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					Palmistry Know All About Your Hands

                 Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)


The characteristics of each person are closely linked with the type of hands one is possessed
of. There are seven types of hands and each has its own significance. The seven categories
are: elementary, square, speculate, philosophic, conic, psychic and mixed.

Elementary Hand

The hand is short and clumsy and of awkward formation. The thumb, which represents
intellect, is also badly formed. Persons with this type of hand have little mental ability and
are engaged in occupations requiring unskilled labor. They lack control over their passions
and are ruled generally by animal instincts.

Square Hand

The palm is square at the wrist and at the base of the fingers and the fingers is also square.
This type of hand is termed useful as the possessors are practical, disciplined, and logical
and guided by reasons. They have the qualities of perseverance, punctuality and foresight.
They are charitable in times of need.

Spatulate Hand

The spatulate hand is wider at the base of the fingers or very broad at the wrist, and sloping
towards the base of the fingers. Those who have such hands often like to be original in their
approach and hesitate to follow old conventions and suctions. They are full or energy,
initiative and a full of spirit, interested in new inventions and in doing extraordinary things.

Philosophic Hand

The hand is long and angular. The fingers are also the same. Philosophers, yogis and
mystics possess such hands. They seek higher wisdom rather than money. It is said that
our sages who discovered many scientific laws, including the occult sciences, had such

Conic Hand

Conic hands are also called artistic hands. The fingers are even upto the end. The hands
have a beautiful shape. The fingers have rounded tapering ends. Persons of this type are
impulsive, artistic and moved by higher emotions. They are fond of luxurious living. Their
like and dislikes are extreme.

Psychic Hand

Such hands are very beautiful to look at, but so far as worldly comforts are concerned, the
possessors are not fortunate enough to enjoy these. The fingers are long, slender and
tapering. The hands are small, smooth and soft. They are dreamers, visionaries and
idealists. They succeed in art and design. They have faith in destiny and take things as they

Mixed Hand

This type is a mixture of the six hands detailed above. Something from each makes up this
hand. The interests and characteristics of the subjects are determined by the types of hands
that predominate.

While studying a hand, we have to take into account the size of the hand. There are five

1- Large, 2- Very Large, 3- Small, 4- Very Small, 5 Average.

Each size has its own significance, and the traits of the possessor will vary according to the
size of the hand. The hand is divided into two parts for the purpose of this study. One, the
extremity of the arm below the wrist, including the palm, which is called the hand. And two,
the inside of the hand on which we see a number of lines, called the palm.

Large Hands

Persons possessed of large hands like to go into the minutest details and want perfection.
They like to observe protocol and etiquette. They have analytical talents. Large hands are
considered the best, and the possessors can mange work as well as daily routine. They
make good clerks, contractors, drivers, gardener's hotel managers, stenographers, etc. they
generally write a small hand.

Very Large Hands

Persons having very large hands would like to go into each and every detail, which may not
be necessary. Though they are hardworking, they seldom attain satisfaction and are termed

Small Hands

Small hands indicate sharp intellect, broad ideas and an emotional nature. The subjects do
not like to go into details, are interested in the main points, and take quick decision. They
do their best and adopt all means to succeed in their efforts and ambitions. They generally
write a large hand.

Average Hands

Persons with average hands are possessed of a healthy imagination and maintain balance of
mind and temper. They have common sense and face the problems of life without a

The texture of the hands indicates a great deal about the traits of the possessor. It is
classified as:- (i) soft hands; (ii) flabby hands; (iii) hard hands; (iv) heavy hand; (v) thick
hands; and (vi) thin hands.

Soft Hands

Persons of this type are of poetical temperament, being possessed of the power of
imagination. Generally ladies possess such hands. Men with soft hands have more of the
woman in their nature. They are compassionate and sympathetic.

Flabby Hands

The subjects are lazy, lethargic, selfish, easy-going and heartless. They think only of their
own comforts and feel that world is exclusively meant for them alone. They use their
intellect and speech to hoodwink others. They preach to others while hardly practicing what
they tell others.

Hard Hands

Such hands suggest an industrious nature more practical and less imaginative. The
possessors face hardship with courage and determination. They are not demonstrative in
their emotions, but are steadfast, reliable and straight forward.

Heavy Hands

Persons with such hands are cruel and oppress other for their own benefit and for the sake
of exercising authority. They derive pleasure from inflicting cruelty on others, hangmen,
executioners and black marketers, who lack a sense of morality, have such hands.

Thick Hands
Thick hands persons are whimsical, superstitious, sensuous, selfish and narrow-minded.
They are also obstinate.

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