Android 2.2 Froyo Vs iPhone

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					Apple's iPhone and Google's Android 2.2 Froyo are getting ready for
another epic battle. On the first look of it the Android performs faster
that iPhone except when the former is enabled for Flash 10.1 plugin.
Latest devices from respective titans in the world of smart phones, they
can both give unforgettable experiences to the user.

Google, Verizon, and Adobe announced their next wave Android based
Motorola Droid device on June 23rd. A day later Apple and AT&T launched
iPhone 4. Both appeared almost simultaneously in American and European

Market statistics reveal that Apple has already sold by July, 2010 over
600,000 iPhone 4. However, they suffer from serious ordering problems in
United States. On the other hand the one launched by Google and others is
a significant upgrading of the popular brand of Motorola, the Android.
The battle for the smart phone crown is now virtually on.

New iPhone 4 boasts of some impressive items like the front facing
camera, high definition 720p recording of videos, 5 megapixel rear facing
cameras, three axis gyroscopes, 960x640 resolution and LED display of 3.5
inches. Above all it has much longer battery life than its predecessors.

Android 2.2 Froyo on the other hand has Droid X technology. It features
4.3 inch display, equal video recording capabilities as iPhone 4, HDMI
output and screen resolution of 854x480. Eight megapixel cameras with
flash and various other advanced features mark the excellence of the
device. It also has the capability of using the Flash Player 10.1 used
for the mobile devices.

While both the devices look very impressive, android suffers from one
drawback that keeps iPhone 4 a step ahead, is the absence of front facing
camera. On the other hand the feature of HTC's Android based EVO 4G keeps
it a step ahead of iPhone 4. That means with pros and cons balanced, one
is back to square one in determining which one is better; android or

Some of the features of are new home screen widget tips; and it also has
dedicated shortcuts. Improved security, numeric pin, alpha-numeric
options for unlocking, remote wipe, exchange calendars, auto discovery,
exchange account, global address lists, gallery, camera onscreen buttons,
and LED flash enabled for Camcorder. Multi lingual uses can add several
languages with auto suggest dictionary feature. Kernel memory management
booster improves the memory by 20x.

Apple brings up new nice hardware most of the times. On the other hand a
new Android device makes its appearance in the market every time. Apple
has lagged behind in keeping pace with Androids in terms of multiplicity
of devices.

When it comes to sales as well as market penetration, it seems presently
iPhone4 is way ahead. Apple occupies about 28% of the mobile phone market
in United States. In contrast the Androids including Android 2.2 Foryo
occupy only 9% of the market. Both have grown by around 2% over the years
and also by that rate during the first quarters of 2010.
Thus iPhone still has much larger share of the market but Android is
coming up very strong and is likely to give them a run for their money in
near future.

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