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									What Questions Should You Ask A Web Host?
Do you need a web hosting service? To run the most successful site you can, you need a good web
host that can keep up with your website, keep it online and that offers good customer service. Do not
go online and pick the first hosting company you find. Ask a lot of questions to make sure the
company you plan on trusting with your website is reliable. Are you having difficulty coming up with
which questions to ask? Continue reading!

One of the most important questions to ask any web hosting company you are considering is, "How
often do the servers go down?" The reason you need to ask this question is because when their
servers go down, you site will be down, too. If you have visitors to your site and it is down, chances
are they will look elsewhere. If your site is down very much, you could lose a lot of visitors.

You also need to ask if they have a back-up plan should a server go down. This will tell you if the
company is forward thinking and dedicated to problem solving. You want to know whatever company
you choose is on your side and will do whatever it takes to keep your site up and running.

Another question you will want an answer to is how often the company backs up their servers. All of
your information is stored on their server. It is important for it to be backed up regularly so your
information is not lost should something crash.

"Do you have round the clock tech support?" is another question you will want to ask. You want your
website up and running at all hours of the day and night. What happens if there is a problem of the
middle of the night? You don't want to have to wait until morning to get something done about it.
Having 24 hour tech support is a great selling point.

Customer support is a huge factor in choosing a web host. You will want to ask the company you are
considering if they have 24 hour customer support, live chat and phone support. Sometimes it is just
too hard to explain a problem through chat or email. You want to make sure that the company you are
working with will be able to help you with anything at anytime.
Do you want to see other websites that this company hosts? It would be a good idea to ask who they
have for references. This will allow you visit websites hosted by this company and see how they are
run. You should visit them a couple different times just to make sure they are running smoothly.

If you ask these questions and you like the answers, you may want to try out the web host company.
Knowing all you can about a company leaves less chance that you will have to find out the hard way
later on down the line.

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