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									Know your characterstics from your Thumb

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The thumb of a person is important as there is an intimate connection between the thumb and the
brain. According to a system of belief, a thumb center is supposed to exist in the brain. The
thumb reveals the degree of logic, self assertion, vitality and the quantum of will power of the
possessor. It is the key to the whole hand. The thumb is considered so revealing that many
palmists rely on it to discover various aspects of the subjects, and base their reading of a person
upon it. The value of the thumb can be realized from the fact that without it, we are unable to
grasp anything properly. The absence of this faculty is debilitating.

The thumb is an index of whether the possessor can make use of his talents and ability or
whether his success will depend on chance. One has to study the following: Size, position, shape,
type and flexibility.

The thumb is of various sizes: long very long, short very short and average.

•      Long thumb when the thumb is held against the adjoining finger (Jupiter finger and reaches
the   top of the third phalange it is treated as a long thumb. it is considered an excellent sign as
the   possessor has energy, initiative and the capacity for thought and action. the possessor has
his   own way of acting with a reasoned will.

He is possessed more of intellect than emotions persons with long thumbs generally incline
towards engineering and industrial towards engineering and industrial sciences they are also
physically well built.

•    Very long thumb- when the thumb comfortably crosses the top of the third phalange of the
Jupiter finger, it is treated as a long thumb. Such persons are governed by the head rather than
the heart. They are of somewhat obstinate nature and are not always wise. They are Dominating
and tyrannical, and have uncontrollable power. They may have to undergo pangs of separation.

•     Short thumb- it reaches the base of the Jupiter finger or crosses it marginally. The possessor
is indecisive and shifts from one idea to another. He has weak reasoning power, is emotional,
and gets carried away by his feelings rather than applying his head. He lacks initiative, will
power and is careless.

•    Very short thumb- the thumb is nowhere near the base of the Jupiter Finger. The possessor
goes from one extreme to another and may have to face poverty.
•    Average (normal) thumb- the average thumb, when it is held against the adjoining finger,
reaches half way of the third phalange. Persons with this type of thumb are of balanced mind and
possess strength and will power.

We need also to consider the position of the thumb, Whether it is high set or low set, with a wide
gap between the base of the Jupiter finger and the inner root of the thumb.

•     High- set thumb-when the thumb grows out from the side of the hand
in such a way that the distance between the thumb and the Jupiter is
comparatively less. Persons of this type have lower grade intelligence and

•     Low – set thumb – the thumb is positioned low on the hand and opens
wide from the hand. There is a large space between it and the finger of
Jupiter. Such persons have abundant human qualities. They ate friendly,
sociable, generous helpful and share their prosperity with others. They are
sympathetic towards people in distress they are independent minded and
have a distinct personality. However, they do not like to be closely attached
to someone or to be obliged or dominated as they like freedom and

•      We shall now take up the shape of the thumb and how flexible it is.

•     Large thumb – indicates strength of character. – The subject is
governed by emotions and is easily influenced. He is generally a planner and
does better in planning than operation.

•      Thick thumb he hardly cares for others, feelings. He is a brute in his
thinking and passions.

•     Slender thumb this type attracts people and has a strong character.
The slender thumb denotes poetic and artistic genius.

•     Broad thumb the person has determination and physical strength. He
is aggressive and overcome obstacles: does not mind using violence for
achieving his aim.
•     Elementary thumb – the thumb looks like a banana, a mass of flesh
stuck to the hand Brutishness, obstinacy and lack of refinement are the
characteristic of the possessor. He does not care about the language he
uses or about the feelings of others.
•      Flat or nervous thumb – such a thumb appears as if the flesh has been
fully sucked out by pressing. it is soft and flat, and the possessor seems to
have been overcome by nervous debility.

•      Clubbed thumb (murderers thumb) - the first phalange is thick and
round or broad and the nail short and very coarse in texture. Due to the
thickness, coarseness and brutal nature of the thumb it is called the
murderers thumb. On the basis of the study of the thumb of murderers it
must have been found out by wizard of palmistry that most of them were
possessed of this type of thumb. Being possessed of brutal instincts, they in
a fit of violent rage would not hesitate to take human life Clubbed thumbs
are largely hereditary. However, it will not be such thumb have committed
murder or will commit murder the other features of the hand will also have
to be taken into account while analyzing the character of the subject.

Shanker Adawal

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