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									Tapas                                              Grilled halloumi cheese, lime & chilli (v)
Menu                                               £3.50

Served:                                            Grilled sardines with home-made bread
12-11pm Monday to Thursday                         £3.25
12-12am Friday & Saturday
                                              Chorizo Picante with fresh home-made bread
Roasted & salted cashews, pistachios or mixed £3.95
natural nuts (v)
£2.25                                         Tiger prawns, pan fried with garlic or grilled
                                              with chilli and lime
Olives – green, black or mixed (v)            £3.95
                                              Falafel with spiced yoghurt (v)
Stuffed tomato with herb cous cous (v)        £3.25
                                              Braised beef, chorizo, tomato and saffron
Spiced chickpea salad (v)                     stew
£2.50                                         £4.75

Selection of fresh bread with extra virgin olive   Fish goujons with tartare sauce
oil and aged balsamic (v)                          £3.50
                                                   Butterbean & artichoke salad (v)
Fried herb Polenta with rock salt (v)              £3.50
                                                   Smoked Scottish trout with lemon
Traditional pork pie, home-made piccalilli         mayonnaise
£3.00                                              £4.25

Goats cheese puff pastry tart with black olive     Yorkshire faggot with Henderson’s relish
dressing (v)                                       £4.50
                                                   Pork & apricot stew
Lancashire cheese with membrillo (v)               £5.25
                                                   Vegetarian platter – spiced chickpea salad,
Houmous with toasted pitta bread(v)                stuffed vine leaves, Lancashire cheese &
£3.50                                              membrillo, red peppers stuffed with feta      Lunch & Tapas
Red peppers stuffed with feta (v)                                                                    Menu
£3.50                                              Meat platter – Serrano ham, Venison
                                                   carpaccio, Chorizo loop & smoked duck
                                                   breast with petit cornichons
Stuffed vine leaves with spiced yoghurt (v)
SANDWICHES                                         PUB LUNCHES                                       SALADS                                                DESSERTS
Our sandwiches are served on homemade              The best of British pub lunches.
bread with herb leaf & coleslaw.

Chef’s sandwich of the day                 £6.00 Wig & Pen beef burger                   £7.95       Calamari Salad                               £8.00    Lemon Tart                            £5.00
Our sandwich changes daily, please ask a           6oz prime beef burger with Swiss Emmental,        Baby squid stuffed with tomato & chorizo              Classic lemon tart with fresh strawberry purée.
member of our team.                                spicy tomato chutney & cornichons, on a           salsa, crispy tentacles, herb leaf and salsa verde.
                                                   homemade bun, with herb leaf & fries.                                                                   Carrot Cake                           £4.50
Poached salmon                             £6.00                                                     Falafel & Smoked Feta (v)                     £7.00
Fresh salmon, poached with herb butter, with                                                                                                               Home-made carrot cake with ginger &
                                                   Venison steak burger                  £8.95       Spiced falafel and home-smoked feta salad             honey ice cream & butterscotch sauce
lemon mayonnaise & cucumber.
                                                   Round Green Farm Venison burger, melted           with sun-blushed tomatoes and red onion.
                                                   French brie, apricot & ginger chutney, on a                                                             Rich chocolate mousse                 £4.50
Steak sandwich                             £5.50   home-made bun with herb leaf & fries.
Char-grilled rump steak, served medium rare,                                                         Ham hock salad                                £7.00
                                                                                                                                                           With a freshly baked white chocolate cookie.
with onion marmalade & horseradish cream.                                                            Slow cooked tender ham hock with new
                                                   Classic Irish stew                     £8.50      potatoes, capers, parsley & soft-poached,
Include melted Brie                        £6.50                                                                                                           Cheese Selection                      £6.00
                                                   Slow cooked lamb, Désirée potatoes, seasonal      free-range egg.
                                                   roots and lemon thyme, served with fresh                                                                Three-piece British & Continental cheese
Mature cheddar sandwich (v) £5.00                                                                                                                          served with Catherine’s Choice chutney
Mature cheddar with Catherine’s Choice apricot
                                                   bread.                                            EXTRAS                                                and assorted Miller’s Damsel biscuits.
& ginger chutney with cornichons.
                                                   Fisherman’s pie                       £9.50       Home-made Onion Rings (v) £2.50
Spiced halloumi sandwich (v) £5.50 Fresh salmon, coley, tiger prawns, clam meat                                                                                    PRIVATE HIRE
Halloumi spiced with cumin, coriander and          & garden peas in a rich fish sauce, topped        Belgian fries (v)                         £2.25
paprika, served with an olive tapenade and sun-    with mashed potatoes and mature cheddar.
blushed tomatoes.                                  Served with buttered, seasonal vegetables.
                                                                                                     Side salad (v)                            £3.50           The Wig & Pen is available
                                                   Mushroom risotto (v)                  £8.00                                                                 for private hire for parties,
Marinated chicken pitta                    £6.00                                                     Home-made bread with                      £3.00            weddings, birthdays and
Chicken breast marinated in North African          Arborio rice, porcini, portobello & chestnut
spices & served with herb yoghurt.                 mushrooms & broad beans, finished with            Olive oil & balsamic (v)                                       corporate events.
                                                   Grana Padano cheese.
Chorizo & goat’s cheese                    £6.00                                                     Mixed olives (v)                          £2.50
                                                   Sausage & mash                         £8.00                                                                Please ask a team member
Grilled chorizo picante with goat’s cheese &
herb leaf.                                         John Crawshaw’s award winning sausages,                                                                         for further details
                                                   served with creamy Désirée potato mash, and                   Lunch is served:                                 or visit our website:
Beans on toast (v)                         £6.00   red wine gravy.
                                                                                                                12 – 3pm Mon - Fri                               wigandpensheffield.com
Oven baked cannellini baked beans with tomato
& lemon thyme, on thick-cut, homemade bread.       Fish of the day                      Please ask             12 - 6pm on Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                       tel: 0114 276 3988
Add Belgian fries                          £1.00
                                                   Please ask a member of our team for today’s                        Bar Tapas:
                                                   special fish of the day.                                                                                                  Find us on
to any sandwich                                                                                          Served throughout the day.
                                                                                                        Please see the menu overleaf.

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