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									                                                              ON THE FARM
                                                             Newsletter of the Bucks County Farm Bureau
                                                                               Serving Bucks County and Eastern Philadelphia County
                                                        Affiliated with Pennsylvania Farm Bureau & American Farm Bureau Federation

                                                                                                                              March 2007

  Farm Bureau helps those                                                     BCFB Awards Young
         in need                                                                Farmers Grants
    America’s farmers continued to produce the most abundant                In an effort to recognize and support young farmers in Bucks
and affordable food supply in the world. In fact, by February 6,       County, your Farm Bureau recently selected three recipients for the
2007 the average American family earned enough disposable in-          Young Farmers Grant. The awards program began in 2006 and pro-
come to pay for its food for the entire year. To mark this occasion,   vides $2500 to each farmer chosen. Applicants must be dedicated
PFB celebrated Food Check Out Day.                                     to an agricultural career and be between the ages of 18 and 26.
    Across the state, county farm bureaus collected more than               Joshua Geissinger was “born into farming.” Raised on his par-
$50,000 in food and cash donations for the state’s 5 Ronald            ents’ farm near Quakertown, he was introduced early to the daily
McDonald Houses.                                                       chores of farm work. At age 12 he began to show Registered Hol-
                                                                       steins at the Grange Fair. Today he has a herd of 70 Holsteins.
    BCFB board member Clarence Berger attended the event at
the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. He brought along                 Brian Bahnck’s path to farming began with a part-time job at
county donations of more than $2500.                                   the Hallowell farm. He quickly realized that agriculture “fit me like a
                                                                       glove.” He studied diesel technology at the Upper Bucks Vo-Tech
                                                                       school. Today Brian farms 30 acres of corn and soybeans and oper-
                                                                       ates an on-site farm equipment repair business, Bahnck On Farm
                                                                            Donald Buckman grew up on a small family farm in Perkasie.
                                                                       Today he operates the farm. He grows hay and wants to start rais-
                                                                       ing pigs and possibly heifers. Don joined the Bucks County Farm
                                                                       Bureau board in 2005 and currently chairs the Young Farmers &
                                                                       Ranchers Committee.
                                                                           You will read more details about each of these young men in
                                                                       upcoming issues of On the Farm.

                                                                         Rural Roads Safety Week
Representatives from PFB Region 1 present a check for over                                     April 21 to 28
$10,000 to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. Representing             It’s spring! A time when farmers head to their fields, often
BCFB are board member Clarence Berger, second row on far
                                                                       needing to drive tractors, farm trucks, wagons and large equipment
right; BCFB member Majda Newman, front row on far right.
                                                                       for short distances on our roads. Farmers make every effort to
                                                                       accommodate motorists, but drivers should remain alert for slow-
     Ronald McDonald houses provide a “home-away-from-home“
                                                                       moving equipment.
for families of seriously ill children while they are undergoing
treatment.The items collected by Farm Bureau will be used to help          Here in Bucks County, agriculture remains a big business. But
care for visiting families staying at the houses                       today’s farms are smaller and often a farmer will raise crops on
                                                                                                                         (continued on p.2)
                                                                             Farm Bureau visits
                                                                                Capitol Hill
  Your Farm Bureau                                               Four members of the Bucks County Farm Bureau met with Rep. Patrick
                                                             Murphy and his assistant Marc Boom during Pennsylvania Farm Bureau's
helps feed the hungry                                        annual Washington Legislative Conference.

    The Bucks County Farm Bureau recently donated                 “It was an educational process for both the Congressman and our Bucks
$1500 to Hunters Sharing the Harvest (HSH). HSH coor-        County contingency, said Leonard Crooke, one of BCFB's participants. Also
dinates the distribution of venison from Pennsylvania        attending this important session were Bucks County members Mark and Monica
hunters to needy families through a network of meat          Scheetz, Elizabeth Crooke, and Clarence Berger.
processors and food banks. The program encourages                 A major topic of discussion was the 2007 Farm Bill. Also discussed was
hunters to donate extra venison that is harvested, but       considering manure as the valuable resource it is rather than as a hazardous
requires them to pay for the processing. Farm Bureau’s       waste. Farm Bureau members spoke against passage of a proposed bill which
donation will cover the cost of processing 100 deer.         would prevent slaughter of horses for export as meat for human consumption
    During the past year, HSH coordinated the delivery       because of the detrimental effects it would have on US agriculture. Other
of nearly 200,000 meals of venison to hungry Pennsyl-        topics included the elimination of both the Federal Estate Tax, and the Alterna-
vanians.                                                     tive Minimum Tax.
     With approximately 1 million deer now living in Penn-      Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania was the speaker at the breakfast
sylvania, the need exists to manage population levels.       meeting. His message in support of PA Agriculture was very encouraging.
Hunting is the premier method of wildlife management in
                                                                 Farm Bureau members will visit with their state legislators on April 17.
the Commonwealth. Reducing the population helps to
lessen the toll of damage to crops, landscaping, and motor
vehicles. In addition, balancing populations with avail-     Shaping Farm Policy
able habitat benefits deer by ensuring the availability of        PA Farm Bureau President Carl Shaffer and staff met with U.S. Senator
ample food, cover, and genetic diversity. Reducing herds     Bob Casey in early March to talk about many concerns including the 2007
also helps control Lyme disease.                             Farm Bill and depressed dairy prices. Sen. Casey, a member of the Agriculture
      For more information about Hunters Sharing the         Committee, will have a key role in helping to shape farm policy that responds
Harvest, visit their website www.sharedeer.org or con-       to unique aspects of agriculture in PA and the northeast. A delegation of PFB
tact coordinator John Plowman, 6780 Hickory Lane, Har-       members also met with Sen. Casey as part of PFB’s National Legislative Con-
risburg, PA 17112, 717-545-1188; sharedeer@aol.com           ference.

                                                             State Ag Budget Hearings Begin
   Benefits of Membership                                         Hearings in the state House and Senate on the proposed state budget for
PFB has teamed up with AmeriGas,the nation’s leading
                                                             the next fiscal year focused on agriculture. During the hearings lawmakers
marketer of propane, to offer members a savings of 5
cents per gallon on their propane purchases. Call the        asked questions relating to concerns raised by Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
nearest AmeriGas location to talk about your propane         about proposed cuts in ag funding. Those cuts would affect conservation
service needs and the Farm Bureau discount. The dis-         districts, nutrient management, crop insurance, ag research and other programs.
count can be applied on farm, home or commercial uses.
10-50% discount on Grainger products
• Minimum of 10% off “Grainger price” on all catalog
                                                             Rural Road Safety (continued from front page)
• Proto Tools - 55% off manufacturer’s list price            several land parcels, sometimes miles apart. So when driving on rural roads,
• Stanley Tools - 50% off manufacturer’s list price          please be cautious and patient, and slow down when approaching farm equip-
To get your discount: (have your Farm Bureau                 ment. It won’t add much time to your drive, but will help ensure safety of both
number handy)                                                you and the farmer. Consider that it only takes six minutes – the equivalent of
− Shop on-line at www.grainger.com and get FREE              waiting at two red lights – to slow down to 20 miles per hour when following a
  Freight in addition to your Farm Bureau discount.          tractor for two miles.
− Call Grainger customer service toll free at 1-877-202-
  2594 to place an order or find the nearest Grainger             Rural Roads Safety Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness about
  store.                                                     driving safely on rural roads – in the spring and throughout the planting and
− Visit any Grainger store.                                  harvest seasons.
                             Legislative Directory — 2007
                    – U.S. SENATE –                                              – U.S. CONGRESS –
Hon. Robert Casey                     Hon. Arlen Specter                         Hon. Patrick J. Murphy
B-40 Dirksen Senate Building          711 Hart Building                          1007 Longworth
Washington, D.C. 20510                Washington, DC 20510                       Washington, D.C. 20515
202-224-6324     Fax: 202-228-0604    202-224-4254                               202-225-4276      Fax: (202) 225-9511
www.casey.senate.gov/contact.cfm      Local Phone: 215-597-7200                  Local Phone: (215) 348-1194
                                      www.specter.senate.gov/                    http://www.house.gov/writerep/

                                       – STATE SENATE –
Senate District 10                    Senate District 24                         Senate District 12
Hon. Charles T. McIlhinney Jr.        Hon. Robert C. Wonderling                  Hon. Stewart J. Greenleaf
Senate Box 203010                     Senate Box 203024, Room 172                Senate Box 203012
Capitol Building, Room 187            Harrisburg, PA 17120-3024 (717) 787-3110   Capitol Building, Room 19
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3010             Local address:                             Harrisburg, PA 17120-3012
717-787-7305      Fax: 717-783-5962      427 West Main Street                    717-787-6599
E-Mail: cmcilhinney@pasen.gov            Lansdale, PA 19446                      Local address:
                                         215-368-1500                               711 York Road
Senate District 6                     E-Mail: rwonderling@pasen.gov                 Willow Grove, PA 19090
Hon. Robert M. Tomlinson                                                            215-657-7700
Senate Box 203006                                                                E-Mail: sgreenleaf@pasen.gov
Capitol Building, Room 362
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3006
Local address:
   222 Trenton Road, Suite A
   Levittown, PA 19056
   215-945-2800 Fax: 215-945-2808
E-Mail: rtomlinson@pasen.gov

                        – STATE LEGISLATURE (Bucks County) –
Hon. Marguerite Quinn, 143rd          Hon. Bernie O’Neill, 29th                  Hon. Chris King, 142nd
1032 North Easton Road                210 West Street Road                       1239 Wood Lane
Doylestown, PA 18901-1055             Warminster, PA 18974                       Langhorne, PA 19047
215-489-2126     Fax: 215-489-2129    215-441-2624     Fax: 215-441-2627         215-752-6750     Fax: 215-752-6754
E-Mail: gdigirol@pahousegop.com       E-Mail: boneill@pahousegop.com             E-Mail: cking@pahouse.net

Hon. Gene DiGirolamo, 18th            Hon. Katharine M. Watson, 144th            Hon. Scott A. Petri, 178th
2444 Bristol Road                     1410 West Street Road                      95 Almshouse Road, Suite 303
Neshaminy Valley Commons              Warminster, PA 18974                       The Weather Vane
Bensalem, PA 19020                    215-674-0500     Fax: 215-674-0347         Richboro, PA 18954
215-750-1017      Fax: 215-750-1295   E-Mail: kwatson@pahousegop.com             215-364-3414     Fax: 215-364-8626
Hon. John T. Galloway, 140th          Hon. Paul I. Clymer, 145th
One North Wilson Avenue, Suite 6      311 North 7th Street                       Hon. David J. Steil, 31st
Bristol, PA 19007                     Perkasie, PA 18944                         2 North State Street
215-781-2451      Fax: 215-781-3443   215-257-0279      Fax: 215-257-6350        Newtown, PA 18940
                                      E-Mail: pclymer@pahousegop.com             215-968-3975      Fax: (215-968-4674
Hon. Anthony J. Melio, 141st                                                     E-Mail: dsteil@pahousegop.com
3611 Green Lane
Levittown, PA 19057
215-943-8669     Fax: 215-943-2434
E-Mail: amelio@pahouse.net
        Bucks County Farm Bureau                                         Local Government & Ag-Related
             2007 Board of Directors & Officers                                    Agencies
President:       Glenn Wismer
                 87 Log Cabin Road
                                                                   Bucks County Commissioners
                 Perkasie, PA 18944                 215-766-0675
                                                                   Charles H. Martin, Chairman
Vice-President: Jeffrey Heacock                                    James F. Cawley, Esq.
                396 Sweetbriar Road                                Sandra A. Miller
                Perkasie, PA 18944                  215-453-1195       Bucks County Courthouse
                                                                       55 East Court St.                        (215) 348-6000
                 Clarence Berger                                       Doylestown, PA 18901 www.buckscounty.org
                 1960 Berger Road
                 Kintnersville, PA 18930            610-847-5902   Bucks County Agricultural Land Preservation Program
                                                                   Richard Harvey, Director
                 Don Buckman                                           The Almshouse, Neshaminy Manor Center
                 126 Highland Park Road                                1260 Almshouse Rd.
                 Sellersville, PA. 18960-2812       215-257-2295       Doylestown, PA 18901                        (215) 345-3409
                 Leonard Crooke
                 5469 Ridge Road                                   Bucks County Conservation District
                 New Hope, PA 18938                 215-598-3575   Jeffrey Garton, Chairman
                                                                        1456 Ferry Rd., Suite 704                       (215) 345-7577
                 Kenneth Engelman                                       Doylestown, PA 18901 www.bucksccd.org
                 1670 Weisel Road
                 Quakertown, PA 18951               215-536-7465   Penn State Extension - Bucks County
                                                                   Michael Fournier, Director
                 Tom Haldeman
                                                                       Bldg. K. 1st Floor, Neshaminy Manor Center
                 3530 Bedminster Rd.
                                                                       Doylestown, PA 18901                             (215) 345-3283
                 Ottsville, PA 18942                215-795-0627                               bucks.extension.psu.edu/
                 Jerry Harris
                 1901 Branch Road                                  Bucks County Farm Service Agency
                 Perkasie, PA 18944                 215-257-5516   United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
                                                                   Darrell Tribue, County Executive Director
                 Paul Hockman
                                                                       1000 E. Walnut St., Bldg. 700
                 1433 Broad Street
                 Perkasie, PA 18944                 215-249-3395       Perkasie, PA 18944 www.fsa.usda.gov        (215) 453-9527

                 Gary Manoff                                       Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
                 PO Box 175                                        United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
                 Solebury, Pa 18963-0175            215-297-8220   Marcia Farbotnik, District Conservationist
                 Mark Scheetz                                          1000 E. Walnut St., Bldg. 700
                 25 W. Branch Road                                     Perkasie, PA 18944 www.nrcs.usda.gov       (215) 453-9527
                 Sellersville, PA 18960-3011        215-723-4904
                                                                   Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PADA)
                 Michael F. Stitzinger                             - Southeast Region Office
                 5931 Ridgeview Drive                              William G. Zollers, Sr., Regional Director
                 Doylestown, PA 18901               215-348-1914        Box 300, 1015 Bridge Rd.                      (610) 489-1003
Secretary/       Elaine M. Crooks                   215-297-0885        Creamery, PA 19430        www.pda.state.pa.us
Treasurer        P. O. Box 297                 Fax: 215-297-0685
                                                                   Pennsylvania Game Commission - Southeast Region
                 Solebury, PA 18963        bewords@comcast.net
                                                                   Doug Killough, Director
                                                                       448 Snyder Rd.
Committee Chairpersons                                                 Reading, PA 19605   www.pgc.state.pa.us      (610) 926-3136
Member Relations  Mark Scheetz                      215-723-4904                                          (toll free) 877-877-9470
 Membership Processor, Elizabeth Crooke             215-598-3575
  Ag in the Classroom, Elizabeth Crooke             215-598-3575
  Mobile Ag Lab, Leonard Crooke                     215-598-3575
Promotion            Elaine Crooks                  215-297-0885
  Newsletter editor and Informastion Director
                                                                     The Bucks County Farm Bureau meets on the fourth
Member Services
                                                                     Wednesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at 1456 Ferry Rd., Suite
Governmental Relations Jerry Harris                 215-257-5516     704, (Office complex at Route 313 and Ferry Road, Fountainville).
 Local Affairs, Leonard Crooke                      215-598-3575     All members are welcome. Call 215-766-0675 to confirm.
Ag Commodities        Tom Haldeman                  215-453-1195
  Bucks County Safemark Dealers
  Keller’s Farm Machinery   Miller Tire and Auto Co.   R&S Equipment
  116 Richland Pike         856 Blooming Glen Road     Box 66
  Quakertown, PA 18951      PO Box 128                 Pineville, PA 18946
  215-536-4046              Blooming Glen, PA 18911    215-598-3768

                FOR INFORMATION CALL 1-800-PFB-TIRE

                                Nationwide Preferred Agents
Rocco Bene                  William Dirugeris          Stephen Hrin                 Kenyatta Moore               Michael Sheehan
2839 S 13th Street          4201 Neshaminy Blvd,       3414 Old York Road           6009 N 5th Street            204 Poplar Road
Philadelphia PA 19148       Suite 111                  Furlong PA 18925             Philadelphia PA 19120        Chalfont PA 18914
(215) 389-6700              Bensalem PA 19020          (215) 794-3199               (215)-276-3410               (215) 997-9304
                            (215) 752-4401
James Bodnar                                           Patrick Kenney               Dennis O’Neill               Brian Sheehan
4 Terry Drive, Suite 19     Steve Dorsey               607F Louis Drive             7944 Frankford Avenue        1352 Easton Road
Newtown PA 18940            6705 Germantown Avenue     Warminster PA 18974          Philadelphia PA 19136        Warrington PA 18976
(215) 968-0116              Philadelphia PA 19119      (215) 444-9350               (215) 331-6400               (215) 343-3441
                            (215) 713-2886
Milo Bodnar                                            William Kleimenhagen         Gregory Ott                  Steven Tamburri
4 Terry Drive Suite 19      Ronald Eklund              963 Woodbourne Drive         2448 Cottman Avenue          1241 W Broad Street
Newtown PA 18940            364 W Trenton Avenue,      Southampton PA 18966         Philadelphia PA 19149        Quakertown PA 18951
(215) 968-0116              Suite 1                    (215) 355-0844               (215) 338-7331               (215) 536-3090
                            Morrisville PA 19067
Charles Boecklen            (215) 736-8636             Paul Kowalewski              Gerald Phifer                Leonard Torrence
1508 Trenton Road                                      2809 Bristol Pike            310 Butler Drive             4721 Pine Street
Langhorne PA 19047          Robert Flounders           Bensalem PA 19020            Chalfont PA 18914            Philadelphia PA 19143
(215) 752-5284              2307 Bristol Pike          (215) 639-8788               (215) 997-5050               (215) 476-7300
                            Bensalem PA 19020
Chris Born                  (215) 638-1525             Jeffrey Landis               Stanley Prajzner             Edward Tucker
2865 Holme Avenue                                      1456 Ferry Road Suite 701    1008 Street Road             3238 Tyson Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19152       Thomas Gannon Jr.          Doylestown PA 18901          Southampton PA 18966         Philadelphia PA 19149
(215) 676-6700              11685 Bustleton Avenue     (215) 345-4665               (215) 364-9440               (215) 331-8850
                            (215) 671-0100
Russell Cording                                        Aaron Landis                 Ronald Radcliffe             Timothy Wade
6150 Ridge Avenue           Thomas Gannon Sr.          570 S West End Boulevard     2734 Street Road Suite B     3356 Grant Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19128       6509 Frankford Avenue      Quakertown PA 18951          Bensalem PA 19020            Philadelphia PA 19114
(215) 483-4040              Philadelphia PA 19135      (215) 536-6846               (215) 604-1004               (215) 676-9000
                            (215) 331-1200
Richard Cording                                        Jae Lim                      Timothy Reilly               Donald Ward
7101 Ridge Avenue           Anthony Giorgio            7300 Old York Road, Suite    1917 Grant Avenue            1870 New Rodgers Road
(215) 487-0733              1851 W Ritner Street       225                          Philadelphia PA 19115        Levittown PA 19056
                            Philadelphia PA 19145      Elkins Park PA 19027         (215) 969-4663               (215) 757-7979
Deanna Coyne                (215) 467-7231             (215) 935-2600
108 South Street                                                                    Drew Revak                   Dwight Webster
Philadelphia PA 19147       Robert Goldsworthy         Williette Manley             11700 Academy Road           107 N Bellevue Avenue
(215) 574-9080              461 4th Avenue             6000 N Broad Street          Philadelphia PA 19154        Langhorne PA 19047
                            Warminster PA 18974        Philadelphia PA 19141        (215) 824-4663               (215) 757-0816
Ryan Crookham               (215) 675-8740             (215)-927-1490
20 Richboro Road Suite C                                                            Michael Ricci                Paul Wehner
Newtown PA 18940            William Goldsworthy        Joseph McCullough            220 Farm Lane                4514 New Falls Road
(215) 579-6161              461 4th Avenue             1810 Byberry Rd, Suite E1A   Doylestown PA 18901          Levittown PA 19056
                            Warminster PA 18974        Bensalem PA 19207            (215) 230-9090               (215) 945-6670
Robert Curley               (215) 675-8740             (215) 244-2557
1222 South Street                                                                   Jordan Rosen                 Jan Winheld
Philadelphia PA 19147       Kevin Halpin               Daniel McGinley              8919 New Falls Rd, Suite 9   272 N York Road
(215) 735-8300              34 N. Main Street          1208 E Hunting Park          Levittown PA 19054           Warminster PA 18974
                            Chalfont PA 18914          Avenue                       (215) 547-1221               (215) 443-9020
James Daly                  (215) 997-1834             Philadelphia PA 19124
7148 Frankford Avenue                                  (215) 533-5600               Michael Savio                William Wisotzkey
Philadelphia PA 19135       John Holroyd                                            1 Market Place               6037 Rising Sun Avenue
(215) 333-5400              1516 W. Street Road        Jerrianne Mecham             New Hope PA 18938            Philadelphia PA 19111
                            Warminster PA 18974        4333 Durham Rd, Suite 412    (215) 862-2025               (215) 725-6789
                            (215) 672-3400             Kintnersville PA 18930
                                                       (610) 847-8476
                                                                              Bulk Rate
                                                                             U.S. Postage
                                                                            PERMIT NO. 280
                                                                              Pittston, PA
Bucks County Farm Bureau
c/o Elaine Crooks
    PO Box 297
    Solebury, PA 18963

Legislative Directory
& Important Contact

                                     FARM MANAGEMENT BUSINESS ANAYLSIS SERVICE
                                     – ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR
                                           Jerry Krone
                                           295 S. Dublin Pike        jakrone@pfb.com
                                           Fountainville, PA 18923   215-249-8420

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