share ideas. If you have something you would like        Concentration will be on curriculums, homeschool
to share at the meeting, please e-mail                       laws, etc. or
Since there are only two per year, it is important that
all members attend these 90 minute meetings to obtain
the full benefit of being a group member.
                                                             LivingWater is looking for someone to serve as a
                          SEMINARS                           Younger Kids (K-5) Field Trip Coordinator. If you
                                                                  are interested, please contact one of the
A Seminar is a two hour gathering on a specified sub-                              leaders.
ject. Seminars are held at area churches. Childcare is
not available at all seminars, unless specified.
  Nancy Drew Dinner Club (NDDC)                                     Trip to the US Mint
Calling all girls age 10 - 13. Do you like Nancy
Drew Mysteries? Come join in the fun at my              In March, we will be visiting the US Mint in
newly established Nancy Drew Dinner Club.               Philadelphia. As of now, it will be a self-guided
There will be trivia questions, discussions of          tour on a Friday. Once we know how many want
our favorite stories, book lending, and dinner.         to join, we will give more details. Since this is a
                                                        government facility, you may want to read their
When: Mondays Feb. 13, March 13, April                  safety and security rules before you decide you
10                                                      want to join. Visit , then click
Time: 4:30 - 7:00 p.m.                                  Tours, scroll down and click Philadelphia.
Where: 632 Avenue D Southampton                         Please contact Tracy Apple if you are interested:
E-mail Danielle at to join  or 856-596-6019. This trip is
in the fun. Please advise us of any pet or food         open to students of all ages.

            ENOCH Convention
It's not too early to start thinking about attend-
ing the ENOCH Homeschool Convention. It is
scheduled for May 19-20. This can be a great
time of refreshment and renewed vision for
your family's homeschool mission. It is also an
opportunity to serve the Christian community
of homeschoolers throughout New Jersey. The
                                                                        Bread Makers
convention is staffed 100% by volunteers. You
can volunteer for as little as a 3 hour shift. I will
be serving as Volunteer Coordinator again this
year. Online registration for the convention
will be available in early February. Register at To find out about volunteering
some of your time, click on the volunteer info
button as you register. If you'd like a more de-
tailed idea of what's available, contact Sue Au-
gust at or 609-405-
0702. Thanks to all the Living Water members
who helped out at last year's convention!               The Language Arts and Government classes
                                                        would like to thank you. You purchased bread
               Congratulations                          and rolls from our fundraiser, and even trusted us
                                                        with the care of your children (babysitting). You
Congratulations to Peter and Rosemary Laberee           have all made our efforts a success. We would
who have begun serving ENOCH as the NJ                  not have been able to achieve our goal without
Southern Regional Representatives.                      all of you!
                   Co-op / Classes
    Language Arts Class High School                   Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...
                                                               Co-ops, Field Trips and Events
The students have been working hard. Along
with the unusual Sentence Structuring, they are       Check your e-mail BEFORE heading out if the
learning to put together their thoughts and pas-      weather is inclement. Actually this is a good
sions on paper, and our writing outstanding pa-       practice anyway just in-case the church, field trip
pers. So many of our kids have a gift of writing,     or event, has to cancel at last minute. We will
and wisdom in matters of their age. Make sure         wait to cancel as late as possible if it is for
you read Arielle Cutts' Article on Voting.....great   weather. We don't like to cancel before we see
stuff. Encourage your kids to submit writings into    what the weather will do.
the next newsletter, it is a great way for them to
express themselves and for us to learn.               Co-ops: Living Water will e-mail the co-op
They are also looking forward to their class trip     leaders no later then 7:00am the morning for co-
to Boston.                                            op classes or earlier so that you can plan. You
                                                      will receive their e-mail no later then 8:00am
     Government Class High School                     Friday morning. Note: Some early morning
                                                      classes could be cancelled and not the later
We have a had great first half to the school year.    morning classes.....that would be up to the co-op
We are learning so much about our Founding Fa-        leaders and the weather. If you haven't heard or
thers and the Constitution. We are excited with       received an e-mail and are still concerned, feel
our up-coming class trip to Boston in April.          free to contact your co-op leader by phone.
As you sit inside the courtroom, you can see the      Field trips and events: The facilitator will send
wall, right above where the Supreme Court judg-       out a mass e-mail, either through Living Water
es sit, a display of the Ten Commandments!            or through the facilitator’s address. If you are
DID YOU KNOW? Every session of Congress               not sure, contact the facilitator.
begins with a prayer by a paid preacher, whose        Any Questions, contact Sue Hurst 609-950-9312
salary has been paid by taxpayers since 1777.         or e-mail
DID YOU KNOW ? James Madison, the fourth
president, known as "The Father of Our Constitu-
tion" made the following statement:                              Construction to begin!
   "We have staked the whole of all our political
institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self    Tabernacle Church of Christ will be under reno-
government, upon the capacity of each and all of      vations for the remainder of the school year.
us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to      The church has asked that we do not allow the
sustain ourselves according to the                    children to go outside for classes or play unsu-
Ten Commandments of God."                             pervised. There will be hazardous areas includ-
Great Stuff! Pray for our Country!                    ing tools, equipment, and old construction mate-
                                                      rials. All sections in the building will be off
                                                      limits except the "new" basement area. The
                                                      church has been a wonderful blessing to us, so
                                                      please share this information with your kids.
                                                      Should you have any questions, contact Sue
                                                      Hurst or Renee Cutts.
                        OUTSIDE INTERESTS

              The Geo League                                             Chess
                                                   Where:         The Evesham Library
The Geo League continues to meet and learn                    Main Street/Tuckerton Road
about the different places in the world. Please    When: The first Tuesday of each month
contact Rosemary Labaree at 609-953-7456 or                       10:00 am to Noon if you would like to sign       Who: All levels of players and
up or if you have questions.                                     all ages are invited.
  Geo Focus         Mail Date       Meeting Date          All you need is an interest in chess.
 USA Rivers            Feb 1            Feb 25     Why: To give the little gray cells a workout!
    South              Mar 1            Mar 25     Complete list of dates to get on your homeschool
    Africa                                         calendar: February 7, March 7, April 4, May 2,
    Mexico             Apr 1            Apr 29     June 6. For more information you can contact
  Caribbean            May 1           May 27      Rosemary Laberee at
                                                                 Sing for Joy Choir

                 Mock Trial                        It’s that time of year again! Time to sign up for
The Mock Trial Competitions are starting soon,     the Sing For Joy Choirs winter/spring semester.
if anyone would like to come to support our        The choirs are now under the new direction of
team, here are the competition dates:              Mrs. Rachel Snyder of Cherry Hill, NJ. Mrs.
                                                   Snyder is fully dedicated to continuing on with
The preliminary round is on Saturday, Feb. 4 at    the choirs exactly how they have been run, and
9:00 and again at 12:00. Both sides will play      taking part in the vision for these ensembles. She
that day. The time has not yet been announced as   is a 2003 graduate of Lebanon Valley College
to what team will play when.                       where she received a B.S in Music Education.
                                                   She has toured Italy with a choir, performed the
The quarter finals are on Monday, Feb. 6 at 6:00   national anthem at various sporting events, and
pm. The semifinals are on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at       performed at local coffee houses. She has taught
6:00pm. The final round is on Thursday, Feb. 9,    in the public school system for 2 years before tak-
during the day. Possible snowdates are Saturday    ing on Sing For Joy. She is thrilled to lead these
Feb. 11 or Tuesday Feb. 14, during the day.        choirs! The fee remains the same, $10 per ses-
The county competitions are held at the Burling-   sion. The rehearsals will take place at Come
ton County courthouses on Rancocas Rd. in Mt.      Alive in Medford, NJ. The Youth Choir (ages 6-
Holly. Please note that the final round is held    12) will meet on Wednesdays from 1-2pm. The
around the corner at the historic courthouse on    teen choir (ages 12-19) will meet on Wednesdays
High Street.                                       from 2-3pm. The cut off date will be February 15,
                                                   2005. To sign up, simply call Mrs. Snyder at 856-
If you have a question or unsure if it might be    305-2807. On this date, there will also be a gen-
cancelled, you can contact Danielle Schaeffer at   eral meeting for all those interested in joining the
(609) 835-4011 or .      choir. Here, Mrs. Snyder will go over policy,
                                                   permission slips, concert dates, and have time for
                                                   questions. Both choirs and their parents will meet
                                                   at 1pm on this day. Please call ahead of time so
                                                   Mrs. Snyder knows how many to plan for.
           Middle / Older Students

              Pizza/Game Nights                         Overview of Parent/Teen Conference
                                                                with Brett Ullman
                  Grades 6-12
          Tabernacle Church of Christ                  Recently, Brett Ullman, a Canadian came to
     Tuesdays, February 14, March 14, 2006             speak on MEDIA - FAITH – CULTURE at
                6:30pm-8:45pm                          Maranatha Church in Moorestown. The multi-
                                                       media presentation threaded with provocative
                Price $5 per person                    quotes and interviews, left those of all ages chal-
 (covers 2 slices of pizza & drinks, If you are just   lenged by God to be an instrument of change.
coming and not eating, please let us know ahead of     Brett encouraged those attending, that Christians
      time so I don't order too many pizzas)           need to be Transformists rather than Separatists
Come out for fellowship and fun! Bring a snack to      or Conformists so that our faith will influence
share. We will have hot chocolate and                  those around us; transforming those around us
drinks. Since it is the winter, plan on bringing a     and impacting our culture. By having a mindset
board game. RSVP by 12:00 noon that day to             of this kind God might better use us to transform if you plan to come.               a generation who for the first time in history is
                                                       more heavily influenced from outside the family.
                                                       Brett suggests that in order to change "actions",
                                                       the heart needs to first be targeted by developing
                                                       a biblical worldview. He referenced Josh
                                                       McDowell in his book Disconnected Generation
                                                       that a chain reaction occurs. Our "actions" are
                                                       shaped by our values. Our values or standards
                                                       are developed from how we view our world - our
                                                       worldview. Our worldview stems from our be-
                                                       liefs or those things we hold to be truth in our

                                                       The seminar was informative to all on many cul-
                                                       tural "hot topics", with "cutting" (self harm) sur-
                 The Pizza Gang                        facing as a growing addictive struggle among
                                                       teens both in and outside the church, along with
                                                       sex and drugs. Brett also provided resources and
                                                       strategies from scripture, books, and internet
                                                       links in discipling our children in the "discern-
                                                       ment process" of making choices in movies, mu-
                                                       sic, video games and activities based on biblical

                                                       Go to for further infor-
                                                       mation and click on resources. Any questions or
                                                       further discussion about the conference, contact
                                                       Pam Reynolds, Deborah Ryder or Diane Carr
                                                       since they attended the conference.
Advertising in this newsletter does not constitute endorse-                    &
ment of the product or service by LivingWater leadership.
                                                              Do you buy a lot of books? Do you buy on-
                    Piano Lessons                             ly a few books a year? We have teamed up
Lydia DiBraccio has been a Choir director/                    with, one of the world’s leader
musician for 15 years. Beginner/intermediate/                 booksellers. Each time you buy a book from
advanced. Students may be adults or children.       , a portion of the proceeds
For information and registration call                         comes to Living Water.
(609) 265-2842.
                                                              It’s that simple. BUT – there is a little trick
                                                              you need to know. In order for Living Water
                                                              to get credit for the purchase, you must visit

                         Lessons                              the book section of the           Web Site
Hello! I am Rachel Snyder, the new director for               first. Once there, you can do a search of
Sing For Joy Choirs. I am informing all of you       from the bottom of our web
that I will also now have more time slots open for            page. After that, any purchase
the music studio I opened in my home in Cherry                you make during that web-surfing-session
Hill, Music Vision Studio. I graduated from Leba-             will be tallied up for LivingWater. Visit the
non Valley College in 2003 with a B.S in Music                LivingWater Web site at
Education, with a vocal concentration. I am          .
young, energetic, and have a passion for teaching             Got questions ? Email your questions to
our youth music and aiding in the development of     . Happy Surfing !
their ability. I am currently accepting VOICE and
GUITAR students of all ages. I have sung on an
Italy tour, sang the national anthem at various
sporting events, and performed at local coffee                FREE French Materials for Your Home-
houses. Call me asap to set up a time where you                            school
can come meet me in my home where the lessons
would take place. This way we can get to know                 A former French teacher has FREE French
each other first and you can see if I’m what you              materials available to homeschool families.
are looking for! Call me at 856-305-2807 (cell).              You can contact Mrs. Felicia Ruah Renfrow
                                                              at for a list of
                 Table & Chairs ?                             items available.

Anyone in need of a table and four chairs in great
shape, please contact Anne Ricchini at
                              The Responsibility To Vote

The other day I was trying to think of a topic for this essay, and since it’s for govern-
ment it should probably have something to do with government right? Well, I was on a
forum that a friend of mine runs (most of the members are between 18 and 21), and they
were talking about President Bush. Some of them like him some don’t, then voting
came up. Several people said that “instead of adding to the ignorant voters group, who
like one guy ‘cause he talks nice, or the other ‘cause he’s taller”, they just didn’t vote.
That got me thinking, if they didn’t want to be “ignorant voters” all they had to do was
pick up a newspaper, or watch TV, or search the net. Instead of taking the initiative to
find out who would be the best leader for our country, they let everyone else make that
decision for them. Guess it wasn’t that important to them.

How would the founding fathers feel about that? What would they think of people not
voting because they didn’t care enough to get the facts? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t
like it. They fought for the freedoms we have today, they died so we could live in a
better world and make our own choices. They established this government of the peo-
ple, for the people, and by the people, and it’s up to us to keep it going. In light of that
statement I went to find some statistics on voting. According to the US Census Bureau,
for the last four elections the 18-24yr group has consistently had the lowest percent-
age of their group vote. Last year 58% of this group registered to vote and only 47% of
that number actually voted. Counter to that, over the last four elections the group of 55
and up has had the most registration and voter turnouts. Also immigrant citizens have
mid-high voting percentages.

Why is it that older people and new citizens have higher voting percentages? My theo-
ry is that they don’t take for granted what the younger set do. The young adults of to-
day are used to the instant gratification and convenience of our society. A Scottish
trans-national speaker I heard recently said “...America is the only nation I know of
that gets impatient with a microwave.” It’s true, we want what we want, we want it
now, and don’t care how it happens as long as it doesn’t take too much effort. Older
people didn’t have it as easy, they had to work for what they wanted and the freedom
to choose the course of their life was something they wanted. Immigrants come from
all over the world seeking the opportunities that Americans take for granted. They
know what it’s like to have every aspect of their lives controlled by government.

As Americans we have the privilege and the responsibility of choosing our leaders. So
instead of being “ignorant voters”, whether by un-informed choice, or not voting at all,
we should take this responsibility seriously. We have the ability to keep America
“ nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

-- Arielle
Student – US Government Class

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