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									           Ohio Individual Health Insurance -
         Tips for Students and College Graduates
                            You are a young, healthy adult living in
                            Ohio. You may ask – why health
                            insurance? The reason is that regardless of
                            how physically fit you are, an unexpected
                            illness or injury could put you in a lot of
                            financial trouble. So even if you are young
                            and in good shape, you need to think about
                            finding affordable Ohio individual health
                            insurance. Read on to know your options
                            and for some tips to stay covered.
• Coverage through your parent’s health plan: Health care reform
allows young, unmarried dependents to stay on a parent’s health plan
until age 26. This is convenient, but if you are planning to move to
another state, your benefits might be reduced. Also, this coverage is
available only till you get employer-based coverage.
• Coverage through an Ohio student health insurance plan: If you are
just out of school and joining a college outside your state, you need to
think about a getting an affordable student health insurance plan as
your parent’s plan wouldn’t cover you. Remember that the plan that
your college offers wouldn’t cover you if you are a part-time student
or if you live off campus. Buying an Ohio individual health insurance
policy on your own would cover you all year, even during your
holidays. It will also ensure coverage for prescriptions.
• Affordable individually-purchased health insurance: Affordable
Ohio health individual insurance plans are available for healthy young
adults. Health care reform has eliminated lifetime coverage limits and
improved access to many preventive medical services. Contact an
experienced, licensed Ohio health insurance agent to get free quotes,
and expert advice to compare plans and choose the right one.
• Coverage through a short-term plan: If you are looking for a job,
or have just found one and are waiting for job-based coverage to start,
you could think about getting an Ohio short-term health insurance
plan. Coverage is for one to eleven months. Preventive care,
prescription drugs, or pre-existing medical conditions might not be
covered. This type of plan is very inexpensive, but it can protect you in
case of unexpected accident or illness.
• Employer-based coverage: Ohio health insurance through your
employer is ideal because it comes with many benefits. Check out the
HSAs and FSAs that your employer may offer as these are plans that
allow you to save for health care on a tax-free basis. You can add on
supplemental insurance for accident and/or critical illness insurance
with a high deductible health insurance plan. Job-based coverage
cannot be refused because of a pre-existing condition. You share the
monthly premium with your employer. A Kaiser Family Foundation
survey reported that in 2011, the cost of single-person coverage under
employer-sponsored health insurance was approximately $446 per
month. Out of this, the employee’s share was only about $78.
Everyone is awaiting the Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality
of the health care reform law. Keep yourself informed about the
changes that are taking place and how they could affect your Ohio
individual health insurance options.

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