Addressing_the_undressing__Shedding_the_light_on_the_shedding_of_clothes by sithohd


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Addressing the undressing: Shedding the light on the shedding of clothes.

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The benefits of massage are endless. Relaxation and rejuvination are valuable tools involved in combatting
increasing stress levels.

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The benefits of massage are endless. Relaxation and rejuvination are valuable tools involved in combatting
increasing stress levels...We know this...Relieving tight muscles is an effective and holistic approach
decreasing pain and discomfort acquired by everyone on a daily basis...We know this too...Then why is it that
most people choose to overlook massage therapy as a viable option for body maintenance? Many concerns involve
not knowing exactly what massage entails and trusting someone with your most prized possession-your body...If
you have never had a massage, it is an understandibly formidable challange. Allow me to empower you with
notions of modesty, knowledge and body image attitude so that you can employ the trmendous benefits of massage
therapy into your own life...Let's define modesty as keeping within bounds of proper behavior; displaying
appropiate methods before, during, and after your massage. Your therapist will allow you complete privacy to
disrobe by leaving the room. You can keep your underwear on. You are fully covered by a sheet the entire time
of the massage. "Draping" is the technique of using the sheet to maintain your sense of security and create
the boundary between therapist and client. You can relax knowing that your saftey and modesty are highly
protected by your therapist. Knowledge can also play a key role in maximizing your massage experience. As a
first time client, it is extremely important for your therapist to walk you step by step through the procedure
before you get to the table. These include:::Where you put your thingsssWhat the massage will entailllHow
to on the tableeeHow to breathe and relaxxxAllow you to ask questions
get                                                                        By preparing you with the knowledge
of what to expect, you are more able to let down your guard and relax. That's why you're here! A skilled
therapist should stay in good contact with you about your comfort, warmth, and pressure of massage strokes.
This is a time you have set aside for yourself. Utilize it!!!Body image is another subject worth addressing.
It deters people from enjoying the fullness of a massage experience. Massage is for everybody. Every shape,
every size. There is no need to be self conscious. Massage therapists are admirers of the body's form and
function, and work professionally to acheive developed goals for the session...I hope to have shed some light
on some of the lesser dicussed aspects of massage. I hope to have empowered you as a consumer to demand
quality and professionalism from your massage therapists. I wish to convey the importance of modesty,
knowledge and appropiate body image attitudes. And most of all, I encourage each and every one of you to
experience the endless benefits that massage thearapy can provide. Thanks for reading!!!Jennifer
MyersssLicensened Massage

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