From Melbourne to St Kilda and back by jaspermason


									From Melbourne to St Kilda and back

One of Australia best cities is Melbourne in Victoria. Its full of life, sheltered from the
oceans by a huge bay area and you can still enjoy beautiful sunsets every night.
Melbourne is well known for the Yarra River and the Dandenongs range just outside
of the city. You can hire boats and go up river to get there, or you can take a drive
through the city and work your way into the countryside enjoying some of the more
beautiful parts of the city and of the country as a whole. When you are done with the
areas up river you can venture further along the coast up to St Kilda where you can
enjoy a bit of bohemian fun if you want to try something a little different.

No matter where you decide to go, the first thing you are going to need is a place to
stay. If you are not going to be staying with anyone you know you can look under
hotel Melbourne to get a online listing of places you can book into. As a small piece
of advice, it is usually a good idea to stay in or near the city centre so you can still
get around. Melbourne has one of the best transport systems in the southern
hemisphere and you can literally set your watch according to the time schedule. At
least if you miss one bus, you know that another will be coming along sometime
soon. The buses and trains run all over the city and even run on the outskirts of the
city so you can venture out of the city and still be able to get home for the evening
once you are done. If you are a nature person you can explore the Dandenongs, take
hikes and walk through vineyards, or you can go on a booze cruise up river with a
whole bunch of your friends. Its great way to celebrate your birthday if you live
there, and if you are in the mood to party you can party up a storm and all you have
to worry about is making sure that you don’t fall overboard and end up swimming in
the Yarra.

The bay area is quite large and the sea is often quite flat, so it is great for ski-boats
and fishing. You can spend the whole day out on the water, enjoying the sunshine
and hopefully catching something to take home with you. At least you will have
something to show your wife after a hard day fishing.

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