Acers Re-named Android Smartphone_ The Acer Liquid Mt by MuhammadAbdul02x


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									The recent launch of the number of high-end smart phones in the recently
held Mobile World Congress has meant that Acer has been pushed back a
little bit when it comes to the high-end smartphone segment. However, the
company has struck back with the launch of the new Acer Liquid mt, which
was earlier called as the Acer Liquid Metal. Even though the name has
been shortened, Acer has not kept its hand on any of the features in
order to reduce the price of the phone. So, you will be still having the
awesome new features that were announced, even though the name of the
phone has been shortened.

 The Acer Liquid mt will be coming with a 3.2 inch touch screen display
that will be using the capacitive display technology in order to make
full use of the large screen size. One will be able to do multiple
touches on the screen in order to make the phone recognise various
actions. Some of them like the pinch to zoom option are really addictive
and you will be spending a lot of time using the feature in the web
browser. The phone will be coming with other high end features like the
latest version of the Acer user interface, version 4.0, which is also
known as the Breeze user interface. The presence of the 3.2 inch touch
screen display has in no way affected the phones compactness. It still
weighs extremely low at 135 g, while the thickness of the phone is just
13.5 mm, which is unmatchable by any phone in the segment. The internal
memory specifications of the Acer Liquid mt is not known exactly, but one
thing that will be present in the phone will be the option to increase
the memory using external memory cards.

 One can use up to 32 GB memory cards in the Acer Liquid mt to increase
the memory even further. The main disadvantage that will be coming with
the increasing the memory will be the fact that the phone will slow down
a little bit. It is certainly the case in the midrange of phones, but not
in the Acer Liquid mt due to the presence of the powerful 800 MHz
processor. This processor has plenty of power left in the reserve even
after running the Android 2.2 operating system. The operating system will
also be having plenty of memory to store the applications that it
supports. Due to the incredible popularity of the Android operating
system, there are currently plenty of applications available online and
one can download them by going on to the Android application market.

 Online connectivity is certainly not a problem in the Acer Liquid mt due
to the presence of options like 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The maximum
download speed supported in the Acer Liquid mt will be 14 Mb per second,
while it is the same case with the upload speeds as well. The Acer Liquid
mt is expected to be launched in the United Kingdom very shortly.

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