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					At present, a newest and wonderful Android 2.2 tablet PC was unveiled in
the China wholesale electronics market, this Android 2.2 tablet PC has
strong function, high performance, good quality, comfortable touch
screen, exquisite design and others merits. This Android 2.2 tablet PC
has many different models, and each one has its own attractiveness. You
deserve have one of them
 Now, there is a kind of product from Android 2.2 tablet PC, namely, VIA
8650 Android 2.2 7 Inch 800MHZ WIFI Tablet PC ( ). It supports many
functions, such as WiFi, multiple languages, external micro SD (TF) card
with maximum capacity of 32GB, and so on. Compared with its fantastic
functions, its price is seductive and beckoning. It only sells $105.47 at
 This tablet PC built-in microphone with high-quality stereo loud
speaker, and also built-in 30, 0000 pixels camera, the picture is very
sharp and detailed by this camera. It is mentioned that the display
screen is comfortable, the Touch Panel is TFT Touch Screen (multi-touch),
achieve pages and images zoom in and out. Media File /Audio file formats
of this tablet computer supports MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC, and WMA. The formats
of Video file are [MPEG1/2/4, MJPG, H263](1280720) resolution,H264 (720
480) resolution. Photo file formats support: JPG, JPEG, BMP, and PNG.
From these, you can find that this kind of PC is widely usage. All of
these are the basic features of this Android 2.2 tablet PC. It has many
other advantages you can experience from it.
 This wonderful Android tablet PC provides a new price benchmarks that
all other cheap tablet PCs now need to reach. It is the pioneer. And
meanwhile, this excellent Android touch screen tablet PC is the perfect
way to experience the web, email, multimedia, e-books and games in style,
any time any place. Using this fantastic Android 2.2 tablet computer ( )
to surf the web, read e-books, watch videos and movies, play games, send
and receive emails and keep up to date with your work whilst you are out
and about.
 It is the best important is the low-price, high-quality, and exquisite
design merit from this VIA 8650 Android 2.2. Its well-designed on the
touch screen is easy to operate, and its compact size is portable to
 This perfect computer is from China online dropshipper, and you can buy
it from ( And you will other interesting
tablet PC accessories you like in this online store. Umibuy.coms duty is
provide the best products and the fastest delivery.

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