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									                                         Eagles in Flight! Newsletter
                                                                           February 2010

By the Numbers                2
Challenge Coins               2
New Scouting $1 Coin          3
Centennial Activities         3
Scout Exec’s Corner           4
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Special Points of Interest:

 Our 2009 Eagle Scout
    class had 248 new Ea-
    gles Scouts.
 LAAC has 770 Packs,            Scouters attending the Council’s Centennial Annual Dinner held on February 6, 2010 witnessed
    Troops, Teams, and            approximately one-third of the 248 young men who earned their Eagle Scout award in 2009 accept
    Crews.                        the Eagle Charge. Eagle Scout Sam Couch delivered this year’s Eagle Charge response (see item
                                  below). Scouts and Scouters were treated to five historical vignettes based on paintings by Norman
 Our Boy Scouts earned          Rockwell and Frank Leyendedker. Each provided a glimpse of the important role Scouting has
    7,511 merit badges in         played in America’s history over the past one hundred years. Welcome new Eagles!
 LAAC ESA is on the web!
    Look for our groups at
    www.linkedin.com as           MEET SAM COUCH
    well as on
    www.facebook.com.             Sam Couch from Troop 4673        tackle his Eagle project. Over
                                  in Hermosa Beach delivered       the course of nine months with
                                  this year’s Eagle Charge re-     600 hours invested, Sam
                                  sponse. Sam’s Scouting ex-       planned and led a one-week
                                  perience began when he           summer camp specifically de-
                                  joined his Tiger Cub pack at     signed to provide camping and
                                  age six.                         socialization experiences to
                                                                   children between five and thir-
                                                                   teen. Activities included trips
                                  His on-going volunteer work      the aquarium, LA Zoo, and Uni-
                                  with physically and develop-     versal Studios. The volunteer
                                  mentally challenged adults       organization was so pleased
                                  and youth led him to concen-     with the project’s success that
                                  trate on this unreached seg-     it is now part of its annual plan.
                                  ment when it came time to
                                                                   Nice job, Sam!
E a g l e s i n F l ig h t ! N e w s l e t t e r                                                                                     Page 2

  BY            THE                 NUMBERS: WHO KNEW?
                                                                                                                          “ For the past
  Here are a few interesting                        115.5 million merit badges
  facts about Scouting prepared                      were earned through 2008.
                                                                                          been earned plus an-
                                                                                          other 231 with Crossed         five years more
  by BSA Research and Evalua-                                                             Palms.
  tion Department and LAAC:                         2,043,375 have earned the
                                                     rank of Eagle Scout since           LAAC’s four outdoor facili-
                                                                                                                          than 1,900,000
   62.2 million Cub Scouts
                                                     1912.                                ties served 19,384
                                                                                          campers in 2009.
                                                                                                                           merit badges
                                                    13,345 Heroism Awards,
     registered: 1930-2009.                          Medals of Merit, and Certifi-       2009 Popcorn Sales               have been
   53.8 million Boy Scouts,                        cates of Merit have been             generated $309,000 for
     Venturers, and Explorers                        bestowed on Scouts since
                                                                                          LAAC Scouting.                      earned
     registered: 1910– 2009.                                                             16,467 Cubs, Scouts,
   33.3 million unit leader                       BSA Honor Medals have               Varsity Scouts, and Crews         annually.”
     volunteers: 1910-2009.                          been awarded since 1911;             participated in LAAC pro-
                                                     since then 2,234 have                grams in 2009.

  Magnificently crafted by Sym-                    an aerial dogfight), forcing him     the lookout for German sabo-
  bol Arts®, the “Rolls Royce” of                  to land behind enemy lines,          teurs dressed as civilians.
  challenge coin manufacturers,                    thus allowing him to be cap-         The French mistook the
  these 1½ inch diameter coins                     tured by the Germans. The            American pilot for a German
  come individually packaged in                    Germans confiscated his per-         saboteur and immediately
  a special protective case. Each                  sonal belongings, but they           prepared to execute him.
  coin bears its own unique                        didn’t take the leather pouch        Desperate to prove his alle-
  number from 1 to 1,000.                          from his neck. In route to a         giance, the pilot pulled out
                                                   prisoner of war facility he was      the coin from his leather
                                                   held overnight in a small Ger-       pouch and showed it to his
  The origin of Challenge Coins
  dates back to WWI. Air war-
                                                   man-held French village near         French captors. One of the
                                                                                        Frenchmen recognized the
                                                                                                                           “The French
                                                   the front. At night, the town
  fare was new during World
  War I when the Army created                      was bombarded by the British,        unit insignia on the coin and       mistook the
                                                                                        delayed the execution long
  flying squadrons they were
  manned with volunteer pilots
                                                   creating confusion and the
                                                   pilot escaped.                       enough to confirm the pilot’s     American pilot
  from every walk of civilian life.
                                                                                        identity. Safely returned to
                                                                                        his squadron, it became a          for a German
  Early pilots came from the
  working class or rural back-
                                                   Avoiding German patrols by
                                                   donning civilian attire, he crept
                                                                                        tradition for all members to
                                                                                        carry their coin at all times.
                                                                                                                         saboteur and im-
  grounds; some were wealthy
  college students who were
                                                   across no-man’s land and
                                                   made contact with a French
                                                                                                                          mediately pre-
  lured by the adventure.                          patrol. But all of his identifica-   LAAC Challenge Coins are
                                                                                        priced at $10 and can be
                                                                                                                         pared to execute
                                                   tion had been confiscated so
  As the legend goes, a wealthy                    he had no way to prove his           obtained through Paul                  him.”
                                                   identity. Unfortunately for          McNulty:
  lieutenant, while serving in
  France in 1918, ordered                          him, the French had been on          pmcnulty@denovong.com
  small, bronze medallions
  struck, which bore the squad-
  ron’s insignia. He presented
  them to the other pilots as
  mementos of their service
  together. One of the pilots in
  the squadron placed it in a
  leather pouch he wore around
  his neck for safekeeping.
  Later, this pilot’s aircraft was
  heavily damaged by ground
  fire (or per other stories, in
E a g l e s i n F l ig h t ! N e w s l e t t e r                                                                                       Page 3

  S I LV E R D O L L A R I S O N T H E W AY !

  The weaving of thoughts, cul-                    fitting that the surcharges from   BSA's initiative to promote the
  tures, and ideas into one Ameri-                 the sale of each coin are au-      Boy Scouts of America Cen-
  can fabric is stamped into our                   thorized for use to benefit the    tennial Silver Dollar. Judge
  national identity - E Pluribus                   BSA National Foundation in its     Sessions' son Congressman
  Unum, "Out of Many, One."                        efforts to bring Scouting to un-   Pete Sessions of Dallas,
                                                   derserved communities. Sur-        Texas, also a Distinguished
  In 2010, the United States Mint                  charges for the coin sales may     Eagle Scout, introduced and
  will inscribe that phrase onto a                 generate up to $3.5 million for    championed the legislation
  new commemorative coin that                      this very worthy cause. For the    that authorized the BSA to be
  honors the Centennial of the                     first thirty days the proof coin   one of the two commemora-
  Boy Scouts of America. Begin-                    will be offered at $39.95 and      tive coins produced by the
  ning March 23, the US Mint will                  the uncirculated coin will be      United States Mint in 2010.
  make available for sale                          offered at $33.95, after which
  350,000 high quality, modern                     the prices will rise slightly.     Ordering begins at noon (EST)
  issue, commemorative silver                                                         on March 23, 2010. Orders
  dollar coins.                                    Judge William S. Sessions, for-    can be placed through the US
                                                   mer Director of the Federal        Mint at www.usmint.gov or at
  Like the inscription on the coin,                Bureau of Investigation and        1-800-USA-MINT. Sorry, no
  the BSA gathers together youth                   Distinguished Eagle Scout, is      pre-sales.
  from all backgrounds. So, it is                  the Honorary Chairman of the

  S AV E T H E D A T E : P L E N T Y O F W A Y S TO
       Service Program – “Pay It Forward” - This unique volunteer program brings all Scouts together
         under one roof to provide community service to worthwhile organizations helping people in
         need. On February 27 and 28, 2010, to help celebrate the BSA Centennial, all Districts of the
         Los Angeles Area Council will be holding their own Pay It Forward day or weekend. Specific infor-
         mation will be presented by each District to their Units regarding their local Pay It Forward Pro-

       Geocaching Event – Winter through Spring educational and fun-packed event. A high-tech
         treasure hunting game, Geocaching is played throughout the world by persons equipped with
         GPS devices. The GPS device directs players to hidden caches (treasures), which contain prizes
         or additional challenges for the finders. Caches are being deployed at various LAAC locations.                  “Scouters can
         [Details forthcoming]                                                                                          choose from A to
       Cen-Ten-O-Ree - Council-wide Jamboree-style Spring Camp-O-Ree! You won’t want to miss the
                                                                                                                            Z ways to
         highlight of the LAAC’s programs for the Centennial. Imagine: camping with 5,000+ of your
         closest friends, programs and events too numerous to mention, 100 unique and fun Trading
         Cards to collect, and a “Big Show” to crown the Saturday evening. Don’t miss it; we won’t have                  Scouting’s first
         another Centennial for 100 years!! Revised Date: May 21 - 23, 2010.
                                                                                                                           100 years!”
       Pitch For Scouting (in Association with the Los Angeles Dodgers) – This 2010 Baseball season
         (April 2010 – Sept 2010) event promises to raise awareness of Scouting, while providing many                          Paul McNulty
         fun-filled games for thousands of Scouts and Scouters. [Details forthcoming]                                   LAAC Centennial Chair
       2010 National Scout Jamboree – Culmination of the year-long celebration! July 26—August 4 at
         Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.

       LAAC Trail of Fame Leadership Award Dinner — Planned for Fall of 2010 to recognize all to the
         LAAC Leaders who were nominated to the National Hall of Leadership and the one outstanding
         Leader who was selected.
E a g l e s i n F l ig h t ! N e w s l e t t e r                                                                                          Page 4

                                        TIMELY THOUGHTS FROM PAUL MOORE
                                                                                       that heart on the line for some-
                                                   The project that evolved was        one else. We each learned a lot
                                                   one of restoring a slave ceme-      about organizing, about speak-
                                                   tery, literally from a junkyard.    ing, about hard work, as we con-
                                                   It wound up requiring 400           ducted our various projects.
                                                   hours of my labor, and thou-
                                                   sands of hours by others; it is     Isn’t it great to know that an-
                                                   still a lovely park, 46 years       other 250 young men will learn
                                                   later.                              to do their best, as they become
                                                                                       Eagle Scouts in the Los Angeles
                                                   When my son came up for his         Area Council this year? When
                                                   Eagle project in 1989, the          you visit the Cushman Watt
                                                   project system had evolved a        Scout Center, take a look at the
                                                   bit. He chose to build an out-      young faces on the bulletin
  My personal and speaking                         door chapel, overlooking a          board outside the door of the
  theme this year is “On my                        lake, for our church in Virginia,   Scoular Board Room. And imag-
                                                   and spent about 100 hours           ine how great it would be if we
  honor, I’ll do my best.”
                                                   working on it.                      had to post smaller pictures          “On My Honor, I’ll
                                                                                       because even more young men
  Most of us who are Eagles,                                                           become Eagles?                          Do My Best”
  specifically if you are my age                   This spring, a young friend of
  or younger, did an Eagle                         mine from Eagle Rock is doing
  Scout Service Project. What                      his Eagle project at a mission      It’s a privilege to walk the Scout-
  does a young man learn, in                       serving the homeless. He is         ing trail alongside you!
  doing his Eagle project, about                   building a new playground for
  doing his best?                                  the children at the mission.
                                                   The cost was to be $4,300 but                                    Paul
                                                   he raised $6,000 so the pro-
  When I earned my Eagle in                        ject has been expanded.
  1964, the Eagle project was a                    Again, he will spend many
  brand new concept. My                            hours on his Eagle project.
  Scoutmaster had no idea
  what to expect, so he told me
  I would have to do something                     What did I – what did my son
  so good and extensive that                       Brett – what did my friend
  the examiners would have no                      Owen learn about doing our
  choice but to pass me.                           best? First, we had to have
                                                   heart, and be willing to put

   HOW COOL                             IS         THIS?

  To celebrate the first 100                       and Centennial Edition gold          them in stock and some may
  years of Scouting, Henry Re-                     filled etchings in the buttstock     have to special order for you.
  peating Arms announces the                       and forearm.
  release of its Henry Golden
  Boy “Boy Scouts of America®                      If you wish to purchase
  Centennial Edition” licensed                     the Henry Golden Boy "Boy
  rifle. To mark this milestone,                   Scouts of America Centennial
  this special rifle features the                  Edition" you must do so from a
  Scouts Oath, Scouts Law,                         local gun shop. The company
  scrollwork and traditional Boy                   suggests that you order its free
  Scouts of America logo embel-                    catalog which will come with a
  lishing the receiver, as well as                 list of gun shops in your area.
  a 100 Years of Scouting logo                     Some gun shops may have
LAAC Eagle Scout

2333 Scout Way
Los Angeles, CA 90026
                                  WANT                  TO        GET MORE INVOLVED?

                                 Our three-pronged charter—Service, Support, and Social—is designed to help southern California young
                                 men live the Scouting experience to the fullest. Here are several ways you can get more involved with
LAAC ESA Committee               the Los Angeles Area Council’s Eagle Scout Association:

                                 1.    Join our e-mail distribution list. Here’s how:       15. Mention LAAC ESA on your blog. Paste
John MacAllister                       http://www.boyscoutsla.org/website/                      a link to our website and social net-
         Chairman                      home_page/Eagle_Scout_Association/Info.pdf               work groups.
Brian Curtis                     2.    Invite a friend to join LAAC ESA.                    16. Tell LAAC ESA what you’d like to see
         Staff Advisor           3.    Join the ESA on Facebook—www.facebook.com/               the group do/be/accomplish.
Hannibol Sullivan                      LAAC Eagle Scouts                                    17. Send a note to newsletters you re-
                                 4.    Join the ESA on LinkedIN—www.linkedin.com                ceive. Ask them to include a short
         Staff Advisor                                                                          article to help us find “lost” Eagle
                                       Group ”Los Angeles Area Council Eagle Scout
Don Crocker                                                                                     Scouts in Los Angeles.
Robert Gierat                          Association”
Gary Jones                       5.    Wear an Eagle Scout lapel pin—
Paul McNulty                           www.scoutstuff.org
David Meshulam                   6.    Bring a Scouting coffee cup to the office. Use it.
Greg Mitchell                          Discuss with co-workers.
Gerry Morton                     7.    Put a tag line on your e-mail and/or website.
William Plourde, Jr.                   “Know an Eagle Scout in Los Angeles County?”
John Pollock                           Have them visit www.boyscoutsla.org.
Rick Richmond                    8.    Help organize a social networking event in Los
Steven J. Rothans                      Angeles.
Nobby Schnabel                   9.    Help organize a service project in Los Angeles.
Robert F. Scoular                      Scouting for Food, Pay It Forward, District/
Steve Silbiger                         Council Campout.
David Tomblin                    10.   Contribute to the Eagle Scout Scholarship Fund.
Bob Ulrich                       11.   Attend the Council’s annual Eagle Scout and
                                       Silver Beaver recognition dinner.
Volunteers are always            12.   Be a Scout volunteer. Merit Badge counselor,
                                       Committee member, den or pack leader.
                                 13.   Contribute to annual “Friends of Scouting” fund-
                                       raising campaigns.
                                 14.   Join an LAAC ESA subcommittee or working
Thanks for the help, Boyd!
Boyd Latimore (Eagle Scout
year: 1987) took us up on
our request for help in nam-
ing the newsletter. After due
consideration his suggested
name of “Eagles in Flight!”
came up a winner. He said it
best: “While I like ‘Eagles
Nest,’ that connotes that we
are at rest - when in fact the
whole point of the newsletter
is to highlight how we are out
and about in both Scouting
and the community” Thanks
again, Boyd!

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