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									Information Technology
Project Management
Thomas Kitrick PhD
IT IS 6342
Spring 2008
Lecture 1
 My favorite semester.
 Begin in the bad weather
  and we will end in good
 So whatever happens,
  summer is on the way!
 Anyway, welcome to ITIS
  6342, v7.0 a course that has
  become important to me and
  to others here at UNCC.
 I am proud of the course
  and what we have
  accomplished and I am glad
  you are a part of it this
Show of Hands
 Is there anyone
  who has not
  received my
  welcome email?
 Is there anyone
  not enrolled in
  the course as of
  right now?
 Is there anyone
  who does not        You need to be registered for the course to be
  have the text      here today and you need to have the text for any
  book?                         of this to make any sense.
 Work to Do Today
     Review syllabus
     Set Expectations,
      for grading and
     Quiz on Syllabus,
      establish our
      service level
Basic Course
Direct Talk
 I am a big believer in direct dialog
  and frank conversations.
 The following comments are not
  meant to be an indictment of
  anyone, but I have been doing this
  a while and want to “head off” any
 I am going to lay out some
  classroom ground rules, and
  course expectations so that we are
  clear with each other.
 Finally, I try to be as objective as I
  can in grading, and setting
  expectations is the best way I
  know to ensure that people believe
  they are being evaluated fairly.
Thomas J. Kitrick Ph.D.
Professionally                             Academically
 Work full time, Director of               Teaching at UNCC since 1998
   Enterprise Knowledge                       teaching Fall, Spring and Summer
   Management at TIAA-CREF                    semesters at UNCC and XYZ
 I have been working with                    University.
   technology since the industry’s          Courses include Knowledge
   inception.                                 Management, IT Project
 Worked full time and received               Management, Program Mgmt.
   undergraduate, graduate and                Quality Mgmt., Risk Mgmt., Cost
   doctoral concurrently.                     Mgmt.
 Worked on the floor of the                I have sponsored 5 UNCC
   NYSE for six years, another 10             summer interns, hired 4 graduates
   on Wall St., moved to Charlotte            and was a part of the initial CS
   in 1996.                                   PhD sponsorship.

  I was successful in my career because I had mentors who helped me out. I had
  several teachers who really inspired me. One thing they all had in common was
 that they required a commitment to learning that I did not understand at the time.
Double Edged Sword
 Ultimately I am a
  businessman and this
  course is designed to
  prepare you for the
  business world.
 I have combined my
  practical experience with
  an academic approach that
  is a combination of theory
  and skills training.
 There is good and bad
  news here.
       This course could demand
        a level of attention some
        students are not used to.

I do not teach for the money or for the prestige. I teach because I want to help
 make you successful in your career. It is that simple, but I think that makes it
                        somewhat harder for students.
ITIS 6342 Culture
 Every good organization
  has a unique culture that all
  members understand.
 These cultural norms make
  it easy to interact, and help
  to bind members together.
 This is even more important
  in in today’s global
  workforce where creating a
  culture across geo-political
  boundaries is essential.

   Later in the semester when you form your project teams remember to set
               cultural norms around interacting with each other.
1. Late Policy
 Please sign the Sign-in-Sheet at the
    beginning of class
   Once class begins sign-in closes, no
   At the end of the semester, if you are
    on the borderline for a grade, sign-in-
    sheet will be reviewed and taken into
    consideration for final grading.
   We need to approach the semester
    with the professionalism and respect
    for each other - I will accept nothing
   I have not been late for class in a
    while, but if I am ever late I will bring
    donuts for the entire class the
    following week.
2. Attendance
 The university has a very specific policy
    regarding excused absences, this
    course is consistent with that policy.
   I will not approve any absence,
    regardless of reason. If your dean
    approves it please bring the paperwork
    with you to class with their signature.
   If you are absent - you have an
    obligation to make up any work you
    have missed (notes, team based work,
   If you have missed a quiz or the mid-
    term, your remaining work with be
    adjusted to account for the missed work.
   I realize and respect the fact that we are
    all adults and have decisions to make –
    please use your best judgment and
    manage the consequences accordingly.
3. Class Conduct
 Offline Conversations (talking in class) is distracting
    and disrespectful to others – don’t do it.
   Cell Phones, Pagers, and Blackberries are
    prohibited in class.
   Laptops can be used for note taking only, no online
    “surfing” during class.
   Academic Integrity is a serious issue, please
    familiarize yourself with this important university
    policy prior to using the sign in sheet, taking a quiz
    or finalizing your semester end deliverable.
   I have no issue with drinks/snacks being brought
    into the classroom as long as it is not overly

 I have a general policy in life. I don’t take myself very seriously but I take my
work very seriously. I want the class to be fun and engaging within a general set
                                    of parameters.
4. Teamwork
 A key components of the
    course is working within
   You will be broken up into
    teams prior to the midterm
   This is not an episode of the
    Apprentice, where you vote
    out people you don’t like
    and/or blame others for the
    failure of the team.
   When an individual on a
    team does not pull their
    weight it is as much their
    fault as the people who
    were not able to get that
    person motivated, as that     I will have at least 2 lectures on techniques on
    person.                         how to be a good teammate. My research is
   You cannot choose your               based on “Emotional Intelligence” by
    team or work alone.                                Goldman.
5. Access
 E Mail - I will respond to your
  e-mails within 48 hours. I
  check email every few days.
 Office Hours - I would be
  honored to meet with you
  before or after class by
  appointment. If you give me
  a few days notice I will make
  certain I am available.
 Breaks - Please do not
  assume we can discuss an
  important issue at the break,
  let’s schedule time to give it
  the attention it deserves
Final Grading FAQ’s
 “I will be out of town in 2 weeks, can we work something out?” My
    goal is to be fair to all students, the easiest way to do that is to not
    provide excused absences.
   “If I miss class can you send me the presentation?” I will upload all
    presentations to the Google Group
   “The book stinks, do I really have to read it?” By reading the book
    during the first half you will have the tools to work the case study in
    the second half. It is a fundamental element of the course.
   “I will not be here for the final exam, is that a problem?” Yes, it is
    and it can impact your grade. The day of the final exam is a
    presentation to the class and it is impossible to make-up.
   “I hate speaking in public, do I really have to do it?” I am going to
    have an entire lecture on public speaking to help you. Research
    shows that the ability to speak in public positively affects career
    advancement. Let me help you become comfortable doing it.
Service Level Agreement
 A Service Level
  Agreement (SLA) is a
  predefined contract of
  roles and responsibilities.
 Essentially a contract that
  sets the parameters of the
  business relationship so
  that expectations can be
  met and planned for in
 I am going to hand out a
  quiz in a few minutes that
  is based 100% on the
My Job …….
 Present material that describes the
    basics of PM
   Create an environment so that you
    can demonstrate your
    understanding individually and
   Set expectations, allocate
    opportunities for clarification.
   Provide an environment where
    people are willing to participate and
    talk freely regardless of gender or
    national origin.
   Evaluate students fairly and teams
    based on predefined criteria.
   Try not to be boring.
Your Job …….
 Be Prepared - You need to read the course
  material. The lectures attempt to set the
  material within context not rehash what you
  should have read. I am taking for granted
  you read the material so we can attempt to
  understand it … together.
 Be Cooperative and Attentive – Both in the
  class and within your teams there is a
  certain level of partnership that has to
  occur. It pays not be judgmental with the
  material or with your teammates. You are
  here to learn not demonstrate how much
  you know.
 Be Enthusiastic– You have an obligation to
  attend class and project teams with a
  certain amount of enthusiasm and a
  positive attitude. People like to hire and/or
  work with people who seem to enjoy what
  they are doing
Our Weekly Agenda
 Beginning – Go over problems in a
    public forum. Most students have
    similar issues, discussing them
    openly is an efficient way of
    learning. Speak Up!
   Lecture – Prepared presentation on
    that day’s topic. Don’t Go to Sleep!
   Break - 15 minutes Come Back on
   Project Teams – Break into project
    teams, this is your time to do the
    project team work in class. Use
    Time Constructively!
   Gather to Debrief – Get back
    together to bring up any issues and
    discuss next steps, dismiss class.
    Don’t Leave Early!
Questions? Agreement?
 If there are no questions I am going to
  assume that everyone agrees with what
  we discussed. There is a copy of the
  syllabus on the front desk, please take
 We will take a 15 minute break and
  return to being our text readings.
The Reality
 The Standish Group recently
  performed a study that
  centered on interviews with end
  users and/or business leaders.
 61% of those polled indicated
  that their IT Project were
 This study is consistent (within
  a variance of 10%) with
  research dating back to the mid
 Why?
The Answer is Simple
 Our industry is based on a significant amount
  of marketing and hype.
 End users have levels of expectations that
  are sometimes very difficult to meet based on
  unrealistic expectations.
 When a PM is unable to realistically set
  expectations, the results are very predictable.
 IF I did not set expectations today, would you
  be disappointed if you came to each class 5
  minutes late and received a B?
Other Industries
 Fair or unfair the role of
  a project manager in IT
  is held to a much
  different standard than
  a project manager in
  other industries:
      Cologne, perfume.
      Vitamins
      Exercise Programs
Next Week
 First lecture, give you a chance to get
  the text.
 In two weeks we are going to have a
  quiz on chapters one and two

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